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Hello, I want to start an anonymous chat room for my highschool. I know some python and c#. What path shoul I take?
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Open an IRC channel you dumb cunt.
Simple chat implementation using websockets in C# and a bit of JavaScript:

Write it in assembly or you're gay

What a meme
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What a thread
ich habe zwei turk in mein gurk
Ik wil mijn fiets terug, mof.

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>it already looks old and it hasn't even come out yet

How can Apple keep getting away with it?
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It's simple Google tRiCKed themselves into thinking they were a hardware company.
In reality they're a poor software company at the best of times.

i don't suppose anyone else here uses a gaming laptop instead of a typical pc and would have suggestions for something thats durable?

i liked my msi apache but the screen started having discolouration issues a few months after i got it so i'm a bit suspicious of them now
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How much time do you spend looking at your smartphone?
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Idk I look at it sometimes.
Computer - Average 12 hours
Smartphone- Average 1 hour
Computer: 11 hours
Smartphone: never owned one.

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>x = [ y for y in range((2131 << 8) // 270) ][-3]
>Apple STILL doesn't have a fucking dock solution

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Guys, I'm a nerd like you guys. I have a chemical engineering degree. How do I become one of those people who can actually program real world stuff that is cool? Is "just doing it" the only way, with a lot of using Google?

I think programming opens up tonnes of possibilities but I am a lazy and procrastinating person. Is all that Algorithms class / Operating systems class stuff really necessary in the real world? I'd rather not waste my time. I know stuff like loops and booleans. I've a gone through some of SICP and it hasn't given huge insights. It seems like every single real world famous programmer had no degree, while every single famous CS academic didn't do CS, they did maths.
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if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you

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ive been making a build with very old parts ,basically got 2 dead pcs to combine them into a functional one.i put the system together but it wont display anything on the screen,its just completely black,all fans (including the psu and gpu) are spinning however but it just wont beep or display anything.what would be the faulty part most likely? i thought that it was the psu underpowering the system since it seems to be working ,i changed the original 520 one with a 400 and even tho it doesnt beep like on other systems it still has the same issue. whats probably the root of the problem?

gigabyte gt630
8g dr3 ram
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Hey /g/, I stumbled into this random OS.
It seems to be a big virtual machine that lets you compartmentalise anything and run any software.
Is this as good as it sounds or is this a meme?
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It's the latest and greatest according to code artisans, so it's probably shit.

Hey /g/, I'm into computer work and programming and was thinking of expanding my horizons, but I was also curious about building a workstation on the cheap, and was wondering how you would see if a specific case would fit a specific workstation motherboard, something thats dual socket more than likely, the motherboards look quite a bit wider than anything I've put in a desktop build, and whether or not a couple of Xeons would require anything more than a heatsink I'm not 100% on because most of those I see online (at least pictured) are fanless.

The case I was most curious about is the one with the Dell T5600 Precision as its one of the few that I find more aesthetically pleasing, but I assume the case has a specific part number, and how would i know what kind of motherboard would fit inside of it?
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Jesusfuck, OP. Those sentences killed Kenny. Invest some time in learning how to English.

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Is this, dare I say, Our Niggerâ„¢?
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Is this, dare I say, promotion of your youtube channel?
Running windows. Hardly our nigger.

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I want to wipe every nvidia file from my pc that my 1050ti has installed, can someone help me? I've looked it up and cant figure it out.
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Press the big button on the case and go outside and enjoy the weather. Pick up some girls. Go enjoy life.
Says the guy on 4chan
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DDU. Literally on the first page. Also

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>dont mind me, just steali- err, copying this BSD-licenced code into my proprietary program
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It gets me off watching you take my work. Do it again so I can really get off

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Did you ever cried (with real tears) because you could not find a bug after hours of debugging ?
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no im not retarded sorry
I haven't cried since I was a child even though sometimes I feel like I should.

I'm 50/50 on the fence wether its a true masculine trait or the current pop-theory about social conditioning is correct. The closest I got to it is kinda sniffly with a tiny bit of tears but it felt very alien and I quickly got it underwraps.

I think the only emotion I have is anger, happiness and neutrality. So no, I didn't cry at bugs but I get pretty fucking angry at them
no, i quit before that happens.

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How botnet is VIA these days?
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i still have P4 system running on their chipset.
Dunno what happened its like they disappeared from the face of the planet.
Pretty botnet.

They're a Chinese puppet company.
You can find VIA in some Asian markets, but mostly China. Lenovo was selling newish VIA desktops for a while over there.
One of the things VIA has been doing is implementing an encryption instruction set created by the Chinese government that they use for state secrets. Thats pretty much the only reason why they exist.
>Chinese puppet company
>encryption work
that pretty much explains why they went off the grid.
thanks anon

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