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What the fuck is this shit? I don't fucking WANT to see content in my fucking messenger app, I just want to message my friends. What's fucking next, are they going to put ads directly in our conversations? Why are Americans so complacent to let this shit continue to happen?
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they already put ads in the conversations
>set plan
>buy tickets
by downloading such (((social))) shit you agree to a greater israel:

your fault, goy
I think you're in the wrong board.
This is for tech enthusiasts.

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Can we talk about the cancer that is gamers in the GPU market?


>Miners should die, they're inflating the price of cards for my SICK RIG

Are people literally so retarded now that they don't realize that GPUs are used for a ton of things besides gaming? I use four 1080s for AI research, apparently I'm cancer because my legitimate use of computational resources is stopping 12 year olds from playing Battlefield 7 on insane settings. In reality they're the cancer - people who want to use computers for things that are actually beneficial to society have to pay an extra £100 for RGB shit and bloated software """features""" in the driver that don't belong there.
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but gamers didnt ruin the market the miners did.
Miners are the ones purchasing GPUs in bulk for cryptomining though. That's not to say that gamers can't be miners, but not all miners are gamers.
>caring this much about what other people think

Here's your (you), grow a pair.

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I have a B.S in math but want to learn more about CS. Is this a good book to start with?
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What exactly are you interested in?

Eh why not I guess. Should be easy enough coming from a math background.
kode with karly kloss. google up kkk for short

More theory of CS

Currently working through pic related too.

Is an FX processor still worth it?
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Ryzen 3 is launching in less than a week, so no.

not at all, the only worth is the fx 8xxx

As an upgrade from a FX 4xxx, bought used and on a good deal.

only if you have a fetish for libreboot compatible hardware, they weren't good cpus when they were released outside of niche tasks

if it's cheap to free though why not

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This, friends, is why you do not use a shop air compressor to "clean out" your laptop.
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Fan was probably older than sin.
Looks pretty clean to me, you can even see right through it.
>be a retard
>get retards pay

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Moved to US, wtf are you using instead of pppoe or gpon?
Internet via coaxial? Modem? Are you serious?
I have 150mbps plan, so that modem is able to hold that speed?
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It's all fiber but the last mile or so is coaxial..

docsis 3.1 will be able to do 1gig download but only like 50mbit upload
So it is better then 10T coaxial ethernet, right?
I have this model right here

/g/ents, I know about the sticky and whatnot but I'm desperate. Windows 10 crashed and I shrugged it off and booted into GNU/Linux, now both OS' are having kernel panics. Even Live ones
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i love all the information you provided about your issue to make up for the fact that you are posting this in the wrong place after acknowledging that you are posting this in the wrong place
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
Your computer fucked m8

Why do you faggots worship this shit? How is it better than other laptops?
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its not, its a part of the /g/ culture
don't come back until you use it.
as someone who has fallen for the thinkpad meme fairly recently after using a number of other laptops including MBP/r:

they feel solid (unlike fucking macbook hinges), have a nice keyboard for a laptop, are easily repairable and upgradeable.

thinkpads are not perfect though, I miss the gestures I had with my macbooks touchpad and the retina display, but this is an acceptable price to pay for a laptop that won't start breaking in half after a year

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What distro's do you anons recommend? I'm a bit of a linux newfag, just wanted to get some recommendations on what good entry-level distro's are. I don't want something COMPLETELY newfaggish. I prioritize privacy if that helps. Should I just use one easy to setup given that it's a VM?
Sorry if I should've just referred to the sticky, but I thought your guys different input would've aided more
>pic unrelated
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Well, intermediate level while still friendly is Devuan. Of course, you can must know how some non-free stuff are not enabled by default due to security, just like you ask.
if it's in a vm, it truly doesn't matter what you use
also, distro doesn't actually matter beyond certain conveniences anyway

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It's out
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I use Deluge
Fuck off with your blog post while you're at it go publish it to your Indian software blog/site, Kumar

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Do you think Steve Jobs would allow this monstrosity?
jobs would cut them off at 5 desu
the half glass half metal approach is unclean
and the current design reeks of compromised design
camera bumps, plastic antenna lines, jobs would've ripped off jony's head if he saw this
>CNC machined shell
Fucking hell that must cost a lot.
There's a reason CNC machining is hardly used in consumer products.

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Two things:
we have that thread every day
read meta thread
thank you.
congrats. You and the normies agree
Get lost, frogposter.

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So Reddit just had an AMA with the Engineering Team for Android O https://www.reddit.com/r/androiddev/comments/6nuq0a/were_on_the_engineering_team_for_android_o_ask_us/?st=j5bk8xwn&sh=0d259081

Why doesn't /g/ get really big names in tech to do AMAs here?
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Because modern 4chan is a shithole that mongoloids from Le_Donald think is their pilgrimage site.
We have a questions and answers board, why don't we use it properly?
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Couldn't get the xmp profile to load on my new mobo. So settling for current freq and timings for now.Just built this yesterday.
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Still waiting on a gtx 1080.
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>inb4 furfag
how fucking disgusting you shitty vlc user

Did I win the Silicon lottery with this?
Also is Ryzen any good? Been thinking about building another computer.
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AMD is fine for a budget build, but if you want the best performance, Intel is obviously still where it's at.
Yeah the benchmarks shows Intel on top as far as performance with Gaming, I don't really do too many multi-threaded workloads, but I was thinking about starting a wow server which would benefit from multiple cores. Also I was interested in upgrading some servers I have.
Lol my 4790k hits 4.8 at 1.35

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