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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61787325
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How to improve /hpg/ in just a few clicks:

1. Click on the [Settings] link at the top or bottom of the page
2. Click on Filters & Post Hiding
3. Click the [Edit] link next to Filter and highlight specific threads/posts
4. Paste !WKOEehnYmc in to the box underneath pattern and tick the Hide box
5. Click Save, and then Save Settings

You now have a cancer free /hpg/ experience.
Second for HD800.
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Has anyone taken this cert and passed?

What study material did you use? I'm currently using the Sybex book but the book says you need to know a bunch of tools and vendor firewalls for the test yet there isn't a lot of training material online unless you're willing to drop thousands of dollars for a bootcamp.
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CompTIA certs are useless except for getting past the HR firewall. You won't get hired on them alone and everyone wants either the A+, Net+ or Sec+. Thank god I got those out of the way and only have one more test before getting my CCNA R&S.

I already work for military IT (which I got through CompTIA certs).

Just trying to move into an actual CSA position or IA.
CompTIA isn't valuable outside the gov bro, get a cert from Cisco, Microsoft, Redhat, etc...
Your experience is more helpful than whatever that certification is.

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Poor sheeple. Poor poor sheeple.
They just went from one jew to another.
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Am I right guys?
I see this shit all the time and yet no one has gave any real evidence as to how DDG is a botnet
do these people like to think that their "boycott" means anything to google

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I don't get the appeal of these bezel-less displays. How do you hold it without accidentally touching the side of the display with your palm? It looks cool though.
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>I don't get the appeal of these bezel-less displays
Increasing the limited screen space of a device that needs to remain small. Simple concept.
By not having fat greasy hands, that's easy.
>Sharp says that the Aquos S2 will have “slim bezels on three sides,” so we know it will either come with a “forehead” or “chin” bezel (it won’t look like the previously rumored Sharp devices seen above, sadly). Sharp also said that its ultimate goal is to produce a “100% bezel-less screen” but noted that there are still a few things standing in the way of achieving that, such as the placement of the front facing camera and fingerprint scanner.
sorry. we can't fit a front-facing camera or fingerprint scanner on our phone. enjoy your bezels :^)

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>middle-click link
>new tab with "javascript:void(0);" in the address bar comes up
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t. technology illiterate

get da fuck out
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fucking niggers.jpg
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>try to go back
>end up on previous website
>all navigation was being handled within the same page
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>middle click the middle of the page in Firefox by accident
>goes back 10 pages

Hey G,
just wondering if anyone could give me some quick advice, Theres an Alienware x51 for sale in my area for 800$

Do you think thats worth it? I know Alienware is a meme machine, but surely they are still decent. I currently have nothing, so just grabbing that sounds like a decent deal?

Thanks for any advice.
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I had a X51 R2 for a while, it was a decent little machine. Couldn't play the latest and greatest on high specs (750 Ti) but if you put stuff on low-med when you play games it's alright.
If you're not getting it for games then it's still a good computer for other stuff too.
Only thing is it can get hot because of dust building up quickly, so be sure to clean it often.
I wouldn't really buy it at $800 though, maybe $700 the lowest imo

Intel Core i7
8GB of RAM
GeForce GTX 660
1TB Hard Drive
>GTX 660
Fuck no. Kepler GPUs are trash, especially ones that weak.
Judging by the age of the GPU, the i7 is probably a 2700 or 3770. Not worth anywhere near $800.

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So I order this from staples


Instead I was only sent the joystick, now they are telling me that it is out of stock and the only way I can get what I ordered is to return the item and then pay for this.


They will not send me the throttle and only issue a return.

I am wrong in being pissed. and what should I do?
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sue the fuckers
tbbqh i did not know staples was still around
the slow, terminal but too-long decline of a once-useful entity. a terrible way to go.

are you even an adult? sort it out yourself

The one in my town put a "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" banner up on a Sunday morning and was empty by Saturday evening. I didn't even get to go in and rape them for anything good that may have been left.

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My brother and I want to build a virtual space to watch and share videos, music and images.

The catch is that we want to connect to it simultaneously and see and hear the exact same thing the other is seeing and listening without delays.

Is there any piece of hardware or preferably software that can help us achieve this?
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me on the left
We even tried shit like


But it has a few split seconds of delay.
install gentoo

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How wrong is this?
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It's very prone to dictionary attacks.

If you want a secure password that's easy to remember then use a long word at least 8 chars in length and then insert a unicode character after each letter. That way you'll have a password very resistant to dictionary and brute force attacks.

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over the shoulder attacks

I've noticed that very often pretty, eye catching software tends to be botnet, and that safe FOSS software is USUALLY ugly as shit
Why is that?
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>i'll make the logo!
Because they usually spend money on designers to make it look good, and so the best way to make money back is by selling your data
Programmers make the worst UI designers, so most FOSS stuff looks ugly as hell
competent designers aren't autistic enough to do it >for free

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Bought one of these and I hate it

How can I corrupt windows so I can get a refund?
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You can't just... return it?
Nah dawg, the jews and sheit.

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I have a 6700k I use for gaming should I upgrade to coffee lake or wait for cannon lake?
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6700k will be fine for games for a long while
Why would you ever upgrade? Autism

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I'm about to start an semester of SQL /g/ what should I expect?
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Probably just what you can learn in a weekend from a mentor.
They are probably going to include lots of dumb application problems to waste your time. You will probably also learn stuff you will never (need to) use.
I've never formally taken a course but it should probably be pretty easy d e s u.
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You'll get what you put into it. If you finish the semester without a good understanding of all the different types of 'JOINS', and without setting up at least one type of replication/clustering, you are cheating yourself - regardless of what the class material covers.

I really like building computers and using Linux OS. I want to major in CS
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that's irrelevant. do you know how to program? why aren't you doing it RIGHT NOW?
>CS is programming
Never fails to activate my almonds.
Cus it's summer and I'm lazy, y not u?

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fugg... I got malware on my computer, /g/.
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lmao kys cuck
tape that camera retard
Install gentoo

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