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I have $10,000 and I want to build a computer. Where do I go to build the awesomest coolest shit ever?

I was also thinking of building something like this... but, I am wondering about the necessary parts... where do I go?
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PCPartpicker is a good option
I took the liberty and made a build for you, hope you can stretch out the budget a little bit
>where do I go?
go fuck yourself

hijacking OPs thread to post desks that double as PC cases

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Started using it a few days ago is it a meme?
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Woah man that is the best circle I have ever seen on the internet! Go ahead and use it! Its ok! Woo!
What the fuck is that? I'm not a normie.
Chrome fork?

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Eternally dead and shilling. All text is a WIP.

>Current state of hardware/software, and what we're getting in the near future

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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>bought a BoboVR Z4 Mini for my phone
>have had other plastic chinese headsets in the past but they're all too small, especially around the nose
>some shill on YT said BoboVR Z4 has plenty of nose room and it's the best cheap headset ($16)
>order it on ebay
>it arrives 2.5 weeks later
>try it on
>it completely blocks my nose from breathing
Fuck this shit.

>inb4 having jew nose
My nose isn't big at all, but my eyes are quite "back" from my actual nose line. And I have tried Gear VR headsets and those were fine.

Oh shit, now that I'm looking at pics, it seems that the non-Mini version has decent nose room.I bought the Mini edition because I thought th eonly difference was that the non-Mini had built in headphones, but I read that they're pretty much garbage so I ordered the Mini and use my regular headphones with it.
What do you even use it for?

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>Not using the superior system
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Sage and report shill threads. It's not of your business what I'm using.
I'm already using linux
But I already do use Haiku OS.

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Do you own an SBC /g/? What do you use it for? Do you intend to get one if you don't have one already? What do you expect to get out of the sbc? Any other ones you're considering besides RasPi?

Tell us.

Some relevant links:

The homepage of the pi


And NOOBS, which is a OS installer for beginners and a great way to get started with your Pi.
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hello :3
What's the best linux distro for a raspberry pi?

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take screenshots of your browser
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firefox with arc theme use your imagination

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>Firefox 83.89 ±3.73ms
>Chrome 44.92 ±2.88ms

diff. 86%


>Firefox 237.41±3.00%
>Chrome 407.03±7.15%

diff. 71%


>Firefox 58.6± 1.1
>Chrome 85.9± 3.2

diff. 47%


>Firefox 149.00 ± 4.2022
>Chrome 142.28± 2.2044

diff. 5%

Meanwhile Mozilla shills and fanboys are in FULL DAMAGE CONTROL

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i swear these threads
I gave you those ms over stability and usability.
Woah man! You got me again with your superior browsers! I will have to use IE Edge now because it runs on chrome.

Thanks Microsoft for your help in advertising and showing me the true way!

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Windows 10.png
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So when are they gonna discontinue this piece of shit? It's obvious by the market share statistics that not a lot of people want it and most people who did get it either pirated it or upgraded from Windows 7/8.x when it was still free of charge to do so.

The malicious features aside (every Windows version had many of them), Microsoft really failed to deliver a no-nonsense and internally consistent operating system designed for easy use like they did repeatedly with Windows 3.11, 9x, 2000, XP and 7. They shoehorned an impractical design language in place of something that already worked well up until that point. They filled it to the brim with shit nobody wants or uses (Cortana, Windows store "apps"). They promised to return the start menu when users were pissed off about its removal in 8.x, only to give users the 8.x start menu again, but in a small box in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Why is Microsoft so disconnected from its users these days? Who allowed this to happen?
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It's an issue most companies face
They are forced to focus on making money first, and a good product later.

What the users want isn't what makes MS money.
What does make a lot of money?
AD revenue
What what is win10 focused on?
Data collection and Advertising

I personally couldn't find a single feature window 10 had that I wanted.
Listing Windows 8 and 8.1 seperately triggers me. It's the same fucking OS and 8.1 was a service pack. It makes no fucking sense to break that one down and not do the same with every other version, listing numbers by service pack (or Anniversary/Creator's updates for Windows 10).
Blame Microsoft's own marketing.

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Why /g/ like C so much? What other languages does /g/ like?
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Why Pajeet like poo so much? What other loo does Pajeet like?
What lol
>liking loo
you must be gnu here

Why the fuck all video chipsets are soldered to a board and they aren't socketed like a CPU? is this another technologically jewish trick? those soldering balls used on the GPU chips are less heat resistant than a socket with pins, but from laptop GPU's to PC graphic cards they are all being soldered and which is a fucking lottery of getting artifacts or total failure after few years of heating up.
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i've never had a gpu die on me
Gaming laptops had various versions of MXM GPUs for years, but they were never really upgradable for heat and power reasons. Now that's pretty much dead anyway because thinness.
Modularity would be the death of AMD

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Old thread: >>61755068

What are you working on, /g/?
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Hello World in 4chan text box.
Already got some answers but i'm just gonna repost this here:

Sup faggots, /jp/ here and i've got a question.

I want to translate a Japanese game into English but i have problems with the pointers in the text data files.
The pointers always point to the first letter of the sentence. I edit this in hexadecimal.
When i add or remove letters from the sentence, the sentences after it will change and the pointers do not match the first letter anymore.
Which programming language would be able to help me create a program which changes the pointers according to the position of the first letter?
Whatever they made the game in should help you. Specifically how they made the pointers and how the strings work. (Do they have to have the same length?)

Hey /g/, what's the best VPN for torrenting?

My piece of shit ATT ISP sometimes flags shit I download so I need to find a solution that won't get me my connection banned.
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AirVPN. Cryptostorm for other things...
any vpn

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where did it all go so wrong?
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I haven't really done any checking or seen any evidence but my gut says it was the Jews.
Is it the real moot?
In 3 years the boy who cried wolf will be replaced with the girl who cried rape, and instead of teaching people not to lie about shit it will teach people to believe bullshit.

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What OS should be installed on future sexbots? Should they be open source so anyone can create their own variant their perfect waifu?
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Do we even have to say it?
Windows for dick size telemetry.
Anything but open source would be oppression

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Alright, /g/, which Thinkpad is the best?
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i like the P50
currently the P50, also clean the cumstains off your screen bezel
For mobility: Carbon X1
For work: T470
For real work: P71

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