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who else is ready to make the switch when Firefox 57 hits?
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fucking kys shill
As shit as WebExtensions are, at least they're still extensions. You can't customize Brave worth dick.
I'm already using FF57.

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Why the fuck ever use Windows?
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nb4 video games
Some software I use isn't available on Linux / Doesnt work with wine
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>easy to use
>easy to setup
>gets work done

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Is it obsolete?
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About as obsolete as you.
php is shit

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just switch your user agent to an old version of firefox (I've set mine to FF33) and hey presto! the old layout is back
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Hooktube you dumbass. Don't give Evil Google and Evil Youtube views.
Here is futher proof if you don't believe me
Youtube is now so minimalistic in its design that when it has finished loading it still doesn't feel like it has finished loading.

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Best thing to ever happen to youtube
Been using it for months.

Before that I just used a dark theme extension for Youtube.
I wish all the big sites had dark backgrounds
white melts eyes

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It just needs to be able to run games at decent fps and has a dedicated graphics card.
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macbook pro 2015 with retina display
Nothing for 1000 has a dedicated card, and if it does then it's ultra shit. Enjoy buying a """"gaming""""" laptop with integrated graphics.

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I have to admit, I am pretty disappointed with VEGA, I was expecting alot more out of AMD. Looks like im going team green this time. 1080TI here I come.

What happened?
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Mining happened
funny you say that

i just bought the entire stock of 800 vega 64s from a local dealership for my mining operation

blockchain compute has never been more profitable mate

800K in euros is something i will earn back in less than 3 months
Don't worry, even AMD gave up on RTG/Radeon. AMD+Nvidia is the patrician choice.

KDE Plasma is by far the BEST Desktop Enviorment on Gnu/Linux

Name a flaw.
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Does it have thumbnail view when you upload a pic from a browser?
It's only going to work well for a year or two until they decide to declare it obsolete and start from scratch again. And from that point, it will be another 2 or 3 years until it works well again.

Also your screenshot is very ugly. What's the deal with the big black square? This is the screenshot you choose to brag about? Step up your aesthetics game nigger.
You're a cool guy.
Only on opensuse.

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Privacy = Epic Privacy Browser, Brave
Security = Comodo Browser
Light= Midori, Polarity
Features/Productivity= Ghost Browser
Chrome-like decent browsers = iridium
Privacy Nightmare = chrome
Compromised = firefox, palemoon

Is my browser worldview correct?
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Shouldn't privacy nightmare and compromised be combined?
Pale Moon is garbage now.
Yandex is Russian.

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>Bitching about the new youtube layout
>Doesn't use the dark theme
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brain damage.jpg
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>not just using a dark custom css
it's like you're retarded or something
>those Toblerone tabs
Unless you live in a basement, daytime browsing of Youtube with the dark theme enabled is shit

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Why don't we take him seriously again? The man just engineered a television.
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Because their "engineering" usually involves butchering shit with inappropriate power tools or half assed designs. As an example the latest cooler mod and the "tv window" video, where they could have easily improved the aesthetics tenfold by hiding the cables inside the wall.
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He did say he was going to hide them though you fucking retard, he was just showing what he was planning

Of course you're advertising his channel, but I'll bite just because I'm a pedant who doesn't like him much, but who DOES have some respect for him.

> engineered a television

You mean he spec something out.

I can't stand to watch him. He stands on the shoulders of creators and movers who he never seems to credit unless he thinks it'll sound sexy. His comedic timing is forced, and his topics are not inspiring. He's not attractive, in fact, he has a pretty sad fucking phenotype. His voice is whiny and grating, his skin is thin and splotchy. His acumen for engineering anything is absolutely absent...BUT he does pay enough attention to current tech and spends enough time reading forums that he can put together some above average ideas about what consumers in certain niches want, the latter of which could be said for a lot of /g/ denizens if they had skin thick enough to chase a following long enough that someone would listen to them.

Putting yourself out there and inviting criticism the likes of which /g/ likes to hand out is hard. Most people do not have skin thick enough to shut out the haters and do something they enjoy, but Linus does.

That's his talent.

I'm skeptical that the OP (probably him or someone close to him) thinks that posting shit on /g/ is still good for his ratings is laughable at this point, he has enough subscribers that he's moved on to the next level of fame-dom and doesn't need the daily exposure here any longer, but the fact that it still occurs indicates the immaturity of him and his staff. Constant exposure, negative or otherwise, is key to success in the world of personalities, good for them for realizing that, but its probably time to elevate their company...that and I'm tired of grovelling in my depression on /g/ (isn't everyone here?) and seeing this guy's unfortunate face all the time.

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New rms appreciation thread.
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The free software community would be better if it weren't led by Stallman and the shitty GNU operating system.

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Would this be a good course to follow if I want to get into programming?
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>84 hours individual project work without guidance
You could do this for free on your own time.
I really really hope you didn't pay more than the cost of the textbook for this "course".
>I really really hope you didn't pay more than the cost of the textbook for this "course".
Y-yeah about that...
This is a college level course?
How much are you paying for this?

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This thread is for the discussion of vapes, share your builds, any good juices you've had recently or just ask for advice

My build - Smok Alien with baby-t8 0.15ohm coil and apple juice
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stale old iStick Pico @ 33.3W (yes this is autism)
stale old geekvape avocado 22mm V1 (broke the tank twice) that holds like hell, great stuff
0.33 Ohm single coil, cotton wick

15/85 with Capella Strawberry V2, ~2,5mg nicotine, made 5,7L of it in february, maybe 3-3,5L remaining
My current daily driver:
VGOD Black Pro R2 RDTA
VGOD Black/Aluminum Pro Mech Mod

Does anyone know of a good strawberry cream flavor? Something like Milkman with Strawberries?
I thought this thread was a meme. Goodbye /g/ its been fun.

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Yes, next question.
No it isn't

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