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Hey guys. I was told to come here for advice. My wife's son wants this card for his birthday, is it any good?
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My son's wife (male) who works at nvidia says it's ok.
if you can find a rx480/580 for a similar price, go for that one. If not, go for the 1060.

Just spilt coke over my keyboard. None inside the switches (guess the keycaps worked like umbrellas) but sort of wish I didn't open it now.
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Post the inside of your keyboards /g/entoomen, see if you can beat me
looks like you jizzed in it or you have birds shitting on your keyboard.
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my friends

I have an acer aspire 3556 that stopped working a couple years back but i know nothing about computers, how can i repair it? everything worked fine then the charger stopped connecting to it and the battery went flat and has not been turned on since, im assuming its a hardware issue any advice? thanks
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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That said, can anyone give me a rundown on what to expect or prepare for? And yeah I heard pic related is good, anyone can provide a link to download it for free? And yeah, I have no programming experience.
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Tough and outdated shit, yet pretty powerful
That's what my absolute trash single-"comp sic" teacher community college is using. It's okay I guess?
I have trouble believing anything my teacher uses/recommends is "good".
But why? Assembly is faster which is great for games.

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Artificial Intelligence sounds cool and all, but is it actually possible to get a job in this field, or is it all just research?
I've heard about data scientists, but that sounds boring in real life.

Is my dream of making an AI girlfriend just a dream? Was I born too early?
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Don't let your memes be dreams, anon.
Move to Japan.
memes aside, based on the articles i've read, it seems like ai should really take off the next couple of years, and that the demand for ai engineers will increase
it's just that i don't know whether there is anything substantial right now

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I've had this problem for years but today it's really pissing me off. I've tried Google but nobody has a solution and most suggestions are for settings in about:config that no longer exists.

Firefox keeps changing where to download images or files. It can work fine 100 times in a row then randomly change to some other folder and it's driving me nuts to have to constantly check which folder I'm in instead of just saving.

Is there a fucking solution to this problem???
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You're going to need to narrow things down to try and isolate whats causing the issue. I've been running Firefox for years (currently latest release) and have never seen this behavior. Is the directory/file path the same or is being changed? Do you have any download assistant programs or plugins that might be over-ridding your settings?
When downloading a file it is saved to the folder you have configured