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What's the best browser for just the sake of using the internet? I'm on Win10 to privacy is already compromised, I just want something to get the job done with the least crashing and memory usage. Honestly Edge seems to be that but it feels wrong.

Also browser thread since I didn't see one.
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Chrome "just werks"
I won't give you the lecture, you already know

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With the concern about the vulnerability of US government data and scientific information, has also focused attention on a nonpartisan problem of digital-age government: Much of the scientific information so painstakingly collected over the decades, at a cost ofhundreds of billions of dollars, remains held only by the government.

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Old news.

Why aren't you using Firefox Focus nerds? It protects your privacy and it isn't gay, like whatever you use is. It's so secure it doesn't even let you take screenshots and it lets you easily delete all of your history, while also blocking all tracking, ads, and everything bad and being the fastest motherfucker ever with only 2 megabytes.

If you don't use Firefox Focus on Android you're a FAG.
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Also it looks sexier than me and I'm the sexiest, although I can't show you how sexy it is because it's too secure to let me take a screenshot of it
Also you can put it in esperanto which is all that really matters in a browser

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Can you help me /g/
I installed Manjaro with xfce and for some reason every time I boot it just resets the wallpaper
If it helps for some reason when I go to desktop settings and try to pick a custom folder all the images are grayed out for some reason and I can't choose any of them until I've opened the drive in file manager
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this is serious
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No one is going to help you out kiddo.
Don't u see what you have done?
You killed a thread with your worthless question.

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has anyone here participated in the microsoft source sharing programi and looked at windows source code? if yes, what was it like?

are you bound by an NDA to not speak about this?
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I didn't bother to look around yet

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Is /g/ the most reddit board?

Edit: Wow, this post really blew up!
Edit 2: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Linux Mint KDE
>try out any other Symbol Design and Window decoration than Breeze or Dark Breeze
>KDE kill itself sporadically
>restarting the OS cause the applications to load without a window decoration
>kill all processes
>change everything back to Breeze
>everything works fine

I deserve it.

TL;DR: KDE sucks and uses terroristic methods
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Use KDE Neon you dirty plebe
Switch to Windows
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>buy a sapphire 290 Vapor-X
>runs loud and ultra hot for marginally better performance than my old card
>send that shit back
I can't believe I fell for the vapor x cool and quiet meme.
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cool story
ive been using ref 290x for 2 years -- hot as hell

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>that guy who bought ryzen and:
>bought ram kits slower than 3333MHz
>bought anything but samsung B-Die
>runs DOCP profile or all auto
>didnt manually tune his sub timings to get the most out of the CPU

Why did you even bother with this platform if you're gonna leave 20% performance on the table you peat-gavel?
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You know most people just know how to put a DOCP profile right ?

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>Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate
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is pacman turning into apt?
I don't know. I just don't like this kind of cryptic message. What exactly is being done?

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Is programming worthwhile or should I learn electronical engineering?

I have been learning C++ and Perl for 1 year I also dipped the tip of my dick into circuits and Microprocessor programming.

I just think programming a big project will be much harder than building a large circuit. I am also intrested in system administration.
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>someone saved my OC

A proud moment, thanks OP.

learn assembly
programming is a shit industry, learn EE. Programmers cannot get EE jobs but EE grads can get programming jobs, (if you feel like changing career).

What's the last graphics card with a green PCB?
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/sqt/ /r/ take your pick

Is SE a good major?
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It's awful

Pic related

Let's see your tempered glass cases /g/
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>window case
>brand loyalty wallpaper
Honestly I'll just stop listing everything else because I don't want to fall for your bait any further.

If this post comes true by 2023 I declare moore's law not dead
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I can't wait to build a datacenter on my phone

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