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>Call Rogers to ask what pricing they have for phones on the plan my family uses
>Give them my first name and then the account number
>"[Brother's name] or [Father's name]?"
>I repeat my name
>"What phone number?"
>Give him my phone number
>"So, is it [Father's phone number] or [Brother's phone number]?"
>Repeat phone number again
>Have to repeat first 3 digits after area code twice
>None of us have the same first 3 digits after the area code
>Have to repeat the last 4 digits again
>End up repeating the whole phone number another two times
>"You're not authorized to make changes to the plan"
>Yes I am, I'm the one who fucking negotiated our current plan with them
>But even if I wasn't, it wouldn't even matter because I'm not even making any changes to the plan, I'm just asking what pricing they have on certain phones FOR my plan
>"So, which phone number?"

Is this just an advanced form of laziness where you aggravate your clients to the point where they give up or are they just that fucking stupid?
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I think you were just phished, anon
1. I called them, not the other way around
2. They never asked any identifying information like birthday and whatnot, just phone number and first name.
Also, if they were fishing, why would they already have the information on both my brother and father?

realistically, how long can i avoid updating?

it's been about 3 days, can i keep letting my battery run out to shut down forever?
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You cant avoid goy
You can disable this feature in GP

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what do you miss about the old web?
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i miss how it kept retarded faggots from finding 4chan
then how did you find it?
no memes

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switching back to windows from ubuntu for gaming purposes .no cd drive on my mx11 also having issues with deluge connecting when trying to install windows from piratebay in attempts to install from flash..help please
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Buy a CD drive
will i need a product key?

There is no way to stop Samshit cancer, is there?
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Why would you want to stop them? Their phones are bretty gud.
TouchJizz UI is fucking cancer, and literally the worst Android.

t. upgraded from Galaxy S4 to Nexus 6P
>t. downgraded from Galaxy S4 to bootloop hell
I don't even feel bad for you

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Whats the point of Matrix when Jabber exists?
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Modern "developers" can't wrap their heads around XML.
What's the point of Jabber if IRC exists?
While JSON wouldve actually been an improvement, theres no reason for a protocol change just for that

What do you guys recommend for streaming TV?
Is there one god tier device?
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PS4 + Roku 3 covers all my bases
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Chromecast is nice.
is the Roku hard wired or on wifi?

Do you guys think i should upgrade my processor
AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 3900 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
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What kind of b8 is this?
no b8
Yes. Ryzen Full PC APUs are coming next year I guess

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You morons haven't thought of this yet?

>pay pajeet 10$ to make shitty Android app with google ad integration
>pay couple $ to publish in play store
>little children download and see ads

You guys are really stupid, I should have done this years ago
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you didn't mention the part where pajeet makes an app that people want to use, and thus use often enough that you get a substantive amount of ad revenue.

but otherwise, yeah, great idea dinesh.
Yeah, but in the mean time shovelware should do the trick
My experience with pajeet freelancers is that they only supply copied works.

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>most powerful than many pro laptops in the market today
>all what /g/ cares about is aesthetics
I thought you were a TECHNOLOGY board and not the retarded brother of /fa/
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Pure cancer.
Display technology is technology.

That thing has dead pixels at the top of the screen.
>create a powerful processor
>never do anything with it other than take pictures and play on facebook


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Failed technology that could have been great.

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What's the point when you need a power cable to run to the monitor anyway?
Laptops negro
Imagine the lag on that thing. Only useful for """"business"""" assholes anyway.

Give me one (1) single GOOD reason why you aren't using MATE (the best DE) right now.

Yes, that's a global menu you're seeing
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It looks like shit, total shit, as shown by your screenshot.
KDE is 10x more stable, looks 10x better, and actually behaves like a modern desktop environment.

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What operating system does /g/ use for pornography? I prefer to keep it isolated from my pure daily driver.
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>Thinking the NSA/CIA niggers care about the porn you watch if it doesn't involve children
Are you a pedo or something?
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>daily driver.

Check out my project. The idea is that there are snakes like in the game Snake. Each is controlled by a neural network. They can reproduce. And thus eventually evolve. It's on my Github.


I also made a reddit and a video:

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Nice screensaver, you're hired
I don't know if you heard, but neural networks is a meme.
>They can reproduce
Normie stuff

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Thoughts? And yes, I was give exactly five rupees for making this thread.

"Microsoft has more open source contributors on GitHub than Facebook and Google"

"Why Microsoft will drive serious Linux innovation"

"Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD image."
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I don't evdn like desktop Linux and even I think it's completely retarded to have Microsoft anywhere near anything open source after the telemetry nightmare known as Windows 10

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