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best free IDE?
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for JS, nodejs, php
Visual Studio

What happened to technology being beige/gray?
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it turned yellow in a few years
turns yellow over time and plastic generally looks like shit. what's wrong with glorious space-grey aluminium?

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Thoughts on Idris?
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Anyone else that isn't a meme master children?
It looks really neat but I'm too dumb to use it and there have been plenty of technically superior dialects of variants of haskell that have fallen flat on their face in the past already, including some with dependent typing.

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New retro thread.

Cassette Edition

Old Thread:
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Agfa Fe1 cassette.jpg
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Agfa C60 Type I.jpg
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What's your opinion on the beauty/functionality of this site?
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Try http://otherb.com for maximum fuctionality.
>I love hamburger menus so much you don't even know

How the fuck do I add data in my table in DB browser wtf
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>new record
also that looks disgusting
but seeing you are a mac user I shouldn't be surprised
actually this is a good bait thread
please help me or i will kill somebody

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Hey /g/ I'm a newfag and want to get good with the cyber. I started by trying to read some math and CS theory but felt its not enough and I'm gaining any practical knowledge (although I'll continue with it simultaneously).

For a more structured learning I've been looking through online courses and can't seem to find the best one. Would you all recommend cybrary.it?

This thread can be a tech/cs course discussion thread.
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Don't get into CS.
Why? I've always been more of a philosophy/ideas kind of person but I want to learn this stuff as well, I'm young and have a lot of time so why not?

Just because I'm an absolute retard right now doesn't mean I will be after I put some time into this stuff. I've just been looking for a good jumping off point and while the math and theory is good I want practical knowledge as well

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What version of KeePass and extensions are you running?

I'm moving my passwords over from :LastPass to KeePass 2.
Will be adding KeeOtp plugin for two-factor authentication.
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KeePass 2, no extensions. I just open it up, copy password to clipboard and into password field.
I think it werks well enough.
Keepass2. 1 is depreciated.
>storing all your passwords in one place on your computer
Not today, NSA

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Do any of you guys know it and use it? Sounds really interesting.
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It's basically Reddit, but much worse. Reddit makes you want everyone to agree with you imply tobe seen; Steemit takes it a step further and incentivizes you with money to have an agreeable opinion. No one on the front page posts out of how they feel--only to make their post gain the most money. Combine that with giving people money when they upcote things that other people upcote in the future, and you've got the most perfect echo chamber possible.
But you can get payed to be a memelord.
Couldn't still be useful as a platform to avoid censorship and reward the content creators? After all the monetary incentive to post normie trash exists in YouTube as well (dumb videos get more views, and therefore more money) but you can't be demonetized or flagged for bullshit there, as far as I know. Also big G doesn't get anything from you and can't put any ads in your content.

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massive tits.jpg
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Why are women so dominant in the tech industry?

Many modern video game companies hire only women, tech journalism is dominated by women, there has been a resurgence of female coders, the second biggest CPU manufacturer has a female CEO etc.
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Yea this is why the "T" needs to be dropped from STEM.
It's 50% of the humanity, what is so surprising that multiple 1/2 choose as the same result?
but they're not dominant
they're just placed in positions with more visibility to signal virtue or draw in the horny spergs

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Enjoy your botnet.
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this meme is deprecated. use the new one lol
Fucking mongoloids
> poettering added [not-a-bug] [cant-fix] [not-our-bug] [troll] labels
>poettering closed this

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>taking pictures with your phone
Nokia 8 looks good. The other two look sharpened to me. no photographer wants photos like that.

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Fuck you fag
you miss something
Rubæ is the best language

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Want something similar to this with the possibility to install Linux distros like Lakka.

Anyone who knows?

Wanted to try make my own with raspberry pi zeros but no one is creating guides.
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be the guide then
For what?
Just get the screen and controller and then install lakka.
Your biggest hurdle is the power supply and the case, in which you'd need a 3D printer.
This guy made guides, and also made his own PCB board to attach to the pi 0, you can order it
his site

his youtube channel

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>fresh install windows 7
>slowly start to notice shit like this appearing more and more
i've searched online for about an hour or so now, but with no luck. the fuck is this, and how do i fix it
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ive ran sfc /Scannow and nothing came up
Install Gentoo
nah. if i need to install anything other than w7, it'll be arch

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