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I really need to get my frustrations out and this seems like the perfect place.

I'm a uni dropout and landed my first programming job. I at least have some knowledge of OOP and design patterns. The more I learn about coding, the shittier I think I am at coding. However my Co-worker who graduated "top of his class" believes he is a programming God and doesnt want any advice from anyone. I just refactored his code to change a 60 line function into 8 lines, it's as if he's hard coding everything. I'm trying to help him, but he's stubborn as hell, I wish I had a co-worker who's more experienced/better than I am so I can learn something. Here's some signs you are a shitty programmer

>It's not your code, it's the compiler.
>You re-use code by copy and pasting it
>You don't comment (I'm also pretty guilty of this one)
>You don't close any readers/writers
>You store values inside a Gui's label instead of a variable.
>You think you are a good programmer.

Feel free to add some more.
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>"it's like he hard codes everything"
>he doesn't know that lookup tables are faster for complicated computations

you really are a shit programmer.
>you are not wearing cute socks (○>īš<○)
umm i didn't give u permission to use my squiggly face

How come we still have these terms?

I feel like they haven't been relevant for almost 10 years.
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are you proposing that we remove words from existence?
Lots of analogue media is still put into those formats
Once the last CRT, VHS tape and A/V cable dies, then you can stop using those terms

what should i do!
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pour some water to it to cool it down
whoa, you so smart
# echo 255 > /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/pwm1

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>his tech is black
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>he uses apple products
>his Rebecca is Black
my tech is whiter than an antifa member being driven to the inner city late for his protest by his suburban mommy.
>tfw your tech will never be mom tier good.

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Got this free from the Amazon price mistake yesterday. Any ideas on what to do with this little Obama spying device?
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Nothing? It's a novelty item.
I use mine to control the lights and tell me the time when I wake up in the middle of the night without having to open my eyes.
shove it up your ass. let it hear your inner self.

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Will Apple sue my ass for using a Hackintosh? I just want to publish an app to the store.
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No; it's actually legal and they dont care (if they cared they could ban you from app store/itunes etc AT MOST)
this was actually a major concern for me a few years back when I had to publish a Cordova app. ended up not taking any risks and buying a crappy mac mini, which is still used only to compile and publish updates to that one cordova app...
someone give this goy a medal.

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I think someone has a cell phone jammer and is fucking with me, it's a rare day that I can make a call at home without having it eventually make a sound like you would hear from a fax machine and cut out. There's no problem when i'm out and about, it only happens at the house. It's very aggravating and having it happen when I'm taking a important call really sucks. Is there any way to protect against this?
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call a bunch of hams, they'll gladly triangulate the fucker down for free because they have nothing else to do
Aluminum foil
Probably the stingray has a lose antenna from cops driving like nutters

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Any good style scripts for browsing and posting? I've been using OneeChan but it's dead.

What does /g/ use to rice 4chan?
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umm oneechan isn't dead
It's abandoned though. Hasn't been updated in 9 months.
I want a kawaii script that centers posts and limits them so I don't have to move my eyes reading posts on my 27" monitor

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People here don't seem to like solus (insert "go away [some name] meme) but 3 was released a few days ago.

Anyone using?
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I'm using Solus as my daily driver for 3 months now and i can say that it received many improvements with the new update
It uses the newest kernel (4.12.7) now and Budgie changed the most
But it's not the Qt update for Budgie which is planned for the future. It still runs on gtk and looks better than ever before
I highly recommend to try it out in a vm or on a liveUSB
I don't know about the improvements of the Gnome and Mate edition

>insert "go away [some name]" meme
Those kind of posters actually never tried out Solus and just want to keep alive their dead meme
I've been using both Arch and Manjaro for the past 5 years. Tell me why I should give Solus a try. I don't care about DE.
k e v i n

Does anyone here/has anyone used Salix? Thoughts? I'm presently on Debian stable. I really like how Salix is a great, easy introduction to Slackware and with no systemd. Am considering moving over but still like Debian a lot.
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never used Salix but I'll bump for you OP and hope somebody gives some decent input
actually now that I think about have you ever considered using Devuan? It's literally Debian without systemd
Can't speak to Salix, never used it. But it's based on Slackware, and I've used Slackware for years. It's the ultimate keep-it-simple, no-bullshit distro. Sticks to the Unix philosophy. Its stable, reliable and well-supported. It is not flashy, does not follow trends. It expects you to know or learn the basics about Linux or Unix. SlackBuilds.org is a key resource in the Slackware world.

Programming jobs are technology.

What do I put on an application that requires professional references?
It's an entry-level position and I'm fresh out of school with only an internship for prior work experience.
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just network
If you can't get references from your profs you shouldn't have wasted money on school
Your boss and coworkers from your internship. If you graded or TA'd in college, then those profs. Any prof you had a good relationship with.

VEGA is amazingly efficient.
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Wow, that 1070 is a perpetual motion machine, it literally runs without input energy.

Based Nvidia
I know you are being sarcastic but just for the idiots reading this, it's the cost ABOVE the GTX 1070.
>AMD GPU isn't perpetuum mobile
literally dead and finished, AMDrones on suicide watch

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Hey /g/uys I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for college this Monday.
I'm looking for a computer with the best overall performance that could also maintain high end games, this being said I can spend almost 2k

If anyone has some insight or suggestions they would be most appreciated

In the meantime here's an irl dinosaur
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Gaming laptops are shit but if you insist on being retarded buy a sager or Razer
Thinkpad for class, hand-built for gaymen.
get a p71 with a p3000 gpu or better ,you can have it all with that build trust me or a p51 for a smaller screen size but youll need a M4000M or up

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openSUSE or Fedora
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I'd like a low power Bluetooth device to which my phone can pair for smart (un)locking. Know a really cheap one?
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The botnet requires me to pay a subscription for continued Bluetooth service. I'd like a one-time purchase.

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