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Daily reminder that using Linux is using communism.
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People who think using linux is communism are fucking retards.
- Josef Stalin.
Just because all open source developers are communists doesn't mean that using open source products is communism.
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So all non-profit organizations like schools, churches, and all kinds of other stuff is communism? Opinion discarded. GNU/Linux is closer to national socialism, because my distro is better than yours and I contribute to it with the community.

Does anyone here wish they could get rid of their PC, monitors, keyboards, mice, etc (physically throw them away) and just use their phone, tv, and tv + game console? I honestly feel like all this programming and PC shit is bringing me down. I have 4 monitors, been programming for 5 years. I'm ready to give it all up
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If that's your mentality then you should probably do exactly what you described and never post here again.
Cut down on the monitors.
I have 2 for visual studio, one for reference, one for spotify

I want to slow the internet speed of one of the devices in my house (connected over wifi) without affecting the speed of everything else. is there a way to do this?
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QOS will do the trick
Man the fuck up and tell them to stop using it, that is of course assuming you are paying the bills,, otherwise get your own connection
if your router supports QoS that's what you are thinking of is called.

it probably doesnt.

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>i brought my macbook in 2012 and it works just fine
What does "works just fine" means?My 2001 pentium 4 xp pc "works just fine" a.k.a. it can browse internet play video.Shit commodore 64 in my dad closet is probably "works just fine" and does commodore 64 shit.The fact that your <2000$ chinese toy didn't break down after few years of being lightly use as typewriter does not mean the entire brand is a pinical of rubustnes.
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You faggots need to stop treating machines like pets and start treating them like cattle. Who gives a fuck if it's a toaster or a super computer hive mind. drive it into the ground, make it do your bidding. kill it, get another. shut up. /thread
>What does "works just fine" means?
compare to a newer windows machine that seems to get a "something happened :(" page every week

why do you get so assblasted over what macfags are doing? why is it that only wintoddlers seem to give a fuck about what macfags are doing? just admit that you want to BE a macfag OP
Mactoddler sheep are trained to regurgitate whatever Applel marketing tell them to regurgitate.

For those of you that use Firefox, how do you configure it?
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firejail firefox -private -no-remote https://www.pornhub.com/gay
Here's a few I use

layers.acceleration.force-enabled true
nglayout.initialpaint.delay 0 (have to create new integer)
dom.ipc.processCount 4
browser.tabs.animate false
browser.fullscreen.animate false
browser.cache.disk.capacity 0
browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl false
browser.cache.offline.enable false
browser.cache.disk.max_entry_size 0
network.prefetch-next false
browser.urlbar.trimURLs false
geo.enabled false
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled false
dom.battery.enabled false
extensions.pocket.enabled false
media.peerconnection.enabled false
media.peerconnection.identity.enabled false

This site has a really good list. Know what you're enabling or disabling because you could be sacrificing performance for security.

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ITT how uneducated use technology

>tv signal is bad
>anon turn off the a/c to fix the tv
>if you use your phone while it charges it'll explode
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analog tv signal is affected by electromagnetic interferience mostly caused by high power appliances and exerting excess load onto lithium ion batteries does shorten their life span.

so basically you're a moron or in grade school, most likely both.
>analog TV signal
555 come on now
I have DVB-T2 and many appliances cause massive frame drops.

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>He doesn't rip, stream, or download music in the godly .flac format for lossless music
>He's cucked into thinking that he needs the extra space on his hard drive for other services
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I do need it for extra space

video games
>playing video games in 2017
Are you saying that flac is better because it takes more space?

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It really makes you think why this is being pushed so hard all over the internet....
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friendly reminder that the thing you call the internet was created by a federal agency
but ooga booga cia
what is that thing?
Go back to /v/ please.

