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Are EVGA cards any good?
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Aside from the 1070 VRM fiasco, EVGA has always been the best when it came to nVidia cards. Sapphire is the best when it comes to AMD cards.
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It's like you WANT the most dogshit performance possible.
they're p good and have the best warranty

What happened to Panasonic? Will the Japs every come back to their former glory?
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I still use random Panasonic products from 20+ yrs ago phones and alarm clocks and stuff still work great. Best VCR brand too. Just threw one out that was in the family 33 yrs.

Got one of these guys too.
>Will the Japs ever come back to their former glory?
probably not
but I still appreciate their now retro tech
I have a big cassette recorder and no cassettes
I still need to buy those

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What do you guys think of my Windows 10 rice? It's pretty minimal in terms of what's changed, but I like it a lot. While I'm at it, if anyone can recommend a better file explorer icon that'd be swell.
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>Windows 10
Windows 10 looks like *THAT*?
icon pack, css you found on userstyles website, and chrome theme isn't a rice

wtf you're everywhere

Just hackintoshed my X220, what should I do to OSX now that its done?
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Install IINA

Install gentoo
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1. give yourself a pat on the back beacuse cassiopea is a great band
2. use it as a normal computer

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>certain combinations of 1's and 0's are illegal
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Yes, 01, 10, and 11 are.
>certain arrangements of atoms are illegal

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What do i have to do guys?
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1. Don't get baited into signing up for their program and keep your rights to sue them.
2. Sue them.
3. ???
4. Profit?
I think they said you can sue them now even if you sign up
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should i just enroll?

Is iPad Pro + 5k iMac the ultimate computing combination?
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how about macbook pro with external monitor
+ iphone

although I actually have an android atm
You should wait until the iMac pro comes out.

nope but a macbook air running your favourite nix and big ass i7 server with a 4k projector and hifi is pretty sweet ( because i have that)

What is it about the iMac that makes it seem so premium?

Go to an apple store and you’ll see what im talking about. The 5k 27 inch display is just far superior than any PC you’ve ever seen. The OS just works and is much more aesthetic than windows. It’s just a far superior computing experience.

I will be buying one for my next computer. And I’m pretty sure most people would too if they could afford it.
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Well first of all it IS premium. You fell for the cpu and video card meme if you didn't realize that. Fast SSD, Fast OS, best screens and trackpads around. You are paying out the ass so of course you are getting something on the higher end.

Secondly it's all in one and comes with great support. Most competitors are a hodgepodge of ASUS tower with Microsoft OS and such.
>t. samefag
Thanks for your insight and for cluttering up this board with even more SHIT
I know right! Apple TM and the iMac TM is just a combination made in heaven. I’m so excited for the Apple TM keynote TM tomorrow!

Give me one practical reason to have less bezels
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Smaller form factor allows for a bigger screen without impeding single handed usability.

Those of us with actual sex lives don't walk around in cargo pants all day. We need both pocketability AND an enormous screen to evaluate thots on Tinder.
>without impeding single handed usability
I sure love tapping my entire screen just resting my hand on the phone
I need at least some chin on the phone to hang on to, i bet you like traps you faggot.

I can prove Zo is fake
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>subversive tranny avatar "ai" for kids
thanks for proof I guess. now never post this ugly shit again.
Fair enough
9/11 confirmed inside job

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Why is Apple the only company that cares about its customers' privacy and data security?
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Google is CIA, Apple actually pays for the good shit, HSMs.
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Is apple superior /g/?
Lisa Franklin Notebooks are more secure than iPhones.

I just brought a new chromebook. What do to get the most out of this badboy? Its the Samsung 500c13. Nice and cheap for school but im curious what i should do out of the gate. Its my first chromebook
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first you should open it, and power it on. Later, when the battery reaches 5% you should plug it in.

second, you should sign in with your gmail account, get your phone ready if you have secondary authentication enabled.

then go ahead and click on the google chrome icon, and you're ready to go!

congradulations, you've got a chomebook :D
I did all that already, im posting on it now lol

Any mices i should look into? Definitely want to invest in one so I can use it at home. Also, what else should i invest in while im at it?
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you're all set :)

What a time to be alive
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I imagine these won't work to androids
no taunting green bubbles with your shit emoji sticking out its tongue
>based off your facial expressions
>every 4channer posts the shit emoji xDD

Who here's getting one?
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>average qwerty typing speed is <40wpm
>tfw when you are so autistic you need a special keyboard
Irrelevant shitposting and shilling is still shitposting. Nice to see you killing threads for this overpriced piece of plastic shit.

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What are some fun things to do with a raspberry pi? I have thought of making a shitposting machine, but am open to other ideas.
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Pour gasoline on it, put it inside a condom, light up the condom and shove it up your ass for a flaming hot dildo to quench your homosexual lust
I sexually identify as a toaster, so I don't think that's doable. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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