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MPV is the new MPC-HC
Isn't this Windows only?

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>just finished my cs degree
>did a lot of project in various language i think favorite are java and C
>today company calls me for a j2ee job
>close to my home and very good salary (50k €)
>remember what /g/ told me about java
>refuse offer

did i make the right decision? it was one month ago and im still a neet now
is java for entreprise even bad?
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You're fucking retarded
Yea you did well. Sometimes it takes a man to realize you're not qualified for the job and step down
>favorite language is java
>said no to a java job because 4chan told you so
I hope this is bait

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Can we discuss how much Electron fucking sucks?

Just look at the Twitch desktop app; the installer is fucking 105MB. Then there's atom.io, (a fucking notepad, mind you,) which is also built with Electron, and its desktop installer is MOTHERFUCKING 161MB. A TEXT. EDITOR. 161MB INSTALLER.

How can you possibly make something THIS bloated? And even worse, how could you think this is acceptable? Are 2017 devs really this retarded?
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>Are 2017 devs really this retarded?
atom isn't really all that big, it just needs dependencies which make the installer seem big. This is multiplied if you are talking about windows
ops, sorry for the awkward 1 in the middle but you get the idea

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This is going to take over the world.
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That's not qutebrowser
>this is going to take over about 10 people on /g/ dumb enough to fall for the constant shilling

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Holy Moly. I might be paranoid, but serious now:
I accidentaly allowed all Scripts in my browser via noscript, but only YouTube was opened, so no big deal, i just disabled every script the side doesnt need to work.
Only a little before that, i critically commented some videos about CIA, writing about facts many people dont know. About 1 minute after i blocked all the Scripts again, i got a fucking blue screen.
What happened, might this have something to do with what i think?
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>he smokes lucky strikes
Fucking "Imma pretend I'm a poor and starving artist" Berlin hipster
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How come Lisa Su's mom lets her have all those cores?
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They are shitty slow cores anyway so she doesn't mind.
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intel ceo JUST.jpg
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It's ok to be jealous, Brian.
this must be the official intel anthem

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What is the best android browser and why it is Firefox Focus?
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>anon let me check something on your phone real quick
>no power level reveal
>no spaghetti

That's why.
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Oh gee, i wonder who's behind this thread.
>mobile phone os
>accessing web on your mobile phone
Did you have a stroke and forget what those things are meant for?

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This is the language of the gods.
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You mispelled Forth
Elm is easier to use.

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When we'll get rid of the outdated IPv4 in favor of the clearly superior IPv6?
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At least 10 more years
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When the ISPs decide to jew us all with CGNAT IPv4 unless you pay an extra $20 per month for a business plan
ipv6 is a mistake because nats provide security allow you to be anon

imagine if you are outside trying to attack a target and they are a hotel using ipv4

from the outside you have no idea how many addresses or where traffic is going because its all subcategories of the original WAN adress

with ipv6 every client in the lan has their own WAN address and is directly accessible from outside

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how do you fix an sd card that does not appear on the computer folder but appears in >computer management and >device manager >Disk drivers
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what is dd?

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I have t-mobile LG v10. i bought it from a friend, and he said it was unlocked, and i had been using it for an year or so. It did had some t-mobile bloatware, which i could'nt remove, and i was ok with it.
During this time t-mobile rolled out Android 6.0 update for it, i installed it and everything was fine and dandy.

Yesterday i updated it to android 7.0, and now my sim card is not recognized. I tried putting in a different carrier sim, but it was'nt recognized either.

A cursory search on the internet has shown hat apparently my only options are buying an unlock code from some shady websites, or asking t-mobile to give me an unlock code.

i was wondering what if i root the device? would that remove this lock?

Any help would be appreciated.
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do this
then flash a custom ROM or whatever nigger
umm, im new to this, can you please elaborate a little, i dont know whats goin on in that thread
It's quite easy to remove stock apps from android.... use a google search pleb.

could you please test it a bit?
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Fuck off back to your russian parasha, bitch.

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Those are MSRP prices from over a year ago and it has little to do with Vega and everything to do with miner craze finally dying out.
I'm Australian so this is an extremely big deal. They've been over $900 right up until now.
who the fuck is buying 1080 for mine? its shit on it

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>Graduate with a BSc in Computer Science
>still don't know how to program
>applying for jobs
>Minimum 2 years working experience
>Must be proficient in Java, Javascript, PHP, C# languages
>Job description: Internal tech support
>Salary: $40,000
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40k starting is great you entitled retard. do you think you're some sort of fucking prodigy that deserves 100k or some shit
>>Minimum 2 years working experience
Shouldn't be an issue if you worked part-time or had an internship.
Ignore the years of experience and other requirements. If the job looks like you can do it, just apply.

Before you do that, learn to fucking program. Build stupid shit, or go to a bootcamp. Otherwise your CS degree was a waste.

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+230%on price
+30% on tdp
-5% in fps

its official intel wont recover till 2022
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Wonder if leddit fanboy squad will lose their shit and accuse Steve of being a hack fraud again.
Shut it down. Delet
GPU bottleneck.....

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