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Sorry Linux fags, but there is no alternative for this productivity combo unless you are a jobless neet neckbeard
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Libre/OpenOffice or Google webapps.
>Windows 10
Yes, infact you do use windows and office, but not windows 10, because the last thing you need is several downtimes due forced upgrades.
What you actually want is a shitload of cheap windows XP machines, so you can keep compatibility with old gear including weird printers.
sorry but no proper company would use these
excel is unmatched in terms of functionality

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Is it wrong to take advantage of people/companies using technology or is it their fault for being vulnerable?
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>it's not my fault I broke into your home at night, you should have put more locks on your doors to stop me
it's both wrong to take advantage and to be so easily taken advantage of
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Tell me you fucking faggot or I will rape your whole family and your dead ancestors

oh wait

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>He is too poor to use an iPhone
Enjoy your malware pajeet tier OS you call Android. I on the other hand have the lightning fast and safe iOS!
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Have fun with your no options or customization on shit hardware for ungodly high prices.

Why are shitty fucking IPS monitors the norm nowadays?
They are a direct downgrade over TN.
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nah, we both know IPS is superior
better color accuracy, better viewing angles
>Set ISO super high

>set exposure time high too

>pretends that is what your eyes see
The pic is obviously exaggerated but IPS has shittier black levels, this is a fact.

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Would GNU/Linux improve if suddenly a powerful corporation invested in it's development? Putting all developers and designers to work in one distro and such.Would it really improve or is it fine as it is?
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You're talking about RedHat and Fedora, which you've never used.
Yeah, it's called FreeBSD
what is google, red hat, intel, etc etc.?

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Site Blocked.
How can I skip this?
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stop using opendns
i second this, stop using that

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The more you guys shill and circlejerk for this extension/add-on, the less I want to use it. I understand why you guys want people to use it, but do you really think making a thread everyday will get people to switch to it?
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Are you saying it gets brought up ad nauseam?
trips of truth

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why is MOC the best music player on *nix systems?
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Post wp please
Absolutely disgusting.

The best player is mpd+ncmpcpp.
I have to correct you
mopidy + ncmpcpp

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>How many of you make a lot of money to just sit on your ass?

How do you feel about this type of job, when you aren't actually working on anything.
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Feels good m8
Don't you ever feel like shit since you don't have a lot of work to do and you make a lot of money?

They just give all the work to other people and leave you with whatever they can find.....

I'm not that busy at my job and I make over 85k
the only way to be free in capitalism is to be in business for yourself. If your not in business for yourself you're just a slave.

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What's the best settings for uBlock Origin?
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Add your preferred lists and keep it so. Use uMatrix, if you're too brainlet for that, use >>62299187
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>muh freedoms
>muh customizability

How will archfags ever recover?
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with arch wiki
This is fucked up, even arch devs are shitting on everything holy.
What is the purpse of arch then? What is their "thing"?
how long did you search the mailing list for this bait OP

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I ordered this and a powerbank for the uni/traveling. Did I do good?
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To specify, I got the i5 and the NVMe SSD.
Yeah, Xiaomi stuff is good.
Yeah but, please pick that screen up off those rocks. You're triggering my autism

>acquired a thinkmeme
>installing loonix on it
What more is there to do?
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install gentoo you fucking casual

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What is this mysterious video hosting service that popped up recently? It hosts movies at HD quality; where did it come from? why is no one talking about it? who owns and runs it?
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>popped up recently

That is not true. It has been around for a while. It's decent.
Idk but I wish there were a way to search all their content
It's the best streaming service I've ever seen. Who owns it? How do they make money?

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What we know:

More IPC
Higher clocks
More cores.
7nm LP (IBM node Glofo now has after being gifted IBM's fab business, and engineers, also targets 5GHz at iso power)

Optimal uber awesme cool Intel is literally fucking finished situation:
6 core CCX
IPC up by 10-20%
Memory controller latency down by >20ns
Memory controller support for >4000MHz
768KB-1MB L2 cache
3-4MB L3 per core
64KB L1D Cache
64KB cache lanes
IF decoupled from DRAM
1+ AGU
192 Integer registers
256bit AVX2 pipes
30%+ SMT Yield
32 PCIe lanes
Integrated MAC

Not in dreamland:

6 core CCX
IPC up by 10%
Memory controller latency down by 10%
Memory controller support for >4000MHz
Caches stay same. 32B/512KB/2MB per core.
IF stays the same but lower latency and increased bandwidth.
1+ AGU
More Integer registers
256bit AVX2 pipes
SMT unchanged
28 PCIe lanes

Shit god damn it AMD you had one job(absolute worst that can happen)
3x 4 core CCX
IPC up by 10%
I/O stays the same
IF only slightly improved
Still 128bit AVX2 pipes
Memory latency increases due to extra CCX


Discuss, what would you like to see from the 7nm Zen core?
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This shouldn't need mention but please do report shitposters.
Stop living on predictions and live the present.

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