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/g/ in a nutshell
Post your /g/ interpretations in one pic or as many words
>yes there is Tijuana mama and fritos in the goulash
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what are some cheap rgb lights that i can put in my computer?
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christmas lights
this. just string up some chrismas lights around your gpu and psu and you can save hundreds of dollars that would be otherwise spent on fancy case lighting

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My friend asked me to provision a server for him, which had windows server on it already. I literally d/led minimal centos7, burned on disc, and booted off it. I didnt even have to get into command line to type in confusing shit with forward slashes and use autistic commands like "fdisk" and "mount" why is it so easy anons? How are you nix admins not out of a job yet?
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Now orchestrate that in a stream lined fashion in colo or with a cloud provider. Throw config management into the mix with a shit load of machines and services that are pretty interdependent.
What is puppet?

I'll take Just Neckbeard things for $200, Alex.
And? Puppet doesn't solve all your problems. You still need a good, automated way to do kickstarts/pxe booting that can be maintained well before you can even get to a state that puppet can run.

Even then puppet is definitely not perfect. This is especially apparent when you start to get to a pretty monolithic number of machines. The average puppet run on our machines takes a good five minutes because of how large the catalog is. It's responsible for keeping 1500 colo'd machines in line, and it's definitely not fun to debug puppet problems when you have a variety of systems in the wild.

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dupe thread.
sagein all fields.

I'm back to using chrome, fuck Mozilla

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>day 1 Windows 10 user
>shut off updates
>functionality goes down the drain day after day
is it time to update?
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install gentoo
Yes, Microsoft is doing their best making the year of the linux desktop a reality.
cannot be

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sticker thread
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Please tell me you bring this to uni
Girls always ask about my bear

>Intel down 7%
>AMD up 22%
>Nvidia up 44%
How does he do it?
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Last week it was 10% up for amd

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What side should I support if we need 4chan to stay up?

Pic unrelated
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You should support NN unless you're a huge fucking cuck
Like you can choose when is being cucked or not.

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wtf is this shit. i just want to jerk off to anime tiddies and watch autistic youtube videos. stop shoving your politics in my face mozilla reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Why doesn't the ACLU do an AMA on /g/?

Good info:

Net Neutrality General - Reddit Edition
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>being unironically against net neutrality

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Wouldn't it be nice if we had leaks from Lucasfilm in the same fashion as the Sony Leaks? We'd get the private conversations fo Disney execs and how they're running the franchise.
[spoiler]Make it happen[/spoiler]
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I thought Lucasfilm wasn't around anymore.
Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, but it still exist to make Star Wars and Indiana Jones. They could definitely merge the company with Disney but they want to keep that brand name.

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Hmmm... what to do with it? Just picked it up in a used PC. It survived a full format and a 32GB Crystaldiskmark without adding any bad sectors, so it doesn't seem to be a progressive failure. Probably just got bumped at some point and suffered a minor scrape.
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Hitachi is absoloute garbage, but I have one just like yours that I use for shadowplay video and stuff like that.
Don't put anything important on it, for sure. Maybe Steam games or something you can easily re-download.
>30k hours uptime
>power on 60 times
i wouldn't trust that drive, only for garbage

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I don't and never have seeded my torrents

Am I a kewl kid yet /g/
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I really want to see freetards attempting to defend this now.

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for statistics idiot.
will firecucks ever recover? their shitty slow browser is an actual botnet
Dammit, I just got done with Edge and now it looks like I'm going back.

Hold me Nutella.

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Gentleman, I recently purchased an MSI carbon mobo and two EVGA 1080Ti's. I didn't get the motherboard yet but I was wondering what the distance is between PCI slots 1 and 5, so I can purchase an HB bridge. Thanks in advance.
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>Nvidia still needs bridges for multigpu

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