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"Don't be evil" - Google
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"Do the (((right))) thing" - Alphabet
Well this is it.
Are you ready to update to the pile of shit everyone's complaining about?

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How would you make this buggy heap of shit "better"?
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Version 2.2.0 works just fine
Works fine for me
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Works on my apparatus. Try a phone that's not from /csg/

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I have very little knowledge on tech, but the whole goolag scare and privacy breaches are making me seek alternatives. How good is picrelated as a browser?
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Shit. Use Gnu/Icecat or Waterfox (Firefox without Soros spyware)
It's fine if you don't care about adnauseum.
And even then it's easily bypassed.
So, is Palemoon shit due to Soros spyware, or are Gnu/Icecat and Waterfox better due to other reasons?

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Give me some linux distros that can run off a live usb that are under 500 mb
Example: puppy linux, slax, porteus
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Alpine Linux
Doesn't look very user friendly and also it's security oriented and looks for normal use instead of just being a portable os
try puppy, slax, porteus.

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webOS was truly ahead of its time.

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too bad it was useless hipster shit with no software in every other regard
WebOS was fucking awesome. It's a shame it didn't win.
gonna need some info here. Just what the fuck is this.. line.. supposed to be and how is apple copying this?

is Firefox still much slower / less responsive than Chromium? I want to move away from Google, but not at the cost of speed.
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ungoogled chromium
try vivaldi
It's a myth. Please continue using Firefox.

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How does one get good at 3d modeling?
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You don't. Kys cuck

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>Write python program in Linux
>python3 "Filename.py"
>takes 0.9 seconds to run
>do the same in windows
>takes 1.7 seconds
The only reason I still use windows is due to bad support for multiple screens with different resolutions on Linux.
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that's the problem
>The only reason I still use windows is due to bad support for multiple screens with different resolutions on Linux.
I do not really have a clue but I also have 3 monitors and one of them has a really low resolution (for terminals and shit yo)
Does linux really not support different resolutions at once? I bet my ass this is bullshit but if that is true then I am fucked. After win7 I really need to switch.
One panel is 4k and the other is 1080p. If I enable hidpi mode then most things scale fine on the 4k panel but are oversized on the 1080p one.

What's a good Thinkpad for school?
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i got myself a x220 two years ago for uni and it's worked like a charm
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i really want to go for a T440s

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I want to go from 8gb ram to 16 gb ram. I now have 2 Corsair Vengeance BLUE 1866Mhz total of 8GB. Which one should I buy to go nicely with these? I can't find the exact same ones so I'm looking for alternatives. What I could do aswell is sell these and buy new ones 14 gb in total.
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just get whatever rated for 1866MHz. And for the love of god fix the clocks, every kit runs 9-9-9-24 without issues.

Will that run better?
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not really, but it's how every kit is supposed to be running out of the box (motherboards screw those timings along with the frequency for some reason)

Speccy thread, I have multiply pcs edition. I have 5 how many do you have? Pic 1 / 5
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pic 2 / 5
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2017-08-29 (3).png
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>tfw i fell for the 16GiB meme

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What technology would he use /g/?
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He warned us about Google/ Goolag and other SV cancer.
Some sort of libreboot laptop with a hardened FSF approved distro. Encrypted everything.
google netbook plus google account


lol autistic millenial in deep needs.

he was into the NWO game. he wrote what was going to happen to the gullible goy.

now, useless brasinless bag of shit, login to github and follow and star systemd repository

beta males like you did it

so do it now

gullible goy

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Since google went full retard and changed youtube to material design, I clicked on option to bring back old youtube style. It ask for reason, so I wrote, "What a hell are you doing? Material Design only look good on mobile. Please relay this message to the dev team. /g/ is outraged over this. You don't want get /g/ angry." I hit submit button but it is disabled. I had to pick "My reason isn't listed" to get button to submit my reason. Fuckers.
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Nobody gives a shit, Google has been ruining YouTube ever since they bought it and nothing is going to change.
>Material Design only look good on mobile
Youtube desktop hits are probably below 5% at this point. Under 20% for desktop and laptops. That's the real underlying problem here.
>/g/ is outraged over this. You don't want get /g/ angry.
eternal september doesnt start for 2 more days

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redox running.jpg
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What does /g/ think of Redox OS, the new operating system being written in Rust?

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it's a ruse
Will this replace Linux?
>icons look like fucking iOS icons

There is a big inflation & housing problem in Silicon Valley. So is homeownership just another Jewish trick?
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buy low sell high, be the jew
There's going to be a big everything bubble in the consumer market.
Women and minorities are the largest spenders for unnecessary goods.
Women and minorities are being shoved into quota programs and (((manufactured))) social appeasement policies for jobs they're not qualified for. Jobs which open them up to more "disposable" income. Income which will be spent back on the corporate overlords. Supply is controllable. Demand raises prices.

And tech jobs will continue to explode as tech advances necessitate a shift in labor.
Another housing memeket boom is just a new beginning.

>herp derp /pol/ get out reeeeeeeee
OP asked a question, OP got an answer, I said nothing negative about people.
>women, minorities and jews are the reason housing prices in the valley is sky high
Don't listen to this retard

It's high in the Bay area because of supply and demand, just like housing prices on Manhattan is among the highest in the world. It's expected when you have a bunch of high-earning tech people buying up the houses from natives and essentially pushing them out.

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