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can you build pic related for cheaper?
maybe i'm wrong but it looks like a pretty fucking good deal to me
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I like my sister.
What do you like about her?
Good deal desu shitty case buy a new case

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I was just wondering, since Elon is making a big deal about it, when is the Machine Apocalypse happening? Or maybe just the A.I. table flip across the societies of Earth. Any thoughts?
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Why was he holding an apple?
>since Elon is making a big deal about it,

AI will become smarter than humans around 2029 according to Ray.

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ITT: Take a screenshot of the first 50 items in your downloads folder. Alternatively, take a screenshot of your torrent client.
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t. fbi man trying to find cheese pizza
you have nothing to fear if you you have nothing to hide ;)
i dont have stuff to hide i just fear being judged harshly for the noob choice of free software and things I download.

I just got this Dell monitor for free from a friend. But he didn't have a tower. What's a good first unit? Like not too expensive, yet runs well?
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Are you asking for a prebuilt computer suggestion? This isn't google you know. Cnet or some other review site should be good. A budget would help if you intended us to actually answer.

Just a quick reminder that Android users are all pajeets and grannies that only use the phone for calls and text and don’t have mobile data or WiFi.
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So much 85% of the marketshare... that people doesn’t use their phones!
t. amerifat any other country they will call your phone a samsung only in burgerland they will call your phone an iphone. Why are you so fat?
in eu we also ridicule people who use iphones

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>not using Chromium with sync and webrtc removed
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But how am I supposed to syncronise my bookmarks, passwords and history across three devices then?

Convenience triumphs over privacy again.
Wasn't that just a meme?
>Useful features are just funny things because thats what my little internet club told me they are

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I want to really learn AI and assimilate knowledge on it day by day, any pointers please?
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here's one, 0x00135
For starters you should say what knowledge you already have .
Read books on AI

There is any good theme for this DE. Arc is cool but too dark.

Bonus point for a flat and light theme.

Why Gnome 3 has many themes?
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OP here, i recognize i have no taste and have now switched to i3
Just use Breeze. There are no good light themes. There is Numix but it looks like garbage.
EvoPop sounds about right. Alternatively EvoPop Azure if you like the look of Arc. They're very Material Design-esque.

I'm currently attempting to build a monstrous 13 GPU Ethereum mining rig, and I'm not sure about compatibility of different cards in the same system.
I'm building the platform on ethOS
I would like to combine GTX 780s with R9 380s for dual mining of ETH/ETC/DCR/ZCH/BCC

Any help would be appreciated, and my apologies for requesting advice and killing a thread. It's hard to find the info I require, and I'm on a tight deadline.

Image related, it will be my face if I fuck this up
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GTFO this is /g/
I acknowledge that, but you see, this is time sensitive and I'm not a 15 year old trying to build his first PC. This is for a customer paying $5,000 and giving me a percentage of his monthly profits as well as 10% of his costs. Your post is useless, as are you.
/biz/ was created when /g/ complained that it was overrun by you fags.
You have your containmentboard, come here and say to ME my post is useless?
GTFO already faggot.

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This guy is among the three last bastions of hope against tech fascism.
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He wont be if they make him eat more rabbit food for kreestuh's videos
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Atleast give him some tendies
Fascism is a good thing

Where are the AMD shills on this abortion of a gpu?
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390x shill here we disgusting discussed it yesterday all night as well it's horrible.

A undsevolted ocd 64 might be ok tho but mainly the thermals and drivers are not good and a huge turnoff not to mention the $499usd price tag
Vega 56 = Ok
Vega 64 = Meh
Vega Liquid = Garbage
Turns out all the AMD(ATI) shills were just paid NV posters doing false flag operations
the rest of us had discussions on what & where the bottlenecks are and so on

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Has anyone here actually tried TempleOS? Terry Davis must be quite intelligent to be able to write his own OS from scratch. It's quite unfortunate that he is also insane (pic related).
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>It's quite unfortunate that he is also insane (pic related).
what? where's the insanity in that picture?
what a hero
>with code in cloud GitHub under lock and key
>in GitHub
>under lock and key
what did he mean by this?

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What do you think about moebuntu?
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poor man's mac OS
i thought elementary OS was. this is XFC though
if you want to install the botnet distro that is pre-riced with anime shit, it's the perfect solution

lads help me out what browser should i use Pale Moon or Brave
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firefox 57 you dirty hipster
>wanting botnet
pale moon, duh.

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So I'm thinking about getting a Xbone X, since I already have a one S and a 4k TV. But, I've also been thinking of maybe building a PC for around the same price and getting a controller to use it as a PC/Console. Somehow I'd have it between my desk and TV going to both the monitor and TV.

How does this compare to the X? (I would need the monitor, since I don't already have one)

Should I go for the X, maybe wait till it drops in price, or build a PC?
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You don't choose between a pc and a console by reading specs, you choose based on what you need.

If you need to do some productive things aside from gaming from time to time, get a PC.

If you just want to play games, it depends on what kind of games you like to play. You can play any kind of genre on the PC, consoles are more limited. Consoles and PCs both have their own exclusives, so look at specific games.that you're interested in.
Consoles are a meme. Everything about them is more expensive or works less efficiently. They're also a lot more restrictive. Save money, buy the parts and build a pc. There are plenty of tutorials out there, I'm sure you'll manage.
I'm certainly leaning towards the console, but my computer is almost 6 years old and I was thinking of kinda killing two birds with one stone. Of course it still does me just fine, I don't do much but go on the internet, us MS Office, work from home etc

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