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If i had to get a thinkpad E series, which is the best
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the most expensive one.

then you sell it and buy a proper thinkpad.
There can't be any reason why you have to
Received my E470 2 weeks ago. Wifi is absolute shit, losing connection a fuckload. Back's a fingerprint magnet but overall does the job. I know it's not the best thinkpad out there but it's a pretty good laptop for normal use.

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Just got a Macintosh! wut should i do with it? install and ssd or somthin?
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Install gentoo
Sell it, get an equivalent or better custom build, pocket the money you have left over.

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I have to f11 just to make youtube videos larger than 640x360 because of >a fucking blank bookmark bar. Is there a way to get rid of it?
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>not using the new youtube experience
>using the new youtube """"""""experience""""""""

>Is there a way to get rid of it?


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What's the best messaging application telegram, wire or other?
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Facebook messenger
Stock iPhone/Android messager
Anything that encrypts means you're hiding something and a hacker
I'm not sure. Are there even any mainstream messaging applications that have secure client side encryption/decryption so they couldn't tell what you are saying even if they wanted?

What's a good way to download videos from sites that don't have specific download links available? I'm using Chrome so I can't use the Firefox downloader extensions.

I hate how YouTube streams in chunks now instead of just buffering the entire video at once. It used to be you could open a 30 minute video, select your preferred resolution, and do something else. When you came back the video would be 100% buffered and you could watch all the way through. Now it only buffers a minute or two ahead then stops.

So is there a good way to download videos so I don't have to put up with this streaming bullshit? I recently moved and my internet is dogshit for the next two weeks until the good ISP can come out.

I ask because the websites that come up when I search for video downloader seem pretty sketchy.
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youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g07pdPE8EY

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
Also windows versions available if you're a winfag.
even a gui is available

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how many of you actually pay for your internet?
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I know I do. 85 a month for 105, looking to jump to the new Gigabit package my ISP has. Only downside is its another 40 a month, and I don't think I'd really get a dramatic benefit from the jump, since the only thing I ever use huge amounts of data for is pulling games from my various digital locker services.
>falling for the gigabit meme
how the fuck else would I get internet? I get bent over the barrel by shitcast for $115 a month for 75/12

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>There are manbabys on /g/ right now that use their cryptography processing units to play 3D games instead of making money

What's it like being so childish?
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Gamer buys expensive GPU - lets it idle instead of earning a profit. Many such cases! Sad!
Bad shitpost OP, single GPU mining hasn't been viable for ages now.
I got 980ti in SLI. how do I mine?

will I gain anything of value?

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Alright, I'm sick of all these empty memes about macOS, so I compiled the main reasons why it's better than any other Operating System. This is taking into account that you've already accepted that Windows is absolute trash and UNIX-like systems are the only systems worth using.

1. /dev/tty is piped to terminal.app and whatever other terminal emulator (which are really clients on macOS) that you're using and /dev/console is piped to console.app, the terminal part makes it so that all terminals don't rely on X11 or a tmux server to stay stable and the console part gives you a decent user interface around debugging the operating system and even crashing programs, as console.app stores crash dumps also.
2. It doesn't rely on X11 at all, but gives you the officially supported freedom to use it through XQuartz and integrate it with Aqua, which makes your graphical environment more stable while staying as flexible.
3. It's built on a FreeBSD base as a Mach kernel module, which is all kept open source, which means that even if the whole fucking operating system fails, chances are very high that it can be reloaded as a kernel module and restored to whatever state it was before the crash using its coredump. The FreeBSD base also gives the Apple-ified FreeBSD user-space all of the advantages of FreeBSD, namely that it's more integrated with the kernel, more stable, more secure, etc. This also gives it the benefit of being a hybrid kernel, with the stability and simplicity of a monolithic kernel through the BSD part, while keeping the flexibility of a microkernel through the Mach part, which modules can be loaded onto in a stable, secure manner.
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4. Cocoa is objectively better than both gtk and qt, although qt supports it. The reason is that Cocoa actually has a good-looking, consistent design, is pleasant programming for, and all the while it enforces standards which are tied to the user interface, giving standard hotkeys for many features including common window management functions like fullscreen, tabs, client info, settings menu, etc. which gives any program some form of familiarity so that the user can start using it efficiently as fast as possible through these standard hotkeys, whereas most linux and windows programs all have different hotkeys that the user must learn.
5. macOS is Unix-like, and as was previously said, the libc is based on FreeBSD, and most of what runs on Linux runs on FreeBSD, and most of what runs on FreeBSD also runs on macOS. Through this you can install most if not all applications that you're familiar with from Linux into macOS and use it casually. This includes many terminal and X11-based applications through XQuartz. Many package management systems work on macOS including macports, which is a great ports-like package manager that both supports binary packages if you're on the run and source-based packages if you want more customizability.
6. The soon to be released (on macOS) APFS gives it a decent, stable, case-sensitive, copy-on-write filesystem that supports many of the features which makes ZFS great like snapshots, clones, etc. But also supports encryption from the filesystem itself, which ZFS doesn't. All of this while Linux is struggling to get Btrfs to a stable state, and even that is a very mediocre implementation of a copy-on-write, ZFS-like filesystem.
7. It's neither GNU, FreeDesktop.org, nor Linux while supporting all of them, and has more proprietary support from the Windows world including Adobe and Microsoft products, so you have the best of all worlds.
woah hold up niggy
nobody gonna read that, go suck some cocks mackfag

