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Hooray I did a thing.
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>Thinking that useless cunt will do shit
Dumb bitch is worthless. All she cares about it keeping the gibs flowing into crook county
God damn what a faggot you are OP.
You are supposed to support our corporate friends instead of being a statist fascists.
Good for you.
This will be a party-line vote of course.
The FCC has no business trying to enforce competition in the broadband market, that should be the role of the FTC.

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With YouTube down it is now our time to make a /g/ alternative. The weebs made their own anime tracker after the last one closed.

What features should it have? What should we call it?
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>What should we call it?
>What features should it have?
Videos. No comments, no cancer, no bullshit. Just videos.

>inb4 I'll get started on the logo
I hope you're aware of the tremendous fucking cost a service like youtube generates.
>>>/gif/ already existis anon, it's basically it, great quality webms everywhere.

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/r/ ramlet version pls.
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ty my mang.
Anyone one have the brainlet one?

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Why does this keep happing to us AMDbros, we were supposed to be number 1, we were supposed to win but it all failed.....

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Why is Debian the best GNU/Linux distro out there?

>just werks
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>Old ass packages
I can get behind this.
Arch is good for home usage.

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Why is FreeBSD the best OS, /g/?
When will GNU cucks learn?
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>GNU cucks
>uses MATE which is a fork of GNOME 2 developed by GNU
>probably uses a shitton of other GNU dependecies as a consequence
>entire userspace consists of GNUshit
>GNU cucks

Well BSD is okay for servers or some very specific niche products. Why would you use it on a desktop though? Only to cuck yourself? No thank you. I'll rather stay productive

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>amdshills still in full force
>amd cores still vastly inferior to i7
Why doesn't AMD just stick to GPUs?
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Because not everyone needs gayman processors.
Page 10 thread.

>"...one of several ways this might work would be for pornographic sites to demand credit card details before providing any access, since in the UK consumers typically have to be over 18 to have a card of their own."

Am I being overly paranoid or does this sound like a way for GCHQ to harvest even more of people's data? Now normies without a VPN will have to declare to their credit card company exactly what porn theyre watching and when.
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Not paranoid, NSA is second only to GCHQ because UK doesn't really believe in civil liberties. Fucking brits think they still own the world.
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Stop watching porn.

it grew a dick

I messed up installing my CPU :( What should I do?
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it will still work if you put thermal paste on the hard drive
Nice stock image
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End yourself for this bait

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>buy gtx1080
>send it back for warranty because it started showing graphical artifacts after 6 months
>wait 2 months
>get reply from the store the warranty service takes longer than it should because of cryptominers buying all the gpus, but I can buy a new card from the store and they let the old card's price from new card's price
mfw during this 8 months every gpu price has risen by 150-180%
mfw i cannot even buy a gtx 1070 because it is out of stock
mfw i cannot buy any ayyymd gpu because it is out of stock

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The artifacts are just extra particle effects. Don't be a pussy.
lmao cucked.
Learned my lesson not to by from Nvida the hard way.
Your own fault op.

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Holy shit /g/ completely and UTTERLY blown the fuck out. It's time for you losers to step aside and let meritocracy take hold

>The researchers looked at approximately 3m pull requests submitted on GitHub, and found that code written by women was approved at a higher rate (78.6%) than code written by men (74.6%).
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look mom, i learned a new word from /pol/
There are more Man interested in coding so there are probably more guys that suck at it. But womens that code are:
1- Womens that really like coding a lot.
2- Womens that have studied how to code properly.
Too bad they're all requests to change gender pronouns.

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How would a computer case randomly shut off a computer?

After about two nights of trying to fix a desktop computer, we have replaced every part (even the motherboard and PSU) except for the case and hard drive, we even disconnected the power switches, lights and case usbs and still it will power down randomly.

It can be turned on straight away after it turns off.
the motherboard doesnt lose power, it just turns off.

Literally the only thing i can come up with is the case fan is doing it or a bent piece of metal is touching the motherboard.

Any advice is good.
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Yo, the power most likely. Get a UPS to stabilize it.
There is another semi powerful computer connected to the same powerboard that is fine. We've tried different IEC plugs, the power going into the computer should be fine.
I think he means this thing

What's /g/'s position on long term data storage?

I'm looking to archive some of my really old photos and videos onto some medium and keep it in a box for 10 years.

What would be the best method for this? Hard drives? SSDs?
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Don't use HDDs because with time the rotational velocidensity degrades and your images will go down in quality.

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Getting tired of google and samsung bloatware eating up half the ram on the device. Googled this but only get results about making it look like stock android ...
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Root and install CyanogenMod or Lineage. That's your only best bet.
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>First step: unlock bootloader
>Second step: flash custom recovery
>Third step: flash lineage os.zip from recovery
>Fourth step: flash gapps wanted from recovery
Is cyanogen 100% compatible ?
Are there benchmarks for performance from stock samsung to cyanogen x.xx?
Does it auto update?

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>My nextcloud server denies every uploading from my phone and computer while saying muh permission

It annoys me. Post your experience like this
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It works pretty well for me. Locally and outside the network. Speed it's shit thought. But I can blame it on the software since I'm using a T500 with the deafult HD.

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