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Will I be able to format my mSATA SSD to FAT32 using a USB converter or do I need to get a mSATA to SATA board and actually open up my PC?
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Stick it into your asshole and get a mac.
Whatever, I just got a board
question closed, thanks
blow it out your ass

What is the most durable mouse in existence? I am throwing my mice on the wall, beat them with my fist etc. No I will not change my behavior. No need to leave snarky comments. Won't change anything. So just tell me what mouse can survive that shit if there is any like that. A mouse with a pure metal case would be nice for example. Picture related is cool, but it costs too damn much. The mouse should not cost more than 100 bucks.
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I've had this mouse for the past decade now.

it's.. gotten a lot of abuse. solid as fuck though
pic related is your only answer
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>Search for smartphone review on youtube
>Indian accent
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Mr mobile. Michael fischer is the best tech reviewer on YouTube. Period.

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>watching Android Authority's review of the Galaxy Tab S3
>reviewer mentions that the iPad Pro performs better and has a much larger ecosystem of tablet-optimized apps
>fanbois and Samshills have an apocalyptic chimpout in the comments section, calling for the reviewer to be fired
imagine getting this rectum-ruptured by reality
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>unironically watching reviews or reading comment sections in 2017

>not investing that time into reading, programming, playing video games, meeting with friends, or shitposting
Tablets only excel at reading manga. OLED is better for reading manga, thus the tab s3 wins.
>playing video games
Hello /v/edditor manchild

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Is this worth installing, even as a wm? Or should I just continue using w10?
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>unironically using Wangblows 10
Wtf are you even doing on this board.
of course not, even XP running in a virtual machine is better than that shit
Windows XP is not free (as in freedom) anon :^)

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firefox IS botnet. It uses google analytics, ping to mozilla servers without your consent, safebrowsing (a google product) and google geolocation
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Still best in browser/botnet
>google analytics
block in hosts file

>ping to mozilla servers
can be disabled

can be disabled

>google geolocation
can be disabled or completely removed by compiling from source without geolocation api
open about:config, search for "update" and "http" and empty everything that is found. Done.

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I bought my computer in January 2015. Almost every component in it has only gotten more expensive since.

I have an i7-4790k. I paid 349€ for it. Right now in the same store I bought it from it's 429€
I have a Dell U2415 monitor. I paid 314€ for it. Right now in the same store I bought it from it's 345€
I have a GTX970. The kind is no longer sold by the store I bought it in, but I checked right before the 1070 came out (which was maybe 18 months after I bought it) and it was 30 euros more than I had paid for it.

I understand the cryptocurrencies affecting GPU prices, but CPUs and monitors too? These are not newer versions nor were any of them on sale when I bought them. Why is this happening?
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The only people who buy individual computer components are enthusiasts. Have fun paying enthusiast prices.
Euro is getting weaker compared to dollar.
RAM prices ramped because of smartphones.
GPU prices ramped because of the crypto fever.
Monitors are a marginal and very slow market, prices rarely go down.

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It's shit although I have to admit the UI is really comfy. Windows itself is shit but the Windows classic theme will forever be the best theme ever created.

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So lets get a thread started where everyone posts their favorite software and why you like it. Don't forget links so people can take a look at the softwares, and if possible post pics.

For me its Shadowdefender. Its just a simple alternative to deepfreeze. gets the job done and is literally bullet proof. You can run whatever you want on your main system without needing a WM. Even ransomware.

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Hmm so you don't need a window manager interesting
>Using a WM
What a WMcuck

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I'm about to work with a college's internship program to get people to code this idea for me. Tell me what YOU think bros:

Community involvement app:

Like-minded selecting various categories of interest to mutually connect with each other, by sending invite-notifications to alert others users seeking the same interest. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids needing a study-buddy, musicians connecting, to general hangouts. Detailed & verified user profiles will safely identify who you’d connect with.

To stay connected with each other, users can create & join temporary cliques for group-centered activities, along with the option to create a Friends list & to create & join long-term Groups to stay connected for future hangouts & discussions.

To get ideas for connecting, there’ll be categorized local events to choose, created by groups & local services, along with individual users, which would be added to your calendar & shared with fellow users.

When the budget & development team expands, there’ll eventually be deeper community-involvement focused features to hold user interest, such as a real user created local economy & tipping system, local news, public video/photo uploads, local discussion forums, local Trending activity feed, etc.

Users effortlessly connecting with each other in real time has yet to be explored, & could be wildly successful if designed correctly with an easy & clean layout.
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Great idea! Can I do the logo?
You should do a test run of the idea
Create a suicide pact with people in your area and follow through with it
epic xD

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>Want to install 4chan-x
>Considered with it being a botnet
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Why is it "botnet"? It's open source, no?
At this point, "botnet" is just an umbrella term for anything that connects to the internet.

This is what happens when people use a term outside the actual meaning for too long; the same thing happened to the word "literally" and now it's lost whatever meaning its had.
Install tampermonkey and download it, don't use the chrome extension.

That's it really.

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>sends a DMCA Notice to easylist to remove a client URL

>the URL is related to copyright control and advertisement

>The Notice hints that a complete takedown could be even possible

It's fucking EASYLIST, even millenials use it
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Oh shit
Its all fucking over

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Whats the best way to stress test a windows pc? Buddy gave me his old one as he moved away and he said it kept blue screening on him, I've been using it a few hours and so far its been fine.

Anyway to try and force a blue screen so I can find out what the issue was. So far ive just put a clean win10 install and an older sata drive. He had an SSD in before.
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AIDA64 stress test.
check event viewer for errors it will tell you the exact hardware error

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What is the best email client for a tech illiterate gamer/web browser to use.

I don't want to use google anymore because of privacy issues, such as the possibility of them sharing my emails and data with employers.

I need something safe secure private and easy to use.

I am also using mozilla as my web browser now.
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Write your own email client in Python using smtplib and poplib/imaplib

It's the only way to be 100% secure gamerbro
I would've suggested mutt before I read the teach illiterate part. Maybe Thunderbird? As long as it's FOSS it should be fine.

If you want security the mail client isn't really the part that matters though, it's the server itself. I would advise rolling your own because otherwise it can't be trusted.
ok ill look at some instructions for this online.

But what do you use

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YASS Somebody believes in me!
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I use Firefox and I'm #StillWithHer
what is foss with ublock origin and userscripts?

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