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>Join Intel's live launch event on July 11, 2017 as we introduce next-generation solutions that will transform business, industries, and ultimately lives.




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>muh $12,000 xeon
>muh olympics
>muh megatasking
>muh ooga booga where da CPUs at
>muh bazinga
>muh optane
>muh backdoor
>muh internet of trash
Intel will be announcing a radical new architecture designed from the ground up specifically for checking privilege.
Covfefe Lake

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I want to clone my Windows10 partition as a backup. I have everything setup as I want it and don't want to go through the few days it would take to reinstall programs and updates.
I have a 3TB external drive that I can put it on so storage really isn't an issue.
The issues I'm thinking that might make this more than a simple run is that A) I'm dual-booting Win10 and Ubuntu on the host machine. B) The external drive is also used for general backup of files. I'm sure I will need to repartition the external to keep these things separate.
One solution I read about was to dd Windows partitions to identically sized partitions on the storage drive. Then of course there's Clonezilla but from what I've read, trying to do it that way could lead to issues. Unfortunately, there's really not much out there that details how to do this. Most guides out there deal with whole disks, not multiple partitions and making a bootable clone (don't need it).
Any ideas or tips?
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>I have everything setup as I want it and don't want to go through the few days it would take to reinstall programs and updates.
sounds like you want to make a backup which is used like a replacement for an installation disc
it's actually not that hard to make a custom install disc based on your current setup
all it takes is;
1. run "sysprep /generalize" on your system
2. boot into a PE environment (the environment you get when booting off of a windows install disc
3. run imagex to capture your installation into a .wim image file
4. substitute the "install.wim" file in the original windows install disc with your new .wim file (re/named to "install.wim")
now you will have an install disc which installs windows as you currently have it, programs, users, documents and all
this is the same process OEMs and businesses use to customize windows for use on multiple machines, without having to do a fresh install and setup on each individual machine
>A) I'm dual-booting Win10 and Ubuntu on the host machine.
>B) The external drive is also used for general backup of files. I'm sure I will need to repartition the external to keep these things separate.

The "Partition -> Image" option will resolve both of your concerns. Just use the simplified mode and use the defaults.

Partition -> Image simply copies the target filesystem, without the unused space. Optionally compressing and encrypting it. It will generate a directory on the output filesystem (your 3TB drive) containing the image, split into sections, with checksum files.

Have you even booted clonezilla before? It's not that scary.
I hadn't even considered this. I will keep this in mind. Thank you.
I haven't really gotten around to it yet to check the options more thoroughly. I know that it can grab just the used space and make an image, but one of my concerns was if there will be an issue during recovery to a larger partition. I probably misunderstood, but I thought I read that the image will have a partition just that size and I would have to merge the freespace to the image partition. Say, image=100GB. Partition I want to put it on is 300GB. Image takes up 100GB, but 200GB is now a second partition that needs to be merged with the image's 100GB. Again, I probably have it all wrong.
Another concern is the fact that WIndows is two partitions, System and Installed. I have to copy the System partition as well, correct?

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*blocks your hacking*
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Actually using cloudflare is better than hiring IT Security manager.
Sure cloudbleed never bappend amirght?
*blocks your legitimate users*

Imagine being so autistic that you believe this would be an improvement for 99.9% of people
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Imagine being so autistic that you take screenshots of ribbit posts that trigger you and make a thread about them on /g/.
Having it be a LIFO stack would be bretty nice, but I'd rather it be Ctrl Alt V or Ctrl Shift V
At my work there's some ancient Windows 95 program that everyone uses that basically does this task. I used to have an emacs package to do something similar.

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Hey /g/ents. on /b/ was posted this

but just in case it doesn't exist anymore, here is what was posted.

hello world!
68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 79 6f 75 74 75 2e 62 65 2f 65 7a 77 63 53 6e 56 6b 4a 32 41

Anyone can make anything of it? It looks like the start of an adventure.
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If you can't decipher this on your own your a total brainlet.
Weak viral marketing detected.
I got the hex and watched the vid, but I'm talking about the vid analysis

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When will amd finally kill jewvidia and kiketel?
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Never thank goodness
You're telling yourself lies if you think they'd be any better if they had a monopoly
Just be happy we have nice stuff now
The sole purpose of AMD is to prevent NVIDIA from having total monopoly over the market and fuck us in the ass
As long as every gaymer kid buys intel+nvidia and every business buys intel prebuilds, not anytime soon.

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What feeds do you subscribe to /g/?
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I don't need to subscribe to any, /g/ delivers every tech news worth reading/knowing.
You first OP, don't be a faggot.
Do torrent feeds for my animu count?

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what makes Windows 10 so comfy?
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>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
Because you never feel alone with it.
Go back to Mexico, Carlos

How come everything is so fucking cheap in China.
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Posting with rupees you're just asking for /pol/acks to come stink the place up.
They make them in China

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Fedora 25

Looks like that terrible PS CS6 splash screen
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>Parabola wallpaper
Stock parabola does not come with a wallpaper dude.
Puppy leenux

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Are they evil?
Are they useful?
What about const and rvalue references?
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A const reference is fundamentally less evil, but references are definitely evil
They are the most amazing functionality of the language. Allow you to write many things without using manual memory allocation.

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Hi /g/ EUROfag here

I need a small tracking device with it's own power supply or without any. Something that can send me it's location at any given time and I can monitor it on my phone or computer. And of course it must be small enough to be hidden in a car or in my case in a van.

I need it 'cause I suspect one of my workers is using firm's van and time for his own personnal activities.

Do you know of any good items or even suppliers in Europe with this kind of gagets?

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Just let him
If he damages the vehicle fire him
time is money in our buisness.
and it's not about getting rid of him, he is a very capable it's just I need proof that he's abusing it, so I can take further action
Just chill out. You shouldn't be invading his privacy. Let him do what he wants

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So have to learn Ionic 2 for the job (currently back end php dev).

However I can't seem to find a suitable IDE for Ionic with proper Angular and Typescript support with adequate VIM support.

Tried Visual Studio Code, but it's VIM integration sucks ass.
Currently on Netbeans, but can't find proper plugins.

So what are you using for Ionic/Angular ect with VIM support?
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InelliJ IDEA with vim support plugin. It's pretty good. You can even create a
and write in there
source ~/.vimrc

Now it will import all your vim settings.
Thanks anon, downloading trial now.

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So what exactly do normies like on social media? How did Cuckerberg hit the jackpot with facebook? Was it luck? Or did he know what people wanted?

What does anybody want in social media anyway?
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Being an attention whore
Anything somebody can do to make them more widely known?

I believe there's still money to be made from this shit IF somebody's creative and the shit he makes is well-done
People want attention and Facebook is a very easy way to get it.

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>My Documents
>actually filled with not documents but configs for software
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>inb4 wincuck

Yeah but seriously this shit pisses me off that my documents get flooded with configuration files which never get cleaned when the program gets uninstalled.
I wish the standard was using appdata instead for all that configuring or something similar. I'd like to have "my documents" back.
Did you know that those are also documents? Really activates my almonds.
>My Documents
>Filled with random, unorganized game save files
Why they fuck can't devs agree on a neat standard? Like all game save files going in a single folder.

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