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Our goal is simply:
To see the stars,
To see if we can,
To see if we can get away with it

We are going to be the first team to launch a frog in to the stratosphere and bring him back.

We will livestream the process with onboard cameras.

There are many questions on everyone's mind: Will we see the curve? What if we hit the dome? Will our brave froggo live?

All will be made clear as we reach for the cosmos.

We have many resources on 4chan that we can pool from. Like-minded people who can help us do the impossible. We have the numbers, we have the intelligence, we have the combined knowledge to make this happen. We will achieve the impossible.

Discord: EfH7jPj

So far...
>3D models of weather balloon payload have been made.
>/comfy/ness for froggo being discussed.
>Raspberry Pi Debian OS being used for controlling livestream of balloon flight.
>Logo and patch designs being made.

More details and realtime list of what YOU can do to help can be found in the discord.

4chsp: Leaping in to the space age
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this is good joke
very funny
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not a joke
we are working on it.
>logo and patch designs being made

can't be missed

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Post legitimately good reasons why you don't run Microsoft Edge as your default web browser
Linux-fags/Freetards and macOS faggots needn't apply nor post since you can't run it through wine...
I'll wait
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Piss poor performance and web rendering plus shitty handling of web "standards"

t.Windows user
Also there would be no point in posting if you run windows in a vm since linux handles the browsing really well. Just thought I would add that though I really needn't.
pushing for css grid is brilliant
keeping edge updates gated behind os ones isn't

that's the biggest problem with edge right now

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And if they can do this, then they can also make a robot that cooks at home, and maybe even give massages and then some.

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>sexbots banned
>get asian "massage" bot that's actually for sex
just like real humans
We're about to enter a golden age boys. I cant wait for all the tears from people who were demanding $15/hour minimum wage when they get fired. Chances are they'll be able to pay off the cost of one flippy from the money saved from one less employee in under a year
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>Demands to get paid $15-$25 an hour to flip burgers and now completely obsolete
Nothing of value was lost

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Dead operating system that there is zero reason to use.

Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows Vista

Operating system good for legacy shit, and oldish hardware.

Windows 7
Windows XP
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What's so wrong with 8.1?
>faster than XP and 7 on older HW
Just use Windows 10 by that point.
It's faster than 10, also. They have gradually been adding more and more garbage to 10 at such a rate that you practically have to buy more powerful hardware every year. I say "practically" but it's just not practical.

Why are they getting rid of this? It's so comfy.
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so i take it crap is comfy for you?

your room must smell like shit
Rude! This is a lot comfier than GNOME
Red Hat won. Ubuntu bent over

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I'm planning on buying a Nintendo 3DS. Apparently they come with an SD card slot. Is there any way to put game image files onto that SD card and load those on the 3DS so that I don't have to buy games?

I'm used to stealing games that cost more than $5 on steam so I don't want to pay $30+ for new games.
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Yes, the 3DS has the ability to be modded to play pirated games
>plan on buying
Nice try, Jamal
i have a 3DS with homebrew and have the entire game library for SNES, NES, GBC, GBA, GENESIS and some converted dos games like duke nukem and doom. You need a 3DS with a certain firmware and a 128gb sd card.
Absolutely. This website will answer all your questions: https://3ds.guide/

It's basically a step-by-step guide on hacking apart your 3DS so you have full control over it. Then you can just download games from the internet and play them.

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*First phase (Launching with people connecting feature, start of success):

The app would solely begin by allowing like-minded users connecting with each other in real time, based on various categories of interest, by sending invite-notifications to each other. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids seeking a study buddy, musicians connecting, singles looking to date, to general hangouts. Facebook is brilliant at staying in touch with established contacts, this will be brilliant in establishing those contacts.

*Second phase (Expanding into other features with a larger team & budget):

We'll then begin rolling out more ambitious tools and features that will turn the app into a community assistance tool, that will help users engage and stay connected with local communities,, rather than just individual people. A local service & user driven economy, local community challenges, uploaded user content, broadcasted local events, local activity feed, and creating groups will be amongst the more ambitious features.

For this Second phase, Facebook, and other apps and sites have similar features, though Instagram proves success can come from a company existing with Facebook rather than compete, and focuses and excels at its existing ideas in at way that hasn't been tried before.

*Third Phase (Considerably larger budget brought out by continued success):

The ultimate goal is for the app to serve as an entirely customizable life assistant tool, where users will be given the tools to entirely modify the app to have a specialized focus on seemingly any need to maximize its user base - from individual athletes, musicians, gamers etc to services, groups, organizations etc. Personalized modification can be achieved by picking a range of pre-set mods created by us, to customizing the app be oneself, to searching and downloading them from the app's own in-house mod center.
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It's an app that'll help people establish connections, and will eventually develop into something far more grand in phases, similar to Google starting with a search bar, then expanded into something far more ambitious.

So, I have coders on board ready to code the first phase of an idea for app I have - the company will revolve around it, similar to Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Then we'll branch off into other industries, similar to Google after their success.

