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be a school
Buy a .edu domain and set up a mail server using it
Register for some online college bs they give you a edu but eventually take it away

My IDE is dumb. it wont work with even this most basic of task. What am i doing wrong /g/?
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>What am i doing wrong
using linux
figured it out. it was trying to reference itself because the filename was socket.py
I'd much rather kill myself 5 times than trying to dev in wintrash ever again

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Which one will be my next distro in the next 10 mins?
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Install Gentoo
fuck you I already did
Why are you changing, are you too stupid to use it? Install Windows then.


or dave lee youtuber site review

but can I play old games likes tony hawk 2 and project I.g.i?
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>number pad

>UK price is £799

Haha no.
>$600 acer lappy plays 2017 AAA games
>Intel HD 620

post sqt next time

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wew lad
>be poor
>no money for second display
>do nothing
>mom tells u to take out garbage
>nah im staying home
>mom gets pissed
>odecide to go
>find working iiyama in trash
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>find working iiyama in trash
Give it back, DeShawn

Give it back, Manjaro
if you weren't a retarded brony nigger you could very likely find free or near free monitors on craigslist.

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Will Mommy ever release this piece of shit?
I want to buy it now fuck shit!
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Sorry, already sold out forever for bitcoin mining.
I recommend getting a fire extinguisher beforehand
It mines about as well as a RX480 (efficiency wise) for almost twice the price
It's a side grade for miners at best

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I'm trying to bang out a script to select a pair of buttons on a webpage, but I'm a bit lost

I know I need the button id's, which are "Who_rules_A_or_B_01_0" and the
submit button: "XSubmitContainer", but outside of that, I'm at a total loss.

Do I need a script that triggers the items on the webpage directly, or can it be done from a browser console?

I've tried searching about this, but I can't seem to grasp what I need to do, and it's been frustrating me a fair amount.

Up until now, I've just been using an AHK script I frankenstein-ed that uses my cursor and screen coordinates to do it manually, but
its very slow, and it'd be nice for this run in the background so I can focus on other things

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Sorry about the image, I couldn't think of a relevant picture
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ah hell, this looks involved
guess it's time do download firefox and start doing another four hours of googling terms

thanks for the help

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>you need a computer with internet access to renew your driver's license
>you need a car to drive to the store to buy a computer
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Take a bus to the DMV and do it the old way then. Enjoy your entire day being consumed.
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> never owned a car
> have had more than a dozen computers in my life
Am I Superman then?
You need a license to buy a car? Do you have a computer in your work? Is the DMV so far away that you cant take a ride without a license without being stopped by a patrol?

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when ever you google software /g/ do you add "reddit" at the end of it to find a reptable source?

Like "youtube downloader reddit" on google. I know I can't be the only one who does it on /g/ haha
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Fuck off, retard

Yes I do. Especially when I want to know if a game can run on my "960M laptop".

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Thoughts on Deepin?
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Sounds too Indian.
chinese botnet

...which it's still better than american botnet so whatever
It's actually chinese

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Best 4chan viewer in tty? My inner terminal-only hipster needs one
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nice frog faggot
curl + vim

Currently, i need a windows machine.
What are some must have registry changes, unchecking checkboxes, unbloating stuff that everybody should do?
You dont leave it in default configuration, do you ?
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Ok i will start blogging here what i did
upgrade to windows 7
> run a few ps scripts from this repository:
>Ditched edge browser for something different
>installed ublock
>installed and run this:
>Disabled Pagefile, hiberfile, and tmpfile to get ~15GiB more space
>dichted taskmanager for process explorer
>Disabled prefetch in regisry
>Installed classic Shell and classic explorer

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>Intel kills it not to compete with Core i3

Well done, Intel. Well done...
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Shit bait
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

can a toolbar really fasten your inter net speed?
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Thoughts on Opera Neon?
Its Operas vision of the Future of Web Browsers.
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looks gimmicky
>Closed sourced
>Chink shit
Dropped harder than trump's approval ratings
this fucking screenshot lol


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