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>1.64 MB.jpg
>1.88 MB
That woman is ugly
3dpd is truly disgusting holy shit

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Can you guys recommend decent phones, in the price range between $100 to $200?
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yeah I recommend the Research™ Play Edition

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Linux desktop is a mess. Imagine a perfect OS. It would be running pure UNIX in the background, but have a user friendly, elegant, beautiful graphical interface in the foreground. With beautiful fonts and everything just working out of the box. Ah, if only that existed!

Wait a minute...
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Is this the macOS desktop thread?
Fuck off pedo.
>ITT: OP owns a mac

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what browser should I use if I browse with lots of tabs open? it seems if I use firefox, when I use 4chan with many tabs my system slows very fast.

I got a 3.5ghz i7 4770k
gtx 1080
16gb ram
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install gentoo
Firefox Nightly 57
Edge, you'll get about 5x less memory usage than Chrome. I don't know how that compares to Firefox, but I imagine it's similar.

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Since Firefox is an SJW shit pit and Chrome is both an SJW shit pit AND a botnet, which browser should we be using?
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this gets asked everyday and the answer is:
use curl to send http GET requests and parse the results with your brain
there are no real alternatives

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internet explorer.png
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/g/ humor thread
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>visit site
>white screen nothing works
>tons of blocked scripts
>temporarily unblock everything because i dont have the time to test every single one to see if its that specific script thats crashing everything
>site still doesnt work
>after unblocking everything, a bunch of new scripts popped up that are blocked
>unblock everything again, because time and effort
>repeat until site works

I'm having a love/hate relationship to this thing
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Just use umatrix, the basic site will always there and you just need a little fiddling to get everything to work.
i tried it and couldnt wrap my head around that matrix thing.

seemed like the same problem i'm having with noscript would happen there as well

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Old thread: >>61806259

What are you working on, /g/?
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i think you need to diversify yourself more anon
Minecraft clone. Added polymorphic behavior to right clicking last night. Working on macros for creating new blocks easily right now.
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Why haven't you posted code yet? It looks quite interesting.

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Hey /g/, I'm writing a blog post aimed at college students which discusses what technology to bring to with you to college, and what to leave behind. Aside from Thinkpads and Gentoo discs, what do you guys recommend?
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Taking notes with pen and paper
Bring with you heated vibrating fleshlights.
dragon dildos

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I use windows 10 on my desktop and laptop because i'm not a paranoid conspiracy theorist who is afraid of the big bad company looking through my files.

Win10 is the best operating system for PCs without a doubt and anyone outside of /g/ will agree.

I challenge you to prove to me that a different OS is better
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cool story
kek, nobody wants to even try.

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Previous thread: >>61799317

What are you working on, /g/?
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>Created before the bump limit
Delete this invalid thread and kill yourself.
You are not one of the regular OPs, are you?
Keep /pol/ shit to >>>/pol/, fuckwit
b-but anon....I had to use make s-sure everyone saw how evil g-g-g-g-g-google is....h-h-hijacking /dpt/ is the only w-way

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What web browser has the best performance on W10?
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netscape navigator 7.0
Edge, the only thing it's good at.
It lacks extention and plugin support compared to the others.
is there a good reason to use this or am I going to just get a slepnir or lynx tier browser

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Video related will be you in 20 years when your CEO brings in hordes of foreign workers who you have to train to replace you...(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fod_ADpgVo)

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Nice clock muhammad
I'm a CIS major so it's pretty much an IT/business degree. If I wanted I could go full blown finance degree with 4 or 5 extra classes.
I'm litteraly at grad school right now and the business school is flooded with chinks and pajeets. Just go into engineering like a normal guy

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>He still values personal freedom over not hurting other people's feelings and mental well-being states

When are you going to learn guys? The government only needs to restrict your liberties for your own safety!
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i chuckled, and then started crying because this will happen in the next 30 years
Who is this and why is she acting like retard?
No reason why it should, 400lb hacker reasons why it wont

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Is there such thing as an adapter that turns a plug into a USB?

I know there are many options to adapt a USB for a wall socket but i need the other way round. Does it exist?
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When does summer end
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fuck off nigger. I've been here longer than you by at least five years.
I'm just not technology savvy

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