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Do we have too much technology?
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wanna see something rad?
some may say so but rly how many technology is to many?
Go on

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Convince me that this malware wasn't made by Google.
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Convince me that op isn't a faggot
A free program can't be malware, kill yourself
The source is open. What did you find that leads you to believe that it's malware?

I don't use it, and I'm not interested in using it (as it would require me disabling NoScript), so I'm asking more out of curiosity than out of a defense.

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I come from a rich eurocountry

Is a programming career something to pursue at all?
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do you want to travel a lot and do consulting shit? go the SAP route ("information systems")
Which eurocountry? I am suspicious.
Super rich Eurocountry here. Impossibru to get hired thanks to all these expats and pajeets terken muh jerb.

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How long are you supposed to go before replacing your hard drive, anons?
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It makes no difference.
Every device rots.

Use BTRFS or ZFS unless you are okay with your data degrading over time.
That shit still has years left of life in it. Just run it until you start to see SMART values take a down turn. If you have a hard drive with 50k+ power on hours that would be a point to start moving important files off to a another drive.
I cycle out old drives after 2 years or one bad sector Raid 5 takes a while to rebuild but it works well.

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>tfw someone called me a programmer for the first time today
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programmer is just a computer janitor job, so don't feel too excited weeb
>my mom said im a programmer cause i made my computer light up

proud of you
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I'm tired of being called a programmer, please make it stop.

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Why is windows 10 so fucking trash. The only reason I'm using Windows 10 is because I like to play games. Out of nowhere everything starts crashing. I have no idea why. It won't even let me system restore. Is it worth it to give up vidya games and just use linux at this point?
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>Why is windows 10 so fucking trash.
Because micro$oft did it, just like they did visual studio, which is trash and fucking hangs n' crashes on 16G ram.
>Is it worth it to give up vidya games and just use linux at this point?
Probably, since games just waste your time
>Is it worth it to give up vidya games and just use linux at this point?
Yeah, well depends on what games you play. Linux has a lot of triple A titles now, probably at least 30% of whats available on windows is on Linux or can be run under WINE with no problems.

t. guy who gaymes on linux
What district would you recommend?

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i3 or awesome wm?

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i3 gaps
where GNOME??? i vote i am a cuck nigger because no GNOME option
i3, I used awesome back when I was a wee lad and didn't really understand configurations and stuff, so my opinion might change. But I've recently got into i3 and I really like it

>buddy sends audio message instead of text
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>reply back with a text
>friend sends me video messages
>actually hate how he tries to be funny
in which retarded country this happens?

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>find an interesting software library which has a well-documented API
I can find plenty of APIs listed but how do I find the specific libraries they use?

Why do they call OpenAL and OpenGL libraries if they're actually APIs?

What the fuck even is a library and what the fuck is an API?

If OpenGL is an API then what library does it allow interfacing with????
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Why are you 'tisming. Just use whatever you want for the job that needs doing.
I have to write about a software library and its main APIs but I don't know what's a well-documented library with well-documented APIs

Is OpenGL an API or a library?
its a library that has an api, dumb frogposter

use wikipedia

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sudo apt update && sudo apt -y dist-upgrade
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In arch it's just
#pacman -Syyu
But wait, there's more. If you want to upgrade AND install a package:
#pacman -Syyu mpv

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Will pay some BCH/BCC for someone to help me fix this. Arch on an Acer C720 Chromebook. It's been working fine but for some reason on this restart it won't boot, stuck with these errors. I've searched everywhere and can't find anyone in the same situation.
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Please God someone help.
It's fucked, did you update recently? Something similar happened when I used Pacman -Syyu on that older Samsung Chromebook because Arch-Arm wasn't compatible with the latest version of systemd.

Get an older version of Arch on a USB, chroot into your install and downgrade your kernel
I do update recently. Do I seriously have to reinstall Arch completely because I updated my system?

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I know they exist as i saw one in person, but where are they for sale. Also does anyone have any links to drop in 2k mods for the display.
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O-oh, I didn't expect this.
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Does anyone else hate this shit as much as me? My account just got banned randomly for no reasons I can find.

Whats the alternative /g/?
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Banned from Discord as a whole? Or just some irrelevant server?

much more /comfy/
I just nostalgia'd

when's the last time you had a computer virus, /g/?
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by virus im going to assume you mean windows, so about 2 years ago
10 years ago when i torrented. I only need a nulled adobe creative suite and office so that would explain why I have not had a virus in so long lel

Let's say that some guy has plugged in his phone to my laptop and walked away. What can I do to fuck up his phone?
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Dunk it in water
>that some guy
you mean that mexican from your other shitposts?
Install Gentoo.

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