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Why does Windows 10 use 100% of one core whenever I go idle for ~5 minutes?

It's the ``System'' process but I cannot figure out what it's doing. It stops as soon as I move the mouse and goes back to no usage.

Windows Defender is disabled, and the behavior continues if I disable Windows Search. What are some other go-when-you're-idle services?
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probably indexing files or looking for things that it can sell to advertisers or selling your file index to advertisers
well I found I can look at all its threads so maybe if I let it idle one more time I can see what it is better.

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What's /v/ opinion on the roomba?
Does it deliver what it promises so I stop sweeping?
Is it considered an investment (because i'd save time) or a waste or money (bacause it uses too much electricity or takes too long to sweep a simgle room)?
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Who are you and where is your custodian?
I work at a competing company. iRobot deserves credit for being the first ones to commercialize this type of product. Now they've gotten too big and they move to slow. The company I work is a tenth the size, but we're out-innovating them. Many other small companies are doing the same. I predict they're going to slowly decline and lose more and more market share as time goes on.

I'm interested to learn how to fix computers. I bought a toshiba satellite today to tear apart and learn. My question is, I have heard of other people calling up schools and offering to get rid of their e-waste (effectively netting them a large amount of same model laptops). How easy is this to do? What specifically would you offer to these places?
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If you can't haggle deals already, a post on /g/ isn't going to give you those skills
That's exactly what I'm asking though. I have read from people who act like by taking e-waste for free, you're doing a service for them and they would jump at the opportunity. Is this true, are they more than willing? Or, like you said, is it more of a cold call?
Sounds like a stupid idea, especially when you want to involve the local government into your scheme.

At best you could just become a pariah in your community, at worse you could be breaking a few laws and get fined/go to jail.

Why is this the best browser and what add ons should be used(if any)?

Have you tried Icepussy? Do you like the feel/useability of Icepussy?
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Current addonz:

>Disable webRTC
>Https everywhere



I don't like the legacy terms or whatever. That kind of rustles my jimmies. Should I use add ons at all?
>best browser
it's just firefox with another logo
Umatrix is amazing.

It takes a while to get used too. (By default it's activated on every site and blocks almost all third-party scripts, thus some normie websites don't work at all).

I only discovered recently that you can actually save temporary rules for sites and only allow specific scripts/CSS from specific domains/sites to run - nifty feature.

I'd also recommend these cosmetic addons:
Tree style tabs - TREE. STYLE. TABS.
StylRRR - Users defined CSS styles on sites (Stylish but without bloat/botnet)

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I finally feel like I found my distro and can finally stop distrohopping every 2 days. Does /g/ like Solus too?
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Kevin the shill is not welcome here!
what is the logo supposed to be though?
a dog benis

>inb4 use google you faggot
>inb4 you have ass-hair level specs

pic related are the specs

all i want to know is if it will run at least a bit smoothly when i play it

nothing too complicated
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yes should run atleast 120 fps max setting
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>Those CPU temps

also no.

If you are so great with technology, then why haven't you invented anything to help people?
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a heatsink and a fan powered by batteries
neat, just slap it on the babys forehead and he'll be cooler than a 25w athlon
The technology that will save this baby's life is called "life sentence for inconsiderate cunts who leave their kids in the car when it's 110 degrees outside"
I'm good with technology because I despise people, so I seldom waste time dealing with them.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
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I like your guys work... Big fan of our Fore fathers
I just want to be a little safer in a dangerous world ... Freedom of speech should never be suppressed heard of this place but if i post here i want to know, to more
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ok people do read this , super new ... I got alot of dumb questions probably ... but i need some info ...
First of all how safe is this site and my PC for being here. I heard some things about this place ... but i figure if i have good intentions i should be ok .... is my PC safe here ... and or how can i make my PC a bit more safe. for starts.... whether its here, pornhub, Redvex... or starbuck... I want to make sure I can lock my shit up more..

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any downsides with using a cloud service like google drive or microsoft onedrive?

looks like a convenient way to quickly transfer files between devices without using a cable or usb stick

really just need it for books and documents which i might start reading on my pc and want to finish reading on my phone, literally no other purpose for me

is there a better way to do this?
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>any downsides with using a cloud service like google drive or microsoft onedrive?

just assume that everything thing you put in there will be scanned, and saved. forever.
encrypt it, but you could host your own cloud too tbqh.
If it's only for file transfer you can use Send Anywhere or Pushbullet instead, but if you still want to use Google Drive or Onedrive then go ahead.

