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>tfw you can't use the greatest browser of all time (pic related) on linux
Why even live?
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sorry linux friend, I'll send your pictures.
I can't use glorious 56k dial-up and hear the beeping pattern either. It's tragic, but life moves on.
When I worked in webdev we used to run IE on wine for debugging.

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makes me want to install kapersky
Who the fuck still uses kaspyski

iToddlers will defend this.
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It seriously cuts into the picture like that?
success breeds jealousy
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Why are we pushing for the year of the GNU/Linux desktop?
If normalfags ever get their hands on GNU/Linux they'll ruin it, just as they ruin everything else.
There's already fucking addware targeting Ubuntu/Linux Mint users, do we really want more of this?
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Would be nice to have the mainstream donating so the developers could afford to program without adware or contracts with corporate scum
1. Linux will be fine as long as Thorvalds is alive to maintain it. After that it'll inevitably turn to shit, regardless of normies or no normies, unless he somehow during his last moments decides to leave it to /g/ to maintain the kernel.

2. Distros such as Arch and Gentoo will always be safe from normies because they don't offer a guided installation so normies won't be able to install them. Ubuntu is targeted at normies already so you can't really avoid them there but Ubuntu is already shit anyway.

3. Malware is only an issue if you lack Common Sense. You can secure an operating system all you want but you can damn bet it normies will find a way to get malware somehow.
who cares. we have Temple OS now.

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install gentoo
>Date modified is different

You didn't even try.
>american education

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Low on precious screen real estate, or busy massaging your carpal tunnel
wrists damaged by waving a mouse around like an idiot?

> Why should I use a tiling window manager?
- Freedom from the mouse
- High customizability
- Efficient use of screen space
- Lightweight

> ** Resources **

> i3wm - https://i3wm.org/
Babby's first twm, easily customizable from a central config file, has sane
defaults. Usable out of the box.

> Xmonad - http://xmonad.org/
Written and configured using haskell, so knowledge of haskell is recommended.
Highly extensible, stable, and dynamic.

> bspwm - https://github.com/baskerville/bspwm
Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager
bspwm is a tiling window manager that represents windows as the leaves of a full binary tree.

> dwm - http://dwm.suckless.org/
Dynamic Window Manager written in C.
Slightly higher learning curve than most other twms, basic knowledge of C is
necessary for configuration as it takes place in the header file. Very

> awesomewm - https://awesomewm.org/
Supports lots of features out of the box, less initial configuration necessary than some others.
Shares the concept of tags with dwm which can be more flexible than workspaces.
Also, very extensible through Lua.

> ratposion - http://www.nongnu.org/ratpoison/
Ratpoison is a simple Window Manager with no fat library dependencies, no fancy graphics, no window decorations. As the name suggests, it's entirely keyboard driven.

> herbsluftwm - https://www.herbstluftwm.org/
Manual twm with similar tiling system to i3
Can be reconfigured on the fly using herbstclient

> spectrwm - https://github.com/conformal/spectrwm
Inspired by xmonad and dwm. Easy to configure, since the config is in simple plain text. It has a built-in status bar that can be fed from a user-defined script.

> Brief introduction/ explanation

> Comparison of various twms
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Dwm for the win
>efficient use of screen space
>image in OP uses i3gaps
because those huge gaps in between my windows saves space
are you autistic
point still stands

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/g/, what are some good password management solutions?

I'd like to be able to use random character strings for all of my passwords, but there's no way I'd remember them all unless I either:

-wrote them down in a notebook somewhere (which I'd then have to carry with me everywhere, possibly resulting in it being lost or stolen), or

-use one of those password manager apps/sites (in which case I'm completely trusting someone else's security, AND creating a situation in which cracking just one master password results in everything being compromised.)

What do you /g/uys do?
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I use keepassx. Cracking your master password isn't a realistic scenario, unless someone installs a keylogger on your machine (which shouldn't be likely to happen). Using a password manager site seems dumb, there is no good reason to upload a list of all of your passwords to someone else's server.
Keepass is the way to go.
I cuck myself and use lastpass however.
I like PasswordSafe.

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How do I get to that screen on Windows? Step by step pls
How do you look it up on Winblows?
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All chrome

>Tech company unveil their new BEST PRODUCT EVER
>They skip version 9 and go straight to 10
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Everyone knows 789

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What are some good IRC channels /g/?
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Would also be interested..
The ones you're not in.
Wake up grandpa, the future has pictures and embeding. It's Discords time now.

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ASrock's P2.40 bios update literally broke linux, no way to install wont even boot a livecd, they offer no support as well as they said they'll be doing more tests but 2 weeks later no update or anything.
What do i do /g/
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thats really crazy. what changed to where it cant install linux?
Update to any of the 5-7 updates after?
>that autistic followup message
You need to learn how to complain to companies.

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I'm in my first few semester of College, and I'm kind of wavering away from a Mechanical Engineering Degree. I'm currently between some other options instead, as the more computer and technology-centric classes are swaying my interests. The options I'm torn between are (and these are all assuming I complete a bachelors in that respective major,) Computer Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, and Cybersecurity.
Does anyone here work in these fields that can shed some light on what the work is like and what I might be in for with each of these? I've done reading on google and such but I can't help but feel a lot of what I'm reading isn't quite "real", so to speak. Are any particularly good choices, are any not specialized enough to be meaningful in the industry, and are there any nuances particular to each that I should be aware of?
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Look through the archive for many threads about /sec/.
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separatist ships.jpg
2MB, 2264x1543px

I'll go look around, thanks.

Anyone else?
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should i give up now

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>only have HDD in my desktop
What the fuck is wrong with SSD prices? Why the fuck are they still so fucking expensive? They seem to keep their value better than gold.

Like 2 years ago I bought a 128gb SSD for €50 and figured that 'in 2 years I'll get a 256 or 512gb one for the same price'. 2 years later and it's the same fucking price.

How the FUCK is this possible? The material costs absolutely fuck all, unlike HDD's, while there's multiple companies out there capable of making them, so there's not even a monopoly like CPUs have.
What is the fucking reasons SSD's never really dropped in prices? When can I finally buy mine?
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They aren't that expensive, price/GB has gone down significantly over the last few years.
SSDs are being sold for a fuckton of money because they're able to. Retards are buying them like crazy so there's no point in making them cheaper.

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>iPhone X uses Samshit Pentile

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heh, superior display my ass

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>His operating system is a service
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It technically is.
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>not using Win10 LGBT


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