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worth it
I'll be buying Threadtripper to avoid the faggy gamer mobos.

Just buy the Asrock Taichi.

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Today I decided to give Vim a try, as it is praised as something godlike here and in many programming communities. I didn't go for it for the popularity thing, but because I think it could help me out more than Sublime which I've been using for 2 years now. I'm into full stack development, I work as one and I do front and back end and even some mobile apps. I also use Windows because I can't care less to change to Linux because I'm used to Windows, I like Photoshop and Illustrator (I know Wine is a thing nowadays) and I play some games from time to time. It has been three fucking hours as I installed Vim and I didn't even manage to put in a "proper" theme because all of those that come with Vim are awful.

How and why the fuck did you start using Vim? Should I just give this shit up and go back to Sublime, probably miss out on some saved time which will build up way more than it will take me to get a grip of Vim? Why the fuck are there no proper tutorials or guides regarding how to use it? I've been trying to install a theme (colorscheme) for 3 hours because I can't access the vim folder and none of those "~./vim" and similar paths don't work and why is my $HOME set to C:\Users\Anon and how do I change it to be able to access the vim folder with cd $HOME?

Seriously, I'm so close to giving up on this because I'm wasting my time with it and not even moving anywhere with it.
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I just use nano.
You have to understand that vim predates most commonly used keyboard shortcut idioms like ctrl+s to save, ctrl+o to open, meta key shortcuts, even arrow keys didn't exist around the time vi was written, so you had hjkl to take their place.
Unless you want to really commit to learning the ins and outs of your text editor, just use something you're more comfortable with.
you can find proper themes online, as well as proper vimrcs
First you should go through vimtutor though, its actually quite helpful and gives you the solid basics
Ah, vimtutor comes with vim usually, try running vimtutor from the commandline, if it doesnt work look for the vimtutor file somewhere in you vim install folder and open it

/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

Ask; last thread: >>61673832
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Is there a way for me to download the iso from them?
Need a new Gayming PC ,should I wait for 8700k or buy into the Poozen meme an get a 1600x?
Does unplugging the router and plugging it back in cancel the WPS button function?

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If you want help:
>Assemble parts list
>State the budget for your build (and country if not USA)
>List games/software you use often, as well as your monitor resolution + refresh rate
>Clarify your goal for build improvements: lower price or improved specs?
How to assemble a PC, select components & more (outdated)

No i5 unless discounted
>G4560 - poverty-tier builds
>R3 1200 - Budget builds (<$500)
>R3 1300x - Good stop-gap between the 1500x and the 1200, only get a 1400 if you absolutely need multithreading
>R5 1500x - Good but up to 1600 if you can
>R5 1600 - Best value for higher fps gaming / mixed usage; 1600x if you want higher stock clocks
>R7/Used Xeon/Threadripper - Compute/Multitask/VM/mixed use; Not for just gaming

Coin miners have driven price up and stock down, waiting to buy a GPU might be wiser
>Integrated CPU Graphics - Desktop stuff and very light games
>GTX 1050(Ti) - Lower end budget cards, drop settings on newer games, RX560 beaten by both
>RX570 - [email protected]~hz maxed, running most maxed older games at 100~Hz
>RX580 and GTX1060 6GB - [email protected] maxed, [email protected] at lower settings; RX580 better in newer games
>GTX 1070 - [email protected] /[email protected] at high
>GTX 1080 - [email protected] / [email protected] maxed, [email protected] in a few games; Probably the highest end card you need for 1080p/1440p
>GTX 1080Ti - [email protected] and [email protected] maxed/high in many games
>Vega soon.

