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So i'm attending a coding bootcamp this month, it's a 4 month program. I imagine I'll be finding a job in webdev within 4 months of completing said bootcamp.

I hear average salary for my area is about 75k in webdev. What are things I can do to increase my chances of landing a better paying job. Also upon getting hired what are things I can do to increase my appeal to a company and get paid more.

Along with this, how does developing ones own app work? I have an idea, I make it, I try to get it picked up through apple or some shit? What does someone even get paid for that?

In general I just want to know what I can do to make more money

>pic filename
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>expects to make $75k off the bat
Do you have an amazing linkedin, a degree, certs, and 4 years minimum experience? If not, then good luck bud.
>expect job

Congratulations you got scammed.
>coding bootcamp
tell klossy i said hi

Not impressed. Why buy a card with double power draw for similar performance at the same price?

The prices should've been:

Vega 64 Liquid - $499
Vega 64 Air - $399
Vega 56 - $299

AMD truly delivered with Ryzen. Not with this.
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pretty hilarous considering the 1070 and 1080 are literally cheaper so amd doesnt have that going for it.
Why is everyone ignoring FP16 which no consumer Nvidia card has. It is twice the performance of FP32 and is a yuge block of die space. This and other features are likely where the power draw is tied up.
>they don't have TBDR enabled even for RX Vega launch

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intel x299 vs amd x399.
1950x is 52% faster than the housefire 7900x
this isnt rape anymore this is full blown casting for blacked.com
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Jewripper looking good.
post source sauce of pic

can't you see the logo, fag?

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>1000 Watt power supply required
Jesus christ
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people that will buy whole 5 of these for $699 probably already have 1200w powersuply
the only relevant vega is the one for $399 and its 210w
mate its 400 watt PER CARD

that means the need like psu per fucking card almost

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nVidia buttblasted lmao
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>only showing AMD's best preforming game
What did they mean by this?
Anything more than 60 fps in 1080p is a waste of money
t. non-gamer AMD fag
>only 30 percent faster than a fury x, two years later

AMD are fucking hopless

t. AMD owner

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Don't mind me just investing in proprietary software that is doomed to fail because it will die with the company that makes it
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feminine penis.png
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>When only 1 person responds to your shitty bait thread to tell you how shitty your bait is, and they use some stupid picture.
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So is spaghetti until it's wet
Am I suopposed to invest in Linux instead?.

How does it feel knowing that there will be tons of normies, autists, and redditors going into engineering because they think they'll be like him?
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Better having degree inflation than more dumb labourers.
But the inflation will make the people with the degrees equivalent to the dumb laborers, setting the bar even higher in our retardedly unbalanced society
It means there'll be more resumes thrown in the garbage and more pointless interviews that drag-on forever.

Sometimes I wish I could just end them quickly and tell them there's no fucking way in hell they're getting the job.

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this probably qualifies as a stupid question, but will a PCIe 3.0 graphics card work in a PCIe 2.0 mobo?
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And you probably won't see any difference in performance. (MAYBE a couple percent slower)
>unzips beniz

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long story short this guy wants to drink someones piss and trade it for a pc. is it a good deal?
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sounds like you are going to get cursed.
I don't know -- is the risk of meeting another /g/er and your actual piss worth $300?
possibly. is the i7 980 good enough to have a stranger drink my piss for

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fucking nigger.jpg
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Why is it that only niggers and Indians use AMD products?
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Because they lack the brain power to know any better and the pockets to spend any more.

I don't think I know a single white guy that doesn't use an Intel CPU.
White man is too filthy fucking rich

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laughing women.jpg
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>'and then he said his CPU had less than 6 cores!'

When will corelets learn?
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what did you hope to accomplish with this thread?
>when his thread count is a single digit
Mine has 4 cores, 8 threads and runs at 4.6 GHz maintaining under 30 Celsius. I have no problem with it.

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>freetards shit all over /g/ with their MUH OPEN SORES INSTALL LOONIX bullshit and refuse to partake in anything not open; open source, open culture, open marriages, if it isn't open and free they don't like it

Meanwhile, on the 4chan FAQ page:
>What software does 4chan use?
4chan runs a proprietary version of imageboard software that we refer to internally as "Yotsuba." Currently there are no plans to make our code available to the public.

Explain yourselves, freefaggots. How do you use a site that does not respect your freedoms?
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Oh look, this thread again.
Another slide thread.
Fuck off OP
>Explain yourselves, freefaggots. How do you use a site that does not respect your freedoms?

The same way every other bastard does
Now fuck off with your shit bate
>The same way every other bastard does
Not everyone on /g/ hates proprietary things, gentool.

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is there any reason for people meme Thinkpads in 2017?
>b-but I travel a lot
no you don't. You are a useless neet like me and /g/entlemen
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>he doesn't lay in bed to read his runestone comic books
I have a Thinkpad x61s that I take out in public, and then I judge the others.
>comparing stationary computer to battery-powered laptop
>being this mentally retarded
off yourself, idiot

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Gore thread
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Why do most "tech" people look like hobos?
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he looks like a skateboarder or surfer
Long hair
Cuz they spends more time messing around with electronic devices rather than caring about their look

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