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its all in the title. are there any tho? i know about vpn and proxy options but in my case i cannot use those
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Huh, how would we know? You realize ISPs necessarily know all you request / receive? Same as your postal service necessarily knows what packages you send/receive. What is hard to gauge is if they record what you do and in what detail and who they share that information with.
What do you mean by that?
ISPs in Polamd are required by law to store some data about customers for 2 years or more. They commonly store connection established states.
Check your local telecommunications law.

You don't reslly know how the Internet works, don't you
tldr; no. get a VPN.

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When will GPU prices drop?
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When buying new GPUs for mining is no longer financially feasible.
Damn, miners are reviving AMD
I almost did it today /g/, I almost clicked buy on a 200% markup GPU. I just want my new build... so tired of waiting.

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Why is it so buggy lately?

it worked absolutely perfect before
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Imagine being such a loser that you need an addon for fucking 4ch*n
Imagine being such a newfag you don't have an addon for 4chan
My only issue with it is that it sometimes displays threads I've scrolled to the very bottom as having a couple posts left to read. Only happened after the recent Firecucks update.

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Pale Moon.png
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Some people say it's god tier while others claim it's placebo autism tier.
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It's fine. Forked long ago it's mostly it's own thing now. Plenty of important extensions have been ported and are on the website itself. Still supports the occasional firefox plugin. Biggest concern is the user agent.
When confronted about browser fingerprinting one of the devs gave the ol' "If you aren't breaking the law you shouldn't worry about security" run around
Its shit and outdated. Firefox 57 is the best

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Is Code::Blocks still good or has other stuff pretty much taken it's place?
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O'shit -- it's like the Outlaw Star of programming IDEs.
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what do you mean by that?
Start using eclipse CDT.
>Built in debugger
>Built in clang-format interface
>Built in linter
>Auto complete
>Automated build system and version control
>Git support
What's not to like?

>Eats up RAM
If you have 8 GB you will be just fine, plus you can edit hotspot memory consumption
It isn't

Alternatives: Qt creator.
Using a text editor for old languages don't make sense because the #include and CMake system is retarded

>you finally land a job offer after 274 consecutive rejection letters
>bright eyes fat dragon is your new boss!
>(in japanese) "Go up to the whiteboard and write a function that reverses a singly linked list in place"
>"you're not allowed to make a 2nd list with the same items pushed in reverse order"
>"you have 10 minutes or else you're fired and you have to buy me crepes"

What do?
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Go read the manga.
>whip out dick
Reverse this.

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Is the reason /g/ dislikes Louis Rossman so much because he is an athletic 6ft 5in self-made conservative, and everyone on /g/ is a smelly fat libtard NEET manlet?
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>autistic with a boring hobby
like clockwerk
That's exactly the reason why, assuming they're not a complete Apple cuck.

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