However if you want to actually upload files and let them there I think you should at least encrypt them with VeraCrypt or something similar, do as you please.

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>HDD starts acting real spotty
>one folder that hadn't been backed up, it fails
>HDD stops responding at all
>remove it to check it out
>whenever I tip the drive, I can hear the platter(s) physically squeaking around inside
how fucked am I /g/?
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If the platters are squeaking the you're thoroughly fucked
Bearing failed read write heads touching the platters. Press f to pay respects.

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>protip you can't
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stop clogging the catalog with your shitty attention whore distro threads

Checkmate and /thread
Logo is not circular
S is off center
3d effect is dated and belongs back in 2006

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look at this shit.png
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this shit happened.


microsoft hires too many indians, i swear.
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Type L before the strings, or set the project to multibyte characters
Nobody's fault that you don't know how to write c++
Oh, of course! How could I have not known that LPCTSTR means long pointer to const wchar string?

Hi /g/, just wanted to share my history and ask for advice.

>Be me, have a black leather LG G4 that's 1 year and 5 months old.
>Running perfect, I have taken amazing pics with the thing
>stops working the first days of March
>Get LG service number, they ask me for some pics of the device and then they pay for DHL shipping for me to send it to they HQ so an specialist can see it.
>I'm 99% sure its the boot loop issue.
>2 weeks later they call me, tell me the device has been fixed, apparently they replaced the entire mobo
>free of charge but I'm not so happy that they decided to fix it without consulting me first
>They tell me they will send it back to me after one week because DHL was on vacation due to religious holiday
>nothing happened
>not mad because I'm actually neck deep at job
>another week passes
>on the third week I decide to call them
>Yeah sorry, we don't have any info of your device ATM
>keep calling for 2 weeks
>Same shit
>Forget about the entire thing because of work
>It's mid May
>Call them extremely upset, demand my phone back ASAP
>They still don't know where the phone is
>keep calling them daily that week
>Next Monday I called them and gave them 48 hours to resolve my situation
>Forget about it again because of work
>Friday of that week they call me, tell me they have a tracking number and tell me my phone is already in my city
>Call DHL
>that package was sent back one week ago because nobody claimed it
>I'm fucking furious at this point
>Open DHL's website to see the history of the package
>Shit was sent at the end of fucking April
>Call LG again, against my nature towards people that work answering calls, I call the girl a cunt and call their entire team as incompetent faggots, tell them I'm going with the federal consumer protection.
>ok bye
>Consumer protection gives you a response in about one month so don't really want to do it
>keep calling them the next week protesting for my phone
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>LG Costumer service sucks
why the fuck would you buy cosplay supplies at LG anyway
you should have just done what i did and given the g4 to family before it bootlooped
>brother calls me up last week and says it started
>laugh my ass off cause he has no job and now no phone.

>"We will try to solve this in the next 72 hours
>again, work keeps me busy for the next week, tired, I decided to give them a last chance
>It was today, the said the same shit again, they don't know where my phone is and they promised me to solved it within 48 hours...

WTF now

I kinda liked LG but this costumer support is BEYOND bad

I hate the Apple tax on their products but at least they give a fuck about their costumers...

Ok /g/ today I got a free T510 1st thing I did was replacing bloated m$ botnet 10 with picrelated bloated botnet
What to do next
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Put on stockings and post boipucci
>falling for the v pro botnet meme
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>stock pape
prepare to be mocked and ridiculed by the elitist neckbeard weeb freetards who post in pic related threads all day

I was at work today doing some home repairs inside some house and someone was using the Amazon Echo and holy fuck this thing sucks. It doesnt do fucking shit and everyone knows what you're searching for.

>"Alexaaaaaaaaaaa what is ........"

do you really believe voice search is the future ?
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>Me: Alexa, is OP a faggot?
>Alexa: Most certainly

Worth the price if you ask me.
I really only want one for music control while cooking/cleaning/organizing so I don't have to stop what i'm doing, wash my hands, etc.

They will probably have a nice sale on it for prime day next week
your phone should be waterproof unless you're living in the stone age so just wash your phone with soap if it gets a little dirty dude

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