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Hey /g/, what is the absolute best browser for porn? Talking about speed and features (flash and shit)? Tired of using incognito mode.
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Internet Explorer
w3m and wget

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>Be at university computer lab
>It's running mint
>There's tiny garbage pieces and tangled power cables everywhere
>I can see a piece of cut off fingernail in front of me

Is this what an IT professional's work environment is like?
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>Is this what an IT professionals work environment is like?

No it's what a community colleges computer lab looks like though.
Why the fuck would you ever use the piece of shit computers at the lab?
What kind of underage fucklord compares a student computer lab to an office..?

>well, anon, here at xyz startup, we use skype for business, office 365 with hosted exchange, windows 10, windows server on azure, and windows 10
>oh, and we issue macs and use bootcamp to do all real work
>how much experience do you have with these technologies?
Well, /g/? Can you compete in today's modern tech world?
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>windows 10, ..., and windows 10
Fuck, meant to say "visual studio, ..., and windows 10"
I clearly can't compete in today's modern tech world.
>I'm sorry, Anon; we don't hire autistic weeaboo pedophiles.
>visual studio, windows 10, azure active directory
>we issue macs and use bootcamp
You guys are complete retards and I now have no interest in working for you.

just put my computer together, installed windows and benchmarked it
ryzen 7 1700
1080 TI

benchmarked the same as people running a 980 or even a 780 on the benchmark comparison because i ran the test in 1080p so i get bottlenecked down to min. 10 fps by this fucking AMD meme processor. why did i ever listen to you fucking edgy contrarians with your fucking AMD memes. so gutted i didn't just get an Intel
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>1080TI for 1080p
kys my retard
>Using ancient benchmark
top wew
>He takes a photo of his screen

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>/g/ hates the NSA
>unironically some of the best mathematicians and computer scientists work for the NSA

Explain this
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The best in their field doing the most harmful work
/g/ is not frequented by quality mathematicians and programmers.
Statists. I'm sure they're decent people. But they've decided to back the unknown. Instead of using their talents to uplift their control through the American principles of the free market, they've sworn allegiance the a proprietary legion. Weak men with weak fortitude chipping away at an even weaker constitution. They are the chains that bind our digital world.

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itt: /g/-kino
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are emojis free as in freedom?
i cant believe that movie is going to be real
They're a part of Unicode, which is freely licensed. Their renderings on different platforms may not be free, though.

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Intel is a good compan...

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Old news, faggot.
>still haven't payed
>>still haven't payed
or paid, even...

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Why ever buy Intel?
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Goy points™, I mean Raid Cards.
100+ fps on a 60hz monitor obviously
gayming and optane

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What do you use your multi-monitor setup for?
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used to have a tripple, 1080p in center with two 5:3 on each side. Gave them to my friends cause they only ever had sptify and msi afterburner on them. now a 1440p
I think multi-monitors are the only efficient way to do programming.
Go ultrawide. 4k with tiling, or get fitted for a rope

>got these headphones from a friend a while ago
>suddenly stop working
>google the name of the headphones to look for updated drivers
>they have one website and it's fucked up
>no posts on anything about these headphones

Does anyone know what these headphones are? this is creeping me out
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Literally open amazon type in, Cheap headsets. See them on 1st page.
This is why you don't buy cheap no-name chink shit. Drivers are probably a botnet too.
That's a really high possibility anon. Self destructing drivers that just back doored Op's entire system lmao. I work and make that type of stuff I've never successfully made a self destructing driver that infects said computer. I might make it a project soon! :^)

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Stop using Debian
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Away with these /pol/-tier posts. Shoo shoo.

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why haven't you already bought this drive /g/ ?
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i'm not an americuck

also arent the new versions of these blues?
>doesn't support windows 10
cuz it's a pos?

no, they're actually better 256mb cache thai made drives

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4chan will never own one of these.
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>Implying I didn't own one when I was a kid

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hey /g/ whats your opinion on refurbished tech products?
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Give it back trayvon
im thinking of buying a refurbished monitor off newegg
Older is better.

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Will you /g/et one?
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Ryzen thinkpads when?
I'm ready.

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