>Check your Mobo QVL before buying any RAM
>Ryzen CPUs benefits a lot from high speed RAM

Always consider an SSD. Try buying a large SSD for what you'd pay for your SSD+HDD combined, and add a HDD later
NVMe SSDs aren't for a faster OS boot, they're for productivity/scratch disk/VMs. NVMe and M.2 are not the same thing, M.2 is a form factor.
The Ryzen lineup comes with surprisingly good stock coolers. consider using them over any <$30 cooler.
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What cases are the best in regards to modularity and cable management?
Why is the 7700k missing from the OP?
because OP is either a shitposter or a shill. Such a shame that he needs to shit up one of the most helpful threads on this board.

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What colour scheme do you prefer when working?
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it's called seahorse iirc
I prefer darker themes usually, but every now and then if I get tired of it I switch to a white theme- and then I get tired of that, and switch back to dark.

The cycle continues.
Are you me?
I usually go with a dark theme for my IDE, but I switch to a light theme once in a blue moon. I feel like light themes are more readable while dark themes make colors pop out more. My terminal is always dark though. Yellow/green/red text on a white background is barely readable.

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I have an old Motorola Xoom with a Tegra 2 T20 1 GHz dual-core CPU, which is underwhelming obviously. I never use this thing because I ended up getting an ASUS Zenpad which I also rarely use. I never see a good chance I either use my Desktop in my office, my t420 or smartphone (xperia z3) in public or in bed.

What can I repurpose it to do, rather than just sitting there powered off?

I might just make it a digital clock in standby, while also using it's front-facing camera to livestream my home while I am away at work.
What's the best way to accomplish this?
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Maybe I can use both tablets to livestream like CCTVs, what is a good way to do this and be able to view them on my phone while away from home?

Kodi remote
trash space taker

/g/ what desk chair's do you have/prefer?

my chair (pic related) is getting beat down, looking for a good & not too pricey chair
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I had one of those two and the damn metal cracked.

Get an Ikea Markus.
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Staples Hyken is sick

Leather chairs are a meme, mesh is the future

Staples Osgood, comfy as fuk

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Is Pale Moon any good /g/, or is it a meme ?
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It's a good meme.
This board is memes all the way down lad
>Everything is a meme

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Can you imagine:
>Ever needing tech support
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can you imagine:
>saving thumbnails
Can you imagine:
>Ever needing a dentist
Fucking kill yourself faggot OP.

What's on your USB stick boys?

I have:
Windows 10 anniversary edition
Windows 7 pro
Windows XP
like 50 different HP printer drivers
Glary utilities

I need some ideas for more stuff to add to it. I find it very helpful as an IT Consultant with many clients.
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all that on a 4GB flash drive?

That's a nice pocket cloud storage.
it's not actually 4gb its just a picture i found when i googled 'usb'

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Hey /g/,

Was looking to start programming and decided on C++. I was trying to find the best way to learn it, but then heard all online resources are shit. I heard textbooks were better.

Anyways, what is the best method? Any recommended material? Thanks.
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Accelerated C++ and C++: A Beginner's Guide are good to start with.

You're going to be told that C++ is a shit language because /g/ is 99% contrarian faggots who've never actually had a job before.
C++ is fine, it is however a big and complex language, and you'll have to put in effort if you want to actually understand it and write decent code.
>Was looking to start programming and decided on C++.
May be a bad choice, C++ is big and complicated and has many confusing pitfalls for beginners.
Is it best to lean C and then learn C++? Or should I just not bother with C

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Is Ubiquiti a meme?
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Yes, go for MikroTik.
>Chinese botnet
no thanks

Same with Xiaomi
Isn't everything though? I like Ruckus but it's also botnet and expensive af

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Bitcoin BTFO
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>Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous
How is this news to anyone?
please crash please crash please crash please crash please crash please crash
Because muh big bad darknet currency.

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Hey /g/, how many PCs have you found next to dumpsters?
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None. Picked up a case that I couldn't use. Has a windows sticker though.
can it run minecraft?
I live in an all White neighbourhood where people know how to dispose of waste.

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what fucking browser do i use on windows
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none, because you dont use windows in the first place
Chrome. Since the operating system is a botnet you might as well go with the best one in terms of performance.
steam embedded browser

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