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what does that last part mean?
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Windows is unsafe
you're in the danger zone OP

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Do normies know what an IC is? Is not then why?
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I don't think normies know what it is. Because people learn what they think they should learn.
Do you know what an IC is? Is not then why?

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On today's episode of "Bringing Loonix to feature parity with Window$":

How can I get XFCE's Thunar to display ID3 or other metadata in sortable columns, preferably specific to a given folder and its subfolders? You know, the way Explorer has done since before 50% of /g/ was born?

>inb4 le epic 'did u know linux isn't windows' meme
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no worries, I know it's not out of the box Thunar but it's real easy to install if you have a package manager.

see, by default thunar is just a filesystem browser, it needs those features like reading ID3 tags and specific filetype metadata thrown into the mix by a friendly dev :-D
>inb4 le epic 'did u know linux isn't windows' meme
I was just about to ask you that. Why should any Linux distro be like Windows? That would attract all the normalshits and the devs would cater to them and turn Linux into an unusable mess like they did Windows.

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Alright /g/, down to my last DVD-R. Dubs decide what will I do to it.
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throw like a frisby as far as you can
Create Windows 7 install disc and include a folder for Daz Loader also.
put it in a blender and drink it


Are you ready to have your connection MitMed by your ISP? Where did everything go so wrong?
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Alternatively set up a VPN and tell AT&T to fuck themselves.
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>land of the free
Then in a few years when other ISPs adopt this same policy we can talk about the better times when you didn't need a VPN.

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This guy has nothing to do with free software but you should still use free software
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>fire software
>Stop using windows
>I went after him in self-defence xDDDD

Why don't you believe in home automation?
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diy fgts

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>buy a w520
>get the bluescreen of death a few months later
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I swear there's a handful of macbook/apple shills who post a barrage of anti-windows/Thinkpad bullshit every few days as if it's actually going to do anything on this board. I wouldn't be surprised if they were getting paid to shitpost.

I guess I'm lucky enough that I'm not highly insecure about my purchases and have a fairly basic level of tech knowledge I can apply to fix my devices on the very slim occasion something goes wrong.
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Just get a Mac. It's the only reasonable option.

Im having a yard sale saturday and have over 200 ps2 games and 4 playstation 2's for sale

How much should i sell a game for?
3 for 5 dollars? do you think people will go with this deal?

How much should i sell one playstation 2 for?
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You'd probably be better off selling them on craigslist
Most of those games look absolutely terrible.
Older sports games excluding NFL 2k5 have absolutely no resaleability,

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Roku has an always on microphone and records your voices for their execs to jerk off to

Unfortunately all the best screens are paired with Smart TV features. Companies literally won't take the risk of whatever their "latest and greatest" is not selling because normies can figure out how a Chromecast works.

>Paypal BTFO
>Amazon BTFO
>Apple BTFO
>Google BTFO

Now that Musk has retaken ownership of X.com, what do you think the future holds for the internet and humanity in general? How will Musk put X.com to use?
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A man can dream.
Cryptocurrency. Duh. X COINS
what the frig is x.com

Tentatively titled Ami:

A community involvement app that promotes locals getting involved with each other, by effortlessly connecting like-minded users together by using a variety of features. Facebook helps stay in touch with contacts, this will help initially establishing them.

Separate apps based on the following features exist, but there's yet to be an app that consolidates them:

Hangout: A central feature that'd be used broadly from users wanting to play local sports, to finding a church buddy, to college kids needing a study-buddy, to romantic singles, to people searching for a new friend, to musicians needing to connect, amongst others. This will occur from separate users selecting specific categories that'd connect each other.

Local user-driven economy: Users can make real currency by setting up their own services, to something as simple as sharing something and charging for it - perhaps video games, books & movies, to yard equipment, to temporary rooms, etc. Requesting service for free will be used by anybody wanting specific help in something - from car issues to yard-care, etc.

Groups: Creating groups will allow users to stay connected with like minded people, allowing users to engage in larger scale hangouts, or engaging in discussion through chatting and questions. Joining groups can be done openly or invite-only.

Events: A feature that will display local events for any particular desired category, allowing users to find local activities to connect with. These will be created & broadcasted by groups, local services, and individual users. Adding a bulk of events to your calendar & sharing events with fellow users will be amongst the main draw.

Tipping: A real life currency tipping system will be available for users sending money to each other - perhaps for a paid service in the aforementioned economy feature, to donating to a start up charity, to tipping artists, people offering help, and anyone in between.
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I'll start with the logo
You're literally just making a really shitty version of meetup.com
Do you have a few million for marketing?

Why is the option to play YouTube videos in 2k gone from my galaxy s7? Has anyone else had this problem? I used to watch 2k videos all time and now it just shows 1080p. Wtf.
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fuck off, pajeet
Well... what quality is the video?
Poorfag is mad

OP try clearing your app cache and rebooting your phone.

>3TB external storage for $70USD
Hot da-
Anybody can actually vouch for this? I'd like to have it my animes and bring to work without getting the laptop out but my history with seagate has always been me refunding busted hard drives.
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I've had a bad history with Seagate. I'm still mourning some of those files...
>desktop class disk
>in a enclosure with zero ventilation
I bought one about 4 months ago and it starting having audible ticking inside. Its a 4TB though. Im already looking for alt ext drives.

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Technology always have a way to backfire. You'd have the authorities being stretched to handle hundreds if not thousands of these generated callouts every hour, to the point where the police would just be handing out the tool to all to disable these notifications so they don't have to deal with it anymore, 99% of them being false flags.

/g/ is fucking stupid when it comes to fear-mongering.
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Almost like it is a joke or something. Maybe an exaggeration.
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>Left the room
>Hear a ding
>Come back and i see this

switching over to wine
but look at all those things that benefit you and definitely not microsoft

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