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Anyone use KDE?
Here's what I found after 1 week on arch:

every time you change wallpaper the entire session crashes and restarts

have to hit "Log out" / "Reboot" multiple times to actually take effect from start menu

Various steam games will randomly break Kwin and have no boarders.

Various steam games open on wrong monitor with graphical glitches

Various steam games black screen and crash the whole system.

When using the QT filepicker fix for Firefox on KDE, i sometimes have to hit Browse > upload multiple times for it to actually select the picture....

cant resize steam window (random?)

alt+tab behavior is laggy and not immediate. need to hold button?

multi-monitor behavior is shitty. the display settings dialogue is glitchy and Cloning/Unify is generally buggy and broken.

certain applications open in fullscreen/maximized?

Chromium has proper File picker - but asks to be 'Default browser' every single time, no matter what.

large majority of applications / windows open with improper / awkward sizes.
example: settings windows opening way too small and look awkward until you resize
browse windows opening too small and hiding important details until you resize, etc

chromium file picker glitchy / positions of pictures glitch out when hovering over them
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How do I start learning C?
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Just read K&R

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I have saved a certain bookmark in firefox that returns a faulty connection.
A correct url would be: www.blabla.com/fixed-variable
Faulty bookmark: www.blabla.com/fixed-

This faulty bookmark has the keyword "book" so whenever i type book in firefox it will return the bookmark.

But what i really want to do is concatenate "book variable" so it will return the correct place i want to go. Exactly like saving the search engine but this website doesnt have one.

When i try this right now it just searches book variable in duckduckgo. Any idea how i could go and do this?
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No help for cuck sjw?

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Are there any USB 3 gamepads out there? Even better if it's Type-C.

It's basically the last peripheral in my life that still uses a MicroUSB 2.0 connector and I'm fucking done with it.
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Are you that Reddit fag who switched to type c and complained about no one else using type c despite its "superiority"
I'm not, but if you're >implying that /g/ has some sort of MicroUSB defense force, we're going to have a problem.

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The powerful windows has fall let linux rise
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Has CloudFlare fucked something up? I'm getting 504s, massive lag and general brokenness on 4chan, HN and other stuff behind their CDN.
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Their status page says everything is OK everywhere, but it took me three tries just to post this fucking image.
Run a tracert fgt.
If I was even vaguely good at debugging networks I wouldn't bother to make a thread about this shit. I'm just asking if anyone else has this issue.

It seems to have cleared up though, so feel free to let this thread die.

I'm tired of switching between Vivaldi and Chrome even when I use and like some of their features.
For some reason Vivaldi behaves really slow on me on some sites but it's speed dial and sidebar are godsend and on the other hand Chrome is lightning fast.

Which of these two is the best or the most /g/ approved?
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I personally like Iridium.
Can't speak for the rest of /g/.
Icecat, i guess. Chromium has privacy issues and i doubt Iridium made it 100% clean.
why not use qutebrowser?
If anyone wants to complain about Iridium not being v59 yet, taken from website:

> The next planned release will be based on Chromium 60.0. Version 59 had no crucial security related fixes as such. Therefore we’ve decided to skip this version and instead assure that we deliver version 60.0 in timely manner in August.

But feature-wise it's exactly Chromium. I really miss some intelligent solution for speed dial in both chromium or firefox. Anyone knows some good extension for that?

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ITT: We post our laptops

(Bonus points if they are decorated)
(Bonus Bonus points if they are sticker-bombed)
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Hey folks, I have 750$ and in dire need of a computer for arch linux. What computers do you recommend? Im looking at the Lenovo E31-80 13.3"(photo related).
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Bump out of interest.
go to the Thinkpad general thread,
Otherwise I can only recommend a t, p, w, and certain x series laptops.

E series laptops are shit.
Dont buy any consumer trash. Save a little more and buy:
Thinkpad T, X, P (formerly W)
HP EliteBook
Dell Latitude
Apple Macbook Pro*

*You will not receive as powerful a computer as other options, but (1) chicks will dig it and (2) it is still going to outlast most consumer trash very well.

In all cases definitely replace OS with and free *NIX.

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/g/ -

Does anyone know if there is a higher res of the original slide here? I pulled this as a screenshot off of the TechPowerUp article.

I see at least 3 times that logos were copied elsewhere, then possibly scaled slightly to make them appear to be different companies, thus increasing the perceived size of the group of partners. I'd like a higher res version if possible so I can look further, but not sure if one exists. Or, if someone else wants to dig through and try to find more duplicates that would also be cool.

Not sure what they were trying to say here, they already tried to argue they have better vendor support than AMD, but they didn't give AMD anything at all, so why needlessly inflate their "cloud" of vendor logos further?

Was this deliberate or was it just a design oversight?
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Looks to be similar res.


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I just use mpv. It works with all files, on all platforms, and always gets frame pacing etc perfect.

Anyone switched from two displays to one 21:9? Is it bearable? I love idea of its multimedia capabilities, but i'm not quite sure if it will work as replacement for two displays.

I could get 32" fhd display for a price of 29" 2560x1080 wide one, but that would probably be overkill.
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ITT: good web design

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>all that white space

5/10 bait made me reply

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>XD retard why bother getting rid of botnet X if there is also botnet Y

Why does everyone reason like this nowadays?
If there's 2 mosquitoes in your bedroom you thus have to kill 2. If there's 3 kill 3. It's really not that complicated
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hey all

I was trying to wait for Ryzen APUs for my next laptop, but my current laptop is completely dead.

Requirements in order of necessity:

1: Under $500
2: BSD & Linux support out-of-the-box
3: ultraportable/long battery life

I was thinking of the HP elitebook folio with core M5-6y54, or a last-gen macbook air, but I've heard good things about the thinkpad X-series and I'd love to have libreboot instead.

But, I'm not going to just use linux. I'd like to run Openbsd/freeBSD and minix as well.

TY gents
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There are some decent Thinkpads that go for like $200 on ebay and newegg. Most of them come with Win10 these days but that won't be a problem if you're just going to scrap it.

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