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What is Eclipse such a slow piece of shit?
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A statement
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/g/, what is the difference between the terms "developer" and "engineer"?

Everyone seems to have a differing opinion. What skills does one have that the other doesn't?
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The title.

That's it.
Software developers use C. Software engineers use Java.
You call yourself an engineer when you're talking to hoes.

Say THREE (3) good things about this product
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I can't
>a real tablet
>with a real OS
>nice screen
This is the laptop not the surface book, this is the one that's just a laptop

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What do you use to fix your computers?

These just came today!
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A wench
Whatever tools I can find. I don't have matching tool sets or cases to hold them all. Sometimes I use my teeth.
That's a nice looking set.

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The Equifax jews just blamed the giant breach on vendor software flaw


Notice how they start with "my understanding..." they don't even have solid proofs about anything but want to blame open source anyway.

>Apache's response

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Equifax got BTFO :^)
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The bug was almost a decade old. Equifax are scum to blame Apache!
why in the fuck would a deli place also sell tacos and burritos

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ive been a firefox user my entire life, but ive fucking had it
ff has shitted me for the last time

this weekend and dl'd ungoogled chromium and ive managed to install:

https everywhere
self-destructing cookies (or w/e the chrome equiv was called)

>am i missing anything else?

also, how can i permanently get the youtube homepage to go back to the old way? the new one sucks balls and since cookies get deleted after close, it automatically restarts in the new version ffs
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firefox is pure shit and now literally gay too
it basically got worse over the years instead of better
it was great in the days of internet explorer but no idea why people would use it now
>ive been a firefox user my entire life
GTFO, kid, it's past your bed time.
am actaully going to bed rn desu
had a l8 night and work was brutal 2day so im gonna get some sleep

lmk if im missing any extensions tho pz nerd

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When will this shit finally die out?
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That's like song when nuts and bolts well die off. Never
>haha I can't even make a CRUD app in fucking python or JS but I'm gonna read a lot about theory and be the eternal sophist I've been on all hobbyist boards on 4chan for the last 5 years where I pretended to know shit and flamed everyone who actually did something and right know I've read enough flamewars against C++ to pretend I'm actually savvy and flame it as well cause haha "memory leaks" and "stdlib" and "templates" (whatever are they??) are bad! hahaha my life is pathetic
As long as the gaming industry is still alive.

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From a company you trust (Google)

Is there even a reason to use another browser, besides being edgy or a unique snowflake?
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>From a company you trust (Google)
Can't disable webrtc, not as private as other browsers (will collect data about you and sell to advertisers), not as customizable as other browsers. Chrome might look better in benchmarks but in real world usage performance is negligible.
>being edgy or a unique snowflake

This is pretty much the only reason one wouldn't use it.


What did Apple do to piss him/her/xer off?
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>likely leaked as marketing to drum up attention for tomorrow's release
I wish someone would leak what it actually looks like so I don't have to keep seeing these meme mockups
Actual leaks are extremely rare. 99% of the time when the press talks about a "leak" it's nothing more than marketing. At this point it's very routine.

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Forth is love forth is life
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What a lovely couple
w-why is she tied up?
>japanese rope bondage
>high-rise building with window
You are one crazy slut, Amargarikunikochantsumeipai.

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Lets see those insides.

I just picked up one of those EVGA powerlink things since it was only $10. It looks kinda dorky but definitely helps with cable management. Not sure If I'll keep it or not
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They were free. Unfortunately I didn't get it at that time and still owned a 1070. I think my setup is fine except I still don't have LED RAM.
LEDs in action. It doesn't glow that much as it seems on the pictures. Fans run at 600 - 800 RPM, completely silent idle, noticeable under load. Its hotter but the 1070 was louder.
>except I still don't have LED RAM

I feel like this rgb everything fad is going to die out quickly and stuff like that is going to look really tacky and stupid

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/g/uys, I just build my new computer. What distro should I put on it?
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CloverOS reeeeee
Windows ME

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I found this on Google Earth and never seen anything like it.
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/pol fag its just some fucking planes
dude have you ever been to a museum before?
those are clearly display airplanes

you can literally click on the building on google images and itll tell you what it is

Plasma isn't all that bad. Haven't had any issues after I upgraded my PC.
>No tearing
>No stuttering
>Smooth animations
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>using expensive waste-of-money gaymer GPU
>"lol it's not slow, see?"
Anon, I...
if you're not gonna game you should be using cheapass shit like an intel card lmao

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Good thread
Needs more replies
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18.4 Inch Vaio AW.jpg
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I can see why people like old Sony VAIO stuff

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