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Copy/Paste this on Google:
site:drive.google.com "type keyword or file extension here"

What did you find today?
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>Implying any of us use Google Drive for them to include our files in their search results
Nice try
Just got a free $10 Amazon gift card. Thanks OP!

a portal to hell

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I'm probably going to install OSX Snow Leopard on a Thinkpad T60 tomorrow.
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I also am a fellow homosexual
fuck off until tomorrow then, and spare us your shit blogpost.

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>posting the wacky adventures of the inventor of loonix that he totally wasnt sponsored to do
here a (you) to you too my friends
Haha Linus is such a wacky guy, I watch his videos everyday they are really good, don't forget to like comment and subscribe while you are over there, plus there's the % best community forums ever which you should really join haha.
Also make sure you use Tunnel Bear and Audible!

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Why do you still bother coming to /g/ only to waste the rest of your sad, miserable lives away on this shithole of a board?
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Why do you?
wtf now I want to kms

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Stop reposting the exact same photos every single thread Edition
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need organizing advice. too many sketchbooks.

where do you keep your items?!
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Getting my TV today so when I get that set up I'm going to reorganize some shit and I will have a new one to share

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if vlc is so bad then why does everyone use it?
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FCA is pretty shit but you still see 200s everywhere
Baby duck syndrome
Because it got a lot of traction back in XP when Windows media player couldn't handle all the dodgy xvid rips people threw at it.

Don't forget to install k-lite codec pack ;)

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Yeah, women are ridiculous.
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>please connect me to your wifi so I can squeeze this pack you can also squeeze by hand
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>Kuvée: The internet-enabled smart wine bottle

If aluminium is a good electricity conductor why aluminium pc/laptop cases exist
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the patrick meme suits you
Lol I know. They even put fucking silicon in the chips, which is an insulant lol how the fuck is the electricity for the CPU supposed to move in there?!

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GNU/Linux will never be used commonly as a desktop OS until a major software company creates their own distribution and invests good money in professional developers and software maintainers to finally give a good alternative to this clusterfuck we have today
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Soooo Red Hat it is, then?
Desktop is a dead market to target. The only thing needed are workstations to create apps for mobile and web applications.
Hasn't that happened several times already tho

Which one should i get i need it so i can change out kv's on my xbox and i know that dosent really need special hardware but i would also like to be able to play gta5 at medium settings posting the other laptop below
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Here is the other
How much is the first one? It is much better than the second.
About 700
I just wasnt sure i dont really know anything about computers

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Is it worth getting the security + Cert from pic related?

Currently working in IT for broadcast station in Germany but looking into switching to Cyber Sec and to get some more money in the 80-100k a year range.
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CompTIA certs are almost always worth getting if you have time to study
Can you tell me what exactly makes them so valuable?
Lets say Person A Vs B

Person A knows he has the skills
Person B can prove it

Person A gets lucky and goes to the interview and can talk about it
Person B goes to the interview and can talk about

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Using Unity and AdMob or Android Studio and AdMob.
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Use a gun @ right location.


Use it in a bank
take an image of your asshole
sell it
get a gun
shoot yourself in the side of the head
you are now rich beyond your wildest dreams
>buy a kilo brick of coke
>cut it up
>sell it at the local nightclub

is Core i3-6100u enough for HTPC (4K streaming and files) ?
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No, it doesn't support HEVC & VP9 10-bit hardware decoding

You need Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake, those have HEVC & VP9 10-bit hardware decoding
6th gen has HEVC decoding
Anyone know what is appropriate for a Plex server?

Should I get a kaby lake NUC for Plex since encoder?

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NextGen Actionscript?

Other? Post pls.
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Been using typescript, I actually really like it
it's built on javascript and it still feels like javascript, just augmented to meet real world needs
There is literally nothing wrong with ES7

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Windows absolutely BTFO by GNU.
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More Like


I really think it weakens their argument when they, presumably, make a reasoned argument about an issue they care deeply about and then top it off with spiteful name calling. It makes me think that maybe there is an ulterior motive to their rants.
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Somewhere out there, Stallman is having a giggle.

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