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>use Windows
>get botnet'ed
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>be a dumb frogposter
>post facebook frog to a technology board

dumb frogposter
>use Linux
>can't do anything cuz Linux is worthless
owned ;-)

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>use qBittorrent on Linux
>easily handles +50 torrents simultaneously
>download speed stays maxes out

>use qBittorrent on Windows
>struggles to handle 20 torrents simultaneously
>download speed always fluctuates between 10% and 90%

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Idk w10 network stack a poo?
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>ntfs io performance
>windows networking stack
>Windows shit file system
>Retarded and outdated network stack
>"anti wirrus" monitoring network traffic.

Low Budget "Network Attached Storage" Devices

Looking for something as cheap as possible with good (indepth) firmware. Ethernet interface only (no wireless needed).

Any recommendations?
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any computer than can run freenas and has enough sata ports for your needs
>good firmware

no consumer NAS has that. get a PC and slap some drives in it. Run the Linux or BSD of your choice on it.
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prev thread (closed)

I got sidetracked and also had a few issues OC'ing my CPU.

CPU @ 4 Ghz
RAM @ 3 Ghz
Vega GPU @ 1750Mhz
Vega HBM2 @ 1100Mhz

Posting Firestrike Standard, then Extreme and finally Ultra.

I also just go the CPU to 4.2Ghz, will post the above tests again.
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Why do phones seem to be missing storage? How do companies get away with this?
For example, my OnePlus 5 is advertised as having 64 GB storage (Gigabytes).
Assuming that Android actually reports in GiB (Gibibytes), we should be expecting a total of 59.6 GiB. So let's add up all the partitions, I'm using DiskInfo, if I'm still missing any partitions, please tell me. Anyways, it adds up to 57.07 GiB, Huh? So where's the rest?
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The botnet
and the OS itself
but yeah that too
oops, didn't mean to leave that in the name field

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Most optimal RAM speed is __________
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1333 Mhz for ddr3
2400 Mhz for ddr4


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Anyone KNOWS a person that cracks this shit for a job. I searched, but it seems you got to know the right person. The file is SwxCF, and works with Proficy Machine Edition.
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here is the question mark i forgot: ?
Wich plc are you working with?
Nvm I just realized that u already said it.
I only work with hitachi plcs.

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Help, I don't know where to go. I can't reply to threads, only make posts. Otherwise I only get connection error on FF, Chrome, and Edge.
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>crying wojak spammer
And nothing of value was lost.
>connection error
your ip a shit
remove custom scripts/addons, check js/http request console (f12 in FF), use new captcha,try from live Linux, check hosts file, check router, check DNS, don't use VPN and PROXY, reboot your pc, try phoneposting, make some physical excercises (won't help but health is more important than posting), call support/local IT guy, check firewall, check antivirus, reinstall your OS of choice

Be me
have a Rpi Email sever
can send mail but not recieve.
figure port 25 is Brock Sampsons lover.
Call ISP, Asians wont use original speech only what on thier prompt.
Tells me my port is open.
Port checker(s) tell me its closed like my ex gf legs
they keep tell me its open, wont check on another site .
punching through HP all-in-one since i cant send that Prince the money to get money in email.
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>>62016904 (OP)
If they're blocking port 25 they would usually only block outgoing connections to prevent spam. If you're behind NAT you probably just forgot to assign a static IP to your server and forward the port.
I gave it a static thats why im confused
Did you forward the port on your router?

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Okay, nice
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and free shipping
>no 1 year subscription to porn
I will pass

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>OpenNIC DNS server are shit and unreliable
>every other DNS is botnet
what the fuck do we do?
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>use opennic
>can't reach pypi.python.org
>pip fails every fucking time
Off yourself, pedo.

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I bought a 128gb ssd a while back, but now it says it's capacity is 223gb. Did I win, or is it going to die soon?
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what happens if you fill it?
it orgasms
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It will likely just wrap around and erase data at the start of the drive.

Also it's ADATA, there's no way it's not dead.

ignoring apple memes would you rather one of the new ipads (non-pro) or a samsung tab s2?
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>ignoring apple memes

Sounds like you've already decided
tablets are dumb so neither
i use tablets instead of phones

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>use aur to get newer packages than what is available in official repositories
>become even more bleeding edge
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>he doesn't know how to compile everything from git
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My life for AUR
>use live ebuilds to compile sources directly from upstream
>run while true; do emerge -uDN --ask=n @world; done in background
>become so bleeding edge you die from bleedout

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whats a good open source program for video chatting?
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thank you, researching now
>video chatting
you just want to show your dicks to each other don't you

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