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Why are all these "bezel less" phones moving the fingerprint scanner to the back? Why the fuss over under the screen scanners?

Why not just put the god damn scanner in the god damn mother fucking power button?
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a vega thread died for this
Retard. One on the back and one on the front would be ideal.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

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>have a work
>Get paid in shekels
>The only IT in the company
>Fix employee's pcs
> Really don't know shit about computer engineering
> I don't even have a degree
>Got a new work team mate
>An actual computer enginer with degree
>start cable managing my server
>Miss around with cables , network is fucked , blame him
> I fix it later ..
> The main pc server shut down and no signal from it
> Fucking travel to the other HQ of our country to check it out
>The main pc gets fucking encrypted
>Also blame him
>170 days later , i get a promotion , he didn't
>40 days later , the main manger pc get full of virus and Chinese add porn ( he was a cunt desu)
> Fix it , didn't blame the nerd this time
> He tried to do something cool and activities the whole pcs in our country , (through TeamViewer)
>Get even more viruses
>I say nothing
>He gets fired
> I simply formated the targeted pcs
>Get promoted
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>have a work
>Get fat because IT work is sitting in a comfy chair and tikka-tikka-tikka all day
>Gym nearby
>go to gym
>2 years
>still fat
>comparing progress so far, most likely will stay fat for another 4-6 years
>a bit depressed
>go to /g/
>see blog post
>respond in kind
Arr...are you me ?
You are having trouble with your weight too?

I am working on shoulder strength:

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/g/ humour thread
ITT: throwback edition
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Between MSI and Gigabyte, who makes the better motherboard? They're about the same price FWIW.
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Asrock X399 Progaming

MSI, because of this:


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What are the actual differences between Linux distros, besides desktop environments? Do they just have different package managers and default packages?
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Depends. Some have different package managers. Some have different shells, desktop environments, window managers etc. Some have different init systems, like systemd, sys vinit, etc.

They all have one thing in common, which is kernel, although many distros have their own version of t he kernel with distro specific patches.

One thing to note about different distributions is the release cycle. Some distributions like Debian have long cycles where current stable is supported for a couple of years while they keep preparing the next stable release in testing and unstable branches. THen there are rolling releases like Arch and Ubuntu which keep getting the newest packages while they're ready to be distributed. Usually the tradeoff between different cycles comes down to stability vs software features, but of course that is oversimplification.
The difference between Ubuntu and Debian is that Ubuntu is unstable trash. Debian is not.

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Jesus Christ thats a lot horsepower
pajeets vs jews
dis gona be gud
let the fight begins
Amd's hitman AI server?

My Deathadder chroma died and everybody was telling me to buy an Elite. However i kept reading and many people on the internet recommended to buy Zowie or Pic Related.

I kinda get interested on Logitech and wanted to ask, if there's any difference between the G Pro and G403?

Or you guys recommend me to get an Elite? Or Zowie?
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My 1 dollar genius mouse will outlive them all
just buy a cheap logitech wireless for $10
You just posted the best mice ever made. Just pick any of those 2 and you are great.

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>ONE threadshitter is 40% faster than TWO intel xeon chips

Why are Intel CPU's so fucking slow?
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Who the fuck cares? Do you run benchmarks all day or do you care about real world performance?

ThreadRipper just uses glued together cores and doesn't deliver reliable performance in the real world, buy an Intel i9 instead.
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>5.2ghz on 16 cores

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Is this objectively the worst programming language ever made?
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no its great. /thread
No, that'd be C++
Nooe, but I don't really see the point of or a good niche for Go anyhow.

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I stopped using IE in 2001 or 2, then moved to opera, then in 2003-5 to firefox and in 2009-10 or so to chrome.
>have to solve captcha to vote
I'll just solve this one and call you a faget
you have to go back

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is this normal? feels like it's under-preforming extremely.
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It's hitting 60fps, so that's enough.
Furmark is a gpu killer, srsly dont use it, it can literally kill some gpus.

Only AMDs, actually.

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>AMD still has many employees working on Radeon in the United States and Canada, but the *bulk of the development for the upcoming chips as been done in China (hardware engineering) and India (software development).
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Better than Israel, jej
>India (software development).

So that's why the drivers are complete shit.
their chinese team has completely ruined any potential RTG had

>Destroys the 1080 in minimum fps stats
>Half the price
>Comes bundled with Mobo and ryzen CPU at even lower price

When will ngrillia ever learn.
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>The only way they can sell it is by bundling it with other shit
Shit that I don't need.
>100+ watts more for muh minimum fps
meanwhile nothing can touch the 1080ti which is getting cheaper all the time
1080ti sucks more wattage than this.

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hello world

exe in desktop with messenger icon in sister's laptop, it opened a zoo video, she cried.

They sent me to a psico.

It was worth it.

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin for 29/07

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon discovers the hidden message >>61638032
• Anon got a sick soldering iron >>61638205
• New Zealand gets cucked on chink battery packs and clones human hybrid embryos >>61638297
• Anon got a terrorist watch >>61641204
• Anon found some pretty pink eyelashes >>61643125
• Anon got a N64 flash cart >>61643420
• Anon uses his chink tablet to draw lewds >>61646187
• Anon finds some D O P E new street-wear >>61647518
• Anon raises his power level >>61648111
• Anon got a cute flower >>61652706

>Previous thread
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Daily reminder to fuck China.

Competition From China Reduced Innovation in the US

Suicide Surge for White Males Followed Freer U.S.-China Trade
i don't give a shit lmao

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