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>be me
>shitty australian internet
>packet loss
>put up with it for 1 1/2 years
>can't game
>connection times out
>purchase 4G modem with plan
>be fucking awesome
>1 week trial up
>locked into 2 year contract
>day after 1 week trial
>home internet becomes good
>no packet loss

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That's not even 2 MB/s wtf
Here I am shitposting on 4chan with my 810 mbps
>crying over 6mbps

Soft cunt
I get way slower fucking get used to it!
>6 mb/s fuck off! want to see my internet speed?

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Do you know any 10/10 windows utilities or software
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saved me hundreds of dollars
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bulk rename utility.jpg
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literally e s s e n t i a l

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i just bought an alienware 17 r4, roast me
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>3. You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

I bought an alienware 13 r3 with OLED display so good on ya man.
Yours runs balls hot, too?

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>spaces in URL

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your browser is decoding the special characters
no that makes no sense. it shouldn't be treating it as a get param without changing the space characters right then and there. it should be treating this as a search engine query
Shit browser.

What's the OS equivalent of white trash smoking weed?
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Windows Vista

What are some popular microntroller boards to get beside raspi/beaglebone/arduino/teensy? I'm looking to purchase following 3 boards
- msp430 (Texas Instruments)
- pic16f877
- stm32

My problem is that the pic16f877 seems to be just a bare 'IC', is there a dev board version in $30 range? Which version of stm32 should I get. AVR vs PIC vs ARM, what's this all about?

Things that I'm after:
- looking to learn about rs-485 serial protocol
- would like to try some RTOS (ucLinux)
- would like a PowerPC (big-endian) board to have at hand as well (freescale embedded board?)
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ESP8266 - best choice is the Wemos D1 mini and anything by RobotDyn.

ESP32 - any breakout board.

I'm personally playing with an Atmega8 now, just to practice Ansi C again so I don't forget it completely.

Tell me how you program your Stm32, I bought one and never used it yet.
The ESP8266 and ESP32 seems to be a Wi-Fi chip SoC's that support TCP/IP stack and come preloaded with a firmware and are meant for specialized use. They are not development boards meant for general use, at least from what I see anon...

I don't have a STM32 yet. I think I will get Nucleo-64, just started reading about it.
They also support Lua, microPython and Arduino. I use them as general microcontrollers that can also post to my server etc. They are great!

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>Dubbed BothanSpy — implant for Microsoft Windows Xshell client, and Gyrfalcon — targets the OpenSSH client on various distributions of Linux OS, including CentOS, Debian, RHEL (Red Hat), openSUSE and Ubuntu.

>Both implants steal user credentials for all active SSH sessions and then sends them to a CIA-controlled server.

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Gyrfalcon needs root to install on the local machine so it's literally fucking nothing

1. unset HISTFILE
2. export HISTFILE
4. export HISTSIZE
5. TERM=vt100
6. export TERM
7. PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin …
8. export PATH

Thanks CIA
cia cant hack me if i keep my computer turned off, checkmate

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Hey /G/
What OS is this?
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>A sticker supersedes verbal recorded consent.
I never understood this meme.
razer windows linux
A flavor of UNIX System V made by Razer

Why aren't you using KDE?
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I don't need bells and whistles, I find i3 efficient for my daily tasks.
Not available for Windows.

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Hey /g/ can anyone direct me to a dirt cheap like 25 dollar laptop? I wanna surf the deep web and dont wanna spend too much money on something I might end up destroying,
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>the deep web
You've got the intelligence of a nigger so you'll end up stealing like a nigger. So why so you care about prices?
I would personally recommend a Macbook because Apple Operating System cannot be hacked. You can buy drugs on it no bullshit.

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whats the cheapest server i can buy that can run roughly 20 VMs simulatenously
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Something Ryzen based,you need them cores bud.
Memes are one thing and reality is another.
Your question is bad and you should feel bad for asking it as you give us now idea what the fuck you're running or whats its resource consumption is.
Run 1 of your VMs and put it to the max load you think it'll get. Times that by 20, and then get a server that can handle that.

So, I've used Ubuntu before, but I'm about to make the full time switch. What distro should I check out?

(Too much of a normie for Arch)
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install linuxfromscratch
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>Derrr what distro
>Doesn't tell what he does or needs to do
>Used braindead Ubuntu
>Try gentoo I dare you.
If you have to ask, use Ubuntu

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What was a piece of technology (or several) that you absolutely fucking hated?
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Windows. Seriously. I work with Windows problems every day, and it's sucking out my soul.
because I can't leave while it exists
Every night I close my eyes and dream of the end of days, the day of the rope at which all of us will be free
Sure, altchans like 8 will sprout to replace it but deep down I will know its not the same, not genuine, not important.
I will be truly free.
the scanner I use at work

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This is live?
Give time frame at least
he looks like a young sean locke

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If you're using a modern OS such as Windows 10, do you need antivirus software or is the built in stuff well enough?
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Install and forget
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this is the state of /g/ today
>Install and forget
You can forget but they'll remind you when it's time to pay the annual licence fee.

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