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2 terms.
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How can I safely sell a $100 gift card on ebay?

How would I avoid a scammer saying for example the card had less value than was stated? For example "this is a $50 gift card, not $100 one" or "it had $81.24 not $100$" or something?
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don't sell it on ebay
just don't
try an actual web service made for selling gift cards
you can't.

ebay is fucking shit for sellers.
How is that any safer just curious

Also any website you can tell me?

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Does anyone remember bumptop
Damn, the good old days of notepad youtube tutorials and linkin park
So, google bought bumptop and abandoned it
Do you have any alternatives?
And also what do you think of bumptop as a whole?
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Ah yes the good ol days
Remember 009 sound system?
ah, the good ol days
bump top was its own kind of /cozy/


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/g/ what would you choose?
Have S7 Edge screen broke.
Should I buy new screen for my S7 Edge or buy
iPhone SE, both things cost the same money..
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S7 Edge will break again.
So will iPhone SE, coming from someone who owned one.

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/g/, I am going to buy a new computer to replace my old HP laptop. Should I stick to buying a new laptop or use that money to buy a desktop? My main interests are gaming and programming.
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Install gentoo onii-chan

Build desktop
Or buy laptop
I'll try posting a serious answer, but I think this is a troll question. Anyway, unless you really need that portability, you're much better off building a desktop computer. Not because it's cheaper, but because it's easier to maintain, easier to service, better performing and usually more quiet doing the same tasks that would make a thermally challenged laptop's fans go into MACH 1.
if you don't program on the go than a desktop

if you like to go out and program than get a thinkpad, the old models have lots of space inside the case to modify and upgrade

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>he comes on this board without knowing a single programming language
explain youself
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dumb frogposter
>he dies nit come to this shitboard just to memepost
>implying programming is the only thing that falls under the umbrella "technology"

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>It is a new retro-computer inspired by the legendary MSX computers, compatible with all its models in addition to being able to be with other retro-computers and consoles. This project was born in 2014 with the intention of creating a new MSX at the same time as the new audience, the very essence of computer science in the 80s and 90s, and its way of interacting with programming and the computer. Enjoying incredible improvements, gadgets, having fun learning, programming and playing are our main motivation. We want to make a VRoBIT re-enjoy the purest computing that has ever existed. The one where man and machine were one and communicated with the feel of the keys.

[yellow man touching chin emoji]
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Looks cool.

But no idea what it's useful for.
Oh look, another FPGA system.
How original.
looks good would fuck it gently

Anyway to bypass this without flashing gapps, fighting the botnet has never been this frustrating, nougat rom so xposed is weird and the module thats meant to do this is for lolipop at most as I took it
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nvm figured it out
just don't install shit that required gapps
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>nvm fixed it, pm me for link

Daily reminder that if Intel used solder instead of sperm paste, they would clearly beat AMD by a bigger margin.
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Skylake-X would still have shitty clocks and draw an insane amount of power.
I have a 7820x.

Works fine for me. No overheating and no overpower issues.

I haven't OC'd yet.
>haven't OC'd
fucking jewtel shills are on their last resort

>Be System Administrator
>My server fucked up, so I opened a ticket to call support
>A pajeet finally answered
>Worried because >muh pajeet meme
>Actually he was kind and nice

Why did you guys lie to me ;_;
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Disclaimer: This post is partly sponsored by the Indian Call Center industry.
This just in, racism is stupid and you can't judge an entire group. In other news, water is wet and bears shit in woods.
I worked with pajeets more than 10 times and they were never competent so you were lucky.

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Have two HackRF's - What do?

Also SDR general
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Listening to unencrypted Police/Ambulance/Fire/EMS conversations.
Listening to aircraft traffic control conversations.
Tracking aircraft positions like a radar with ADSB decoding.
Decoding aircraft ACARS short messages.
Scanning trunking radio conversations.
Decoding unencrypted digital voice transmissions.
Tracking maritime boat positions like a radar with AIS decoding.
Decoding POCSAG/FLEX pager traffic.
Scanning for cordless phones and baby monitors.
Tracking and receiving meteorological agency launched weather balloon data.
Tracking your own self launched high altitude balloon for payload recovery.
Receiving wireless temperature sensors and wireless power meter sensors.
Listening to VHF amateur radio.
Decoding ham radio APRS packets.
Watching analogue broadcast TV.
Sniffing GSM signals.
Using rtl-sdr on your Android device as a portable radio scanner.
Receiving GPS signals and decoding them.
Using rtl-sdr as a spectrum analyzer.
Receiving NOAA weather satellite images.
Listening to satellites and the ISS.
Radio astronomy.
Monitoring meteor scatter.
Listening to FM radio, and decoding RDS information.
Listening to DAB broadcast radio.
Use rtl-sdr as a panadapter for your traditional hardware radio.
Decoding taxi mobile data terminal signals.
Use rtl-sdr as a high quality entropy source for random number generation.
Use rtl-sdr as a noise figure indicator.
Reverse engineering unknown protocols.
Triangulating the source of a signal.
Searching for RF noise sources.
Characterizing RF filters and measuring antenna SWR.
Why'd you even get them if you can't think of anything to do with them? Retard.
I know what I can do with one, I'm just not sure what I can do with two of them at the one time.

>implying retard

>be me
>looking for cpu upgrade (has an i3)
>finds lovely 4 core xeon on ebay for an equally lovely price
>me being the autist i am, doesnt check compatibilities
>stick the cpu in pcpartpicker
>pic related
>start panicking
>ff 3 days, cpu gets here
>"fuck it ill stick it in anyway"
>30 minutes of looking for a screwdriver later, im ready
>stick cpu in, apply arctic silver etc
>lazy little fuck, wipes paste off cooler with toilet paper
>cpu cooler wont go in
>spend 15 minutes trying to figure it out
>is literally 2 second fix
>feel retarded
>had to pull out a million other wires (mitx pain and suffering)
>plugs power led etc on
>boot her up
>turns put when i built my pc originally i forgot to plug the power led in
>thanks bios
>plug in graphics card
>bios detects cpu
>pcpartpicker and msi's website lied to me
>check task manager
>cpu running .4ghz faster than its supposed too
>"fak whats muh temps"
>normal temps (40c)
>never gets above 60 while gaming, still using intel stock cooler
to this day i still dont get it
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Xeon supports ecc ram, the motherboard doesn't, thus limited compatibility.

Suck my nuts.
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only if your a cute trap
That message is still a pretty jewish way to put it.

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Just like anime.
Just like your entire life.
Sorry, I don't speak nignog.
Your mobo is a little more expensive than the cpu. Thats bad, ok. Your i3 cpu is shit and that nvidia is old and low tier. The rest of the build doesn't matter because of these two main shitty parts. With gpus, never buy something where the last two digits are less than 60...70 if amd

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The /g/ Wiki:

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Close enough

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>using a dock
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With autohide why not? Good times.
>still using pc
anyone remember rocketdock?

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