For a more detailed ultimate-vision of this, click here:

Connecting strangers together based off mutual interests, connecting you to your community, and a single app that can be customized to suit any particular need is a trifecta of ideas that have never successfully been implemented yet. If we succeed in each stage, there will be no reason why this won't be an incredibly popular app that'd be a cultural force on the likes of Snapchat and Instagam.

[email protected] if interested
Gay. The biggest problem with applications like this is that they're essentially ghost towns until you reach a minimum user count. Your first downloader will open the app, see that it's empty, close it, and never open it again. Your second user will do the same, as will the third.

Without a core functionality, you're not going to be able to establish a user base.
Right. And inn the Second Phase there's features for just that - BUT it'd be too expensive to include, at launch

Catch 22

>Use KingoRoot to root phone
>It bricks it, can't get past boot screen
>boot into recovery and wipe everything
>still fucked
>99% of the sites that have the stock rom are in spanish
>you need to sign up to download this rom ;)
>sign up
>you need to be VIP to download this rom ;)
>visit another site
>you need to like us on Facebook or +1 us on twitter to download this rom ;)
>create dummy twitter and give them their stupid +1
>ok, download stock rom + QFIL to try flashing it back
>Qualcom usb drivers installed fine but PC never fucking recognizes it
>try installing these shit drivers in a VM + a different computer
>Same shit, fuck
>use alternative SP Flash Tool
>this tool requires a scatter file which my stock rom doesnt have and i cant get because my shit is bricked so this was completely pointless
>losing hope
>decide to use TWRP as my boot recovery, since my stock recovery didnt support adb interface
>need android sdk to use adb to push files to my phone
>download 2GB android SDK just so I can get the google usb driver
>try installing stock rom from TWRP now
>doesnt work
>look up custom roms for my BLU Life One
>none exist
>fuck it
>download custom rom for a completely different phone
>failed to flash
>try about 20 different custom roms
>failed, failed, failed
>then, somehow, 20 hours later, one of them FUCKING WORKED.
>now have lineage OS working on my BLU Life One 4G LTE X010Q phone

sorry I just had to /rant/ about how I spent nearly the entire day on this stupid phone. you can ignore the thread now, thanks for reading.
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>be an idiot, destroy your phone
>unga bunga phone sucks

Really makes you think
haha nice blog where can I subscribble to it? thanks :D
> Buy shit chinkphones
> Complain
where are the subsribs i want more

Is that a good Java comment?
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short, descriptive and variables are explained.
It is fine.
Why do you ask?
you think he said 'playlist' too many times?

I'm doing YouTube playlist manager that will use youtube-dl and work on Wangblows/Lincuck/Applel Mac OS and I'm starting to get a little bit lost in my code and I don't know if my comments are readable for other humans.

You think so? Well that code resolves around playlists so its hard for me to avoid but I will keep that in mind.

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>Made by Jon von Tetzchner and his team in Norway.
>He was the only one to call out Google on their bullshit
>not even Mozzarella ever said anything negative about Google because they're afraid to lose that search money

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>proprietary freeware
Also, it's incredibly stupid that you would be swayed by the political opinion of a software developer on irrelevant topics, regardless of what opinion that is

Also, sage
good sliding there, Chaim
It's the least shit browser I guess.

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Is it really true that GNOME don't support window tiling? I was researching because I thought I have to switch to it in the future when Unity is dead.

How is it possible?! Even baby OS like Chrome OS has window tiling.

Also why the fuck they just removed the tray, why not move it to that shitty top bar they have? Or does it take all the attention away from that shitty ass clock?

Is Gnome some sort of masochist OS used by people who like to be controlled, abused and spit on?!
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Was that so hard? Next time search before you ask.
> ShellTile by emasab

lol, why would I trust some random nigger make it? at worst, it should be developed by GNOME itself if they don't want to be the default. obviously, they are not scared of bloat looking at all the nigger animations they have on by default.
Gnome extensions are not vetted, so the bad actors could steal your home directory.

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Speedtest thread.

Let's see who has the best and worst connection (Australia)
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it seems theyve increased d/l by 10, and reduced u/l by 5-7. wtf time warner (now spectrum)


What do I win?
It's okay

Why use anything other than Python?
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because its more fun to code in javascript than python.
well if you code JS the right way then yeah
thats the thing though, even when I was learning javascript years back I always felt good about it because I could do anything and not be restricted.

now a days with promises and all the other ES6/7 features its even better, and I know for a fact that it will work everywhere without having to jump through fucking hoops like "is my distro shipping the old python?" or "damn this package is 404'ing when trying to install, now I need to copy it from another server over to this one and hope it doesn't explode"... fuck python honestly.

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>there are people on this board who doesn't triple stack
>Laughing whores.jpg
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fuck off
damn that's a good webm
what cartoon show is it from
are those pony appliances electrically insulated?

analog enthusiast here.

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What's the endgame of technology?
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slow release for maximum milkage
It's an extension of the materialistic worldview.

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