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We've all taken the classes or had to learn the concepts at various levels, from bachelor's to employment training.

What are the absolute best algorithms learning materials you know? Textbooks, videos, visualizations, lectures, anything at all.
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Just get the rough idea (Wikipedia and Google are enough here) and try to implement them yourself.

There's really nothing like doing it yourself.

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From Beginner to Advanced
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Machine Learning with professor Andrew Ng

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What's up /g/
So I finally want to buy a new pc, and since I'm a gamer at heart, why not upgrade it?

I thought ~2000$ should be more than enough for something good. However, I'm a complete noob in terms of hardware and played on PS4 before so I'd be glad if you could give me some advice, maybe even recommendations.

I can give the general setup a friend recommended, if interested.
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I have a computer question for you guys, my PC will run overwatch at 70 fps for about 2 minutes then the FPS will decline and i have no idea why this is, the motherboard is 3 years old, so are all the other parts except for the ram and GPU which are 2 years old. I suspect it must be the graphics card since the ram and CPU since they both seem fine on the task manager....someone please help
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i forgot to mention, the decline in FPS is for all of my games not just overwatch, that one was just an example
go to /sqt/ and hope they don't tell you to go to /v/

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What should I do?
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What are some good books to learn asm?
I know C.
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Not arguing they don't have a market anymore, but to us, as end users with some brains, are they really useful?
>That much power is only needed by gaymers
>Modern laptops have their good amount of power anyway, enough for our needs
>They also have comfy keyboards, expecially if you have a good old Latitude or Thinkpad for your typing stuff
>High end ones like XPS or MBP now feature beautiful 1440p or 4k IPS displays
>We can bring them around in a backpack and work or comfypost everywhere
>Not even saying how better they are for pentesting on the go
>They're more resistant against power outages having a battery

So while servers or some offices may need them, aren't laptops a lot better for computer scientists? Maybe graphic artists or musicians (don't even talk about gayme developers as they're an insult to the whole CompSci field in their pajeetness) may need them, but for programmers and everyone in the CompSci fields I think a laptop is 99% of times the real shit.
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Yes, as long as I like using big screens, laptops or tablets are a no-go for me.

Until our phones can power a 4K 50inch screen and can render whatever you throw at it, desktops are necessary.

We're far from that being the case.

laptops are overpriced sandwhiches which overheat

changing and adding components is more difficult, can't really fit more than one hard drive

If you're plugging in a screen and keyboard you're already half-way PC, and if not, the ergonomics are horrendous (height of screen can't be adjusted, distance between keyboard and screen can't be adjusted)
I work in data transformations and use desktops as my dev environment. I don't think I could work with a laptop. I am dual monitor by default (often viewing 3 databases at a time) need lots of ram and Ethernet connections to the server. Sorry wifi adds an overhead and latency that equates to non productive time.
Sure I am a special case but getting rid of the desktop all together seems like a bad idea. I find it's good for my focus to have a specific computer and place set up to get work done.

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The biggest strength Windows has is 30 years of software history why aren't these plebs putting more effort into making all old software/games available i can't even find mavis beacon on there
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What the fuck is the Windows app store.
Then don't use it faggot.

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Hello there. Do you guys have any tips and tricks to protect myself on Linux?
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i used a win7 with updates from probably 2012... i also use a little known old antivirus version of threatfire before they got shut down - heuristic stuff.

the only updated thing on my laptop is probably vivaldi.
i use old version of uttorent and daemon tools as well for obvious reasons.

I pirate all the time and ive been hacked or infected....0 times. Wanna know why?
because things like peerblock, firewalls, ublock and heuristic antivirus exist. There is just...no way anything tries to do...anything without being stopped or caught, even if some script kiddie disguises a virus as a "crack".
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I know all of us have been conditioned to be always up to date..but you have to understand that evolution today is....only leading backwards. Every update of your phone breaks it and makes it more laggy until you buy a new phone. Same with every software. Every update makes it more bloated and buggy. You are just better off using specific tools that do their jobs lightly, and nothing more.

dont listen to the retards who claim that not updating firefox will automatically fill your pc with "viruses". these are the same retards that advocate "common sense antivirus".

learn to use old software, your brain and what works best. In this age no body even tracks or makes "viruses" for old software.

You dont have a choice....update to win10 if you want....join the fucking botnet...use the latest firefox. enjoy your i7 sucking cocks and having 16GB ram FULL of firefoxs bad coding and windows taking screenshots of your desktop every 5 seconds.
so tell me again, who has it best?
me - old win7 with disabled updates, peerblock, vivaldi, ublock origin, adnauseum, threatfire, old utorrent, olddaemon tools., old adobereader

typical g-retard: win10, latest firefox or chrome

typical linuxfag with ads in his fucking cancer ubuntu

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Now that I've experienced Linux, using Windoz is such a pain.
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Is being a freetard desktop/laptop user really just a meme since 97% of people use proprietary operating systems (Windows/MacOS) and programs on the desktop?
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Wewlad that's some inflated numbers. More like nobody if going by the rms methodology
Windows 10 made my lazy ass switch to Linux. Just spread the bullshit Microsoft does my fellow frogposter, thinking men will switch sides.

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Does anyone else hate when Winshit 10 randomly freez-
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Hey /g/,

What's the best embedded board for a programming workstation?
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I don't even really know what you're asking for but get a Raspberry Pi, they're relatively cheap and made for retards like you.

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I learned all the Web stuff HTML, CSS, XLM, XLST, Javascript, Bootstrap, React.js, Node.js, Express, Meteor.js, SQL, MongoDB. Also Python and C. I quit college but won the olympics of mathematics there; i'm self-taught.

But right now with the things happening with Google and Facebook censoring information it's seems like we are going 1984. So I want to get into penetration testing, hacking, cryptography. To build apps and webapps that protect the privacy of others and promote free speech. I also like the ideas of the blockchain a lot.

What books, courses, websites, etc; do you recommend me?
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t. cia

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