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>PAJEETWARE dingdongs
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Lean to greentext.
Also, learn about Stockholm syndrome. You will learn to love it.
That's not how it works

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Does /g/ use Firefox Sync?
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no. google chrome with chrome sync is way better.
I would have to use firefox instead of based Pale Moon

>>61237284 and OP see >>61237273

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i just encrypted my android device and when i turned it on it requested the password but for some reasons in polish language but thats not the point i gave the correct password and everything seemed fine again just as it was but now every time i want to just unlock the screen it requires the password i gave for encrypting the device and now my old 4 digit password

i thought that password will only be required when i turn my phone on to decrypt it like it says in the fucking description

is there a way to use a shorter password for the lock screen and keep the long bullet-proof password for decrypting the phone?

it specifically fucking say "EACH TIME YOU TURN IT ON"

pic related
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apple users dont have this problem
Lock screen settings, create a password there. also
> not your personal tech support board
get an iphone if you want security and encryption for all files. don't fuck with that shit on android because you'll brick your phone.

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>Been using Firefox 28.0 for years
>No problems until recently where some web pages have formatting issues
>Decide to get the latest version of Firefox 54.01
>Have to get quite a few addons to fix all of the things Mozilla has fucked up
>Adblock Plus, Ublock Origin, Ghostery, Disconnect, Status 4 ever, Downthemall, Classic theme restorer, new tab override, downloadhelper
>Firefox now takes 5 seconds to start up and consumes 1GB of RAM with just 1 tab open on Google
When did Firefox change from being a fast efficient browser to a lagging piece of shit? 28.0 with the same sort of addons was fast.
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>fix all of the things Mozilla has fucked up
>ucuck OG

What build did Firefox actively block ads?
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>Been using Firefox 28.0 for years

how your botnet going?
They fucked up by not blocking ads.

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We are starting a hub for anons who have an interest in VR. All text is a WIP.

>But VR is a dumb gimmick and-
This thread isn't for you. Go shitpost somewhere else. If you're genuinely curious about VR, keep reading to learn more, and post if you have questions.

>What is VR? Why should I care?
Virtual reality seeks to fool your perceptual systems into believing that you're in a different world. It's been a sci-fi meme for decades that once was even attempted and failed, but consumer technology has advanced to the point where it's now possible.

>semi-non-serious compilation of footage demonstrating current VR

>I don't believe the hype. Isn't VR just a gimmick?
The only way to really understand VR is to experience it. If you're skeptical, try a live demo and make up your own mind.

>Where can I try it?

>Essential intro to VR + Q&A for clearing up misconceptions

>Hardware purchasing guide (includes deals/discounts)

>User guide with resources and utilities (including how to setup)

>Recommended games and applications (NSFW included)

>News and developments
We'll add some later.
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Is android any good?
I'm waiting for the 180 Yi camera google is promising
PSVR guide and more PSVR info.
The links section of the user guides.
A separate paste for other general links and resources.
Extra info for everything.
News and developments.

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I need your expertise /g/, I came home and found my PC won't power on after a lightning storm. It along with my 2 screens were all on a surge protector, and everything else seems fine. I am getting 120v through the wall and from the power strip, but how can I tell if the PSU is fried. What pins should I be probing with my multimeter?
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>not your tech support board.

fuck it I'll help anyway. so just to be clear, you don't get any lights or turning fans from the pc at all? also, not to be a dick, but your psu is switched ON, right my boi? (check and check again)
Move it to a different outlet and if you have a spare power cord swap it out. Also try holding the power button for a few seconds to get rid of any built up power.
not to be a dum-dum but did you check the fuse?

i mean i'm in the uk, our plugs have fuses, i don't know if yours do too.

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Is mozilla thunderbird the best multi-OS email client? I've been messing around with it for the past few days. Seems to work well and is pretty sleek. My boss is still using Windows Live Mail 2012. I want to get him away from it. What does /g/ think?
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Posted a thread about this yesterday I think. It pretty much is if you want to stay FOSS.
I use it only because I can't be arsed to figure out how OpenBSD's mail works or to install OpenBSD.
It's alright, though I'd prefer using Seamonkey if I didn't have a problem with everything else to do with Seamonkey.
I must have missed it. I'm gonna have to call my boss's ISP to get his email set up on thunderbird. He has a business account and if you get one setting wrong, nothing will fucking work.

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