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>Skylake Xeons are a massive flop
>O-o-oy vey! It's like another Shoah!
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this website makes me hate jews. i should seek help.
You probally hate the imaginary strawman of sneaky jews. Go talk to some real jews.
>Pretending that you didn't always secretly hate them to begin with.

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>install gentoo
kernel panic
>install arch
(EE) screen not found
>install ubuntu
mouse is frozen to the top left corner of the screen or just black screen
>install debian
have to wait for debian 10 to get proper support for my hardware
>install fedora
everything is crashing thanks to fedora being the test release of the next redhat packages
>install windows 7
no support for my cpu and igpu
>install windows 10
automatically uninstalls the most recent drivers I've just installed then installs 1-2 year old drivers or generic windows drivers causing my pc to bluescreen

just tell me one OS which fucking works
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Pretty much everything you write there I know is false or user error where your ego has told you (thanks to your mother reinforcing it, most likely) that "no, I cannot be bad at computers" when the reality is your a tech illiterate.
You should stop installing things and try to do something useful instead.
>>install fedora
>everything is crashing thanks to fedora being the test release of the next redhat packages

nice meme

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Do you feel tired after using computer?
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That's why I never stop
Dont you have anxiety? Like desire to consume as much information as possible? Or visit websites as many as possible?
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>Days without Social Thoughs: 0

It hurts to live this way...

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I know there are a lot of different ways to make coffee and not many people agree on much of anything about coffee, but for me, I finally found it. This is it. The ThinkPad of coffee makers:

Hamilton Beach Model # 46300
>Bold, regular and 1- to 4-cup brewing options
>Can fill water tank from the front or back
>Swing-out brew basket is easy to fill
>Optional water filter
>No-mess pouring
>Automatic pause and serve
>Cleaning cycle reminder
>Nonstick warming plate
>Easy-view water window
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>shilling a hamilton beach coffee maker

has /g/ reached its low?

Summer isnt over yet, things are always worst in late july early august
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That's not the Moccamaster.

>Must not match any of the four previous passwords
>Must have at least eight characters (maximum 14 characters), including two numbers and four
>Must have at least one lowercase letter (a-z)
>Must have at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)
>Must not have more than three repeating characters and numbers
>Must not use your login name, personal information about yourself (first name, last name,
email address, etc.), or company or product names
>Must not have a number as the first character of the password
>Important: Passwords must be changed every 90 days.
And then they wonder why literally everyone has their password on a fucking sticky note on their
monitor; or why their passwords are all dumb shit like kid's name and birthdate rotated around in
various orders. I personally have a rotation of several strong passwords and still get fucked.

Posting this from work as I wait for my new password to sync through all of our systems - a process which could take up to an hour. Very productive use of work time.
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post feet
Formatting fucked from mobile posting.
just make up one.

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Why is AMD's CPU division doing so much better than their GPU division?

>Massive success, saves the company
>Massive flop
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Simple, nobody wants a GPU anymore.

Built in HD graphics is more than enough for 90% of games.
Because somewhere in middle of 2016, almost all the money in the comapny was diverted to getting Zen ready.

Naturally GPU folks suffered.
4 year rule

good gpus again in 2021 at cost of cpus

damn that monkey's paw

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Why is deepweb so autistic?
There are only a bunch of autistic pedo and junky.
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There is a golden rule on the internet, if you found something, you probably search for it.

The deep web is still a really cool play to look up for information that are really hard to find on the clear web.

but with my experience, i can tell you that 95% of what you found on the DW is on the CW.
The only useful stuff I ever found on the deep web was brazzers and digitalplaygrounds accounts for 1$

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Why haven't you started using qutebrowser yet?

>fully functional (doesn't lack support like the rest of small browsers)
>free software
>doesn't phone home (unless you EXPLICITELY tell it to)
>developed by a swiss aryan god programmer (who uses arch and neovim)
>vimlike keybindings out of the box
>extremely configurable with a shitload of settings
>preparing a major update soon when they start officially supporting the superior QtWebEngine


GNU IceCat is officially a dead project (like the rest of the gahnoo). Why aren't you using a superior browser now?
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>written in Python
>uses and old shitty insecure renderer by default (and the new backend is still experimental and extremely buggy)
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Some UI's problem on Ubuntu and HTML/CSS/JS rendering engine is late. Use Palemoon instead if you want productivity.
Im using it right now, but i saw they want to Switch bookmarks and shit from plaintext format to some goddamn database.
With decisions like that im afraid qute might not be a browser for me much longer

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what did he mean by this?
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Terry is a faggot, fuck off back to /b/.
how long till terry is committed or out on the street?
they should put him in charge of the launch codes

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Are there any advantages for a desktop user in using FreeBSD over Linux?
Or the only really advantage is a less strict licence that let's corporations to use Unix tools in their products?
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I hear some good things about its performance on the server side (file servers (ZFS), jails).
Also, Sony has it running on PS4 if I'm not mistaken.
I run nas4free on my nas, it's a derivative of FreeBSD. ZFS is /comfy/ af.
yes bsd as a whole is important
>do anything with it

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lel, Firefox uses Google Analytics on its about:addons page and disables addons so Privacy Badger or uMatrix can't block it.

Image related.
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If you do something you need to hide, maybe you shouldn't do it
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Oh, it also refuses to fix a phishing issue for SJW reasons:


>> We want every script and language to be treated equally on the Internet.
This is the last straw, swithcing browser right naw!
The only thing why i use firefox its because the skin app right now, the privacy meme died long ago and now this fsssss

What is the best laptop for creative professionals?
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unironically macbook pro
Macbook pro is great for everything
You mean code baristas?

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what did he mean by this?

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This is just sad
That dog is gonna get raped? did he said that?
holy crap .

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Starting my CS degree in 1 week
What should I expect
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computer science
Someone post gif
Pomp and snark from yourself.
Zero concern or regards from others.

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Ending net nutrality will be the best thing for the internet. By making people have to pay extra for social media sites it may end up limiting the access to those sites due to some people simply not wanting to pay to go to facebook or instagram etc. By limiting access to those sites the social media/fake news machine will have less control over peoples lives.

Just look at what cable is already doing with bundling everything. If they are allowed to get control over the internet they will tear it apart real quick and that's exactly what needs to happen. The internet needs to be destroyed and rebuilt in manner that makes in decentralized and has a higher barrier to entry to keep the women and normies out.

Something low bandwith would be great imho. That would essentially kill "media" No more porn, No more stacey and her selfies. No more tyrone showing off his stolen shoe collection.

This is one time where capitalism can actually use it's power to destroy a greater evil.
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>net neutrality

You mean that thing we've always had, but only became an issue because Netflix lobbied Obama because they didn't want to pay what they owe?
The internet can be destroyed by ending net neutrality, but there is basically no chance you can rebuild it as a new decentralized thing. You will not get radio frequencies or cables for it.
Mesh nets will pop up using existing 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies.

>But it will be slow

Yes that's the whole point. It needs to be slow to cut out the social media cancer infecting it.

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