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hello Anon
i post this just here, it can help someone to install a full encrypted system ( including /boot)
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>>62362588 (OP)
You're a /g/entleman, thank you.
I did this before but it could certainly help out people, plus it's a lovely addition to my library I have shared with nodes on a P2P network.
>encrypted install
Does anything more autistic even exist in this world?
What advantage does this gave over regular Archlinux?

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How do i view videos on 4chan when i have a macbook?
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Install Gentoo
>macfag can't webm
Hahaha being this cucked
copy the url and open it in mpv from your terminal. works with images, videos in tweets, youtube videos, etc. enjoy.

How do developers who make the latest memeJS javascript framework make money if this shit is 'free'?
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donations? support from big companies?

React is facebooks framework, angular is googles... node.js is developed by mentally ill fagots (they do it for free, as long as the code of conduct aknowledges their imagined gender)
They get hired by big companies who can afford to a. run the latest meme stack and b. pay lots of money to hire developers knowledgeable in the latest meme stack
They already have webdev jobs at companies and the meme JS frameworks boost job security because now the companies has to keep them around to teach other developers to use it

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/g/ brainlets will defend this
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>greek alphabet
Must suck to be a fucking brainlet
Maths was born a long time ago before they invented Java.
whatever javascript coders use is the wrong way

Do y'all like my i3-gaps install?
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it looks like 3 seconds in paint
nice dude
>quadroom of mossad

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Chinks bringing the heat
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me on the left
Kek this can't be real
link to the video?

how much can one realistically expect to make with a CS degree?

Assume the following specifications
>Location: California
>School: Public Uni
>Internships: None
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>literally caring about money if you got a solid degree.
Fucking degenerates. Pls kys.
Money is just useless shit and as long as you don't have to struggle to pay your fixcosts, which you prolly can with a CS degree, you are fine
Realistically, expect nothing. Degrees are a meme.
>Internships: None
McJob it is then

What are those mini speakers called?
I lost them and got the woofer.
Couldn't find at Amazon
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This speaker
philips speaker

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ITT: we shill adnauseam and other obfuscators and shit on advertisers, mainly Google

>does not work
>won't obfuscate your history
>won't hurt google
>adfraud is a crime

Bumps from reverse shills are welcome
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I don't care about this bullshit.

1) Use a proper blocking script so that no one can make money off your browsing.
2) Support the things you like.
3) ?????
4) Suck My Dick
>ad fraud
'ello Goolag. Adnauseam isn't ad fraud you mong. Stop the FUD
>adfraud is a crime
>clicking stuff on a computer is a crime in The Land Of The Free™
top kek

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>12 year old bug
>still not fixed
Mozilla made 400 million dollars in 2014 but can't afford to hire some indian codemonkey to fix this
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>default text size and zoom level
Also, you can configure fonts. Just fyi
except it doesn't work
I'm pretty sure you're clueless about software development, it's not uncommon at all for 20+ year old bugs to exist in software.
Linux, NT, Apache, VC++ , etc, decade old bugs are abundant, and a lot of them aren't even relevant anymore since software changes their architecture over the years.

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>windows cannot find the hostname using dns
how do I fix this anons?
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Fix your dns settings obviously
this is why i don't support issues brought to me by windows users.
idk, but some ideas come to my mind:
install a linux distro
renew dns/dns cache
change dns

Anon, which image viewer do you use to view images? i've been using Feh and Gwenview but they both sucks and now i have time to change/rice.

pic unrelated.
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i use the windows photo viewer cause i dont care
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very helpful, thanks
jpegview64 on win, feh on lunix
just werks

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Are A.I. girlfriends gonna be a thing anytime soon? Within the next decade at least...please... Starting to get lonely.
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Ask out that AI from migro soft
no. certainly not anything a conscious person would be fooled by.

you need therapy more than you need a girlfriend. look at yourself. you're so pathetic that you're not even being needy and desperate directly to women — you're coming here and crying about it.
It won't make a difference, you will still feel lonely.

Just like a flesh light isn't a replacement for fucking.

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>tfw mechanical keyboard arriving tomorrow
>tfw my first thinkpad arriving too
>tfw comfy neet
>tfw all day to install gentoo with them
>tfw mfw
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Nice blog, faggot
>Tfw falling for every meme possible

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Make web 1.0 websites.
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Stop shitposting and kill yourself, you flaming fuck stain.
t. webdev framework monkey

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