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So a while ago I asked in a thread if it's possible to get an old beige computer case and shove new components into it. This is because I can't find any new beige cases that will work for me.

I happened to find a 5150 computer with an AT keybard included for 90 dollars, shipping to me is 60 dollars.


Would it be "sacrilege" to put my components inside this (mini ITX, nvidia 960, SSD and HDD since the 5150 is already a parts machine?

Is the cost worth it?
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it's stupid and dumb
Get a beige ATX case you mongrel, there are loads just headed for the dump.
also this
Cooling in old cases is probably very poor for todays components

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What is the best Web Browser and why is it Internet Explorer?
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because logo is cute
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Korean here, can confirm

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>install Windows 10 on a laptop
>keep Windows 7 sticker
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A thread died for this. Saging for this /b/-tier stupid shit
How's middle school?
Heath Ledger was and always will be better

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With net neutrality under attack, and the advertisement lobbyists gaining more power in federal government, how long until the LAN party makes a come back? Should I go ahead and invest in a gaming laptop?
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you should create a group called false dilemmas and scare tactics for political purposes PAC

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This is your reminder /g/ that net neutrality will result in censorship, the federal government can't be trusted to enforce it fairly.
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Yes. Net neutrality, a free internet that is already in effect but is now being endangered, and (((Net Neutrality))) are two different things.
In what ways?
(((Net Neutrality))) is a push for more unnecessary regulation that will be used to act against free speech in the future. ISPs are so shitty today, because the government prevents competition. Not all ISPs can run their lines through places without the local government giving the green light, which for smaller companies this barrier is virtually impossible to overcome without already having money.
So you shouldn't support government regulation that is made to "fix" problems the government made themselves.

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Do you go to liquidation sales? What gems have you gotten from them?

There's going to be one in my town this weekend, and I'm wondering if I can really get a Shitbook Pro for 99 bucks like they advertise.
Regardless, window shopping places like this is always a great past time for me.
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Not anymore. People in my area are retarded and dont understand the fact that shit depreciates in value over the course of two decades.
They cant grasp the concept that the 4:3 monitor with 3" bezels is a piece of shit and isnt worth the price of a new 1080p thin bezel monitor,
or the fact that their shitty 90s shitbox car that is covered in rust and has frame rot the the point that it wont even pass inspection is somehow not worth $2,000 MORE THAN the kbb "fair" value.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a fucking joke!!!
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How does M3-7Y30 compare in real usage scenarios to m 5Y10c?

Like if I like some features of cube i7 5Y10c (namely lte + slightly longer battery life) will be there any fps increase or lower power consumption while playing hardcore russian planes simulators on cube mix plus M3-7Y30?

/CSG/ is actually clueless about stuff they buy.
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Not even twice!
Have you considered that it's entirely possible to have 2 devices especially if you don't live in a basement?
some of us still go to university retard

> muh text editor is lagging
Well folks, let me introduce you the top-tier tech of 2017 that will get everyone hyped up.

Ladies and gentlemen: https://hyper.is/

Let even your fucking terminal to eat 500Mb of RAM.
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lmao another electron shit taking up as much RAM as Chromium epic
>the web is the future

The best thing is that normies don't even have enough RAM for this shit. Remember that 4/8 GB is the standard now and shitty "desktop" applications like Spotify easily use hundreds of MBs of RAM.
>RAM usage decides snappiness

You stupid retarded meme parroting idiot. RAM is there to be used, so it can cache frequently used data and improve responsiveness, idiot. It's the CPU utilization which decides on the snappiness.
Since you're a utter moron you're going to accuse me of defending that piece of shit terminal emulator, because your reading comprehension is on level of a 1st grader.

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By what factor is a keyspace reduced by using a pre defined amount of ascii character types vs filtering input data directly through tr?

Is it negligible?

pseudo-code examples (assuming each group of 4 bytes are filtered from a well stretched KDF):

$(4 uppercase | 4 lowercase | 4 ascii (non-alphanumeric) | 4 digits) -> shuffle chars using fixed binary seed

$(1000 byte binary input) -> filter non ascii bytes -> trim to 16 bytes
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A 16 byte keyspace is a 16 byte keyspace, regardless of how you enter it

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Your turn /g/...
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champion of the spreadsheet program?
must be some dumb shit like vba olympics
or worse, formula olympics
Being first at retard olympics still makes you a retard.

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Just got an acer chromebook from my college, tell me how to remove admin permission on this potato
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Please, return it, sir.
live cd
Install Gentoo

What are some good chrome OS emulators? Pic unrelated
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Install Gentoo
why do you need to emulate chromeOS?
I know the image is unrelated but fun fact; the frog pictured is a Budgett's frog and they scream like Satan if annoyed enough

exhibit A

This is where the "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" meme originates. The sound is similar.
Also, here are two bonus videos for reading my shitty post.

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what the FUCK is this guys problem??


was it autism?
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A HTCPCP/1.0 return code was implemented as HTTP/1.0 return code. That is a HTTP protocol violation.
The ticket is valid. What is *your* problem with the it?
not OP, but problem might be that it's there in the first place
The issue reporter is one of the few rational people in that thread. 418 isn't real, and the authors of the RFC were careful to make sure they were talking about HTCPCP instead of HTTP for exactly this reason.

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What are the best options I have on free VPNs, even for a short amount of time ?
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try these:
>free VPN
>good VPN
pick one and one only. If something's free you're the product being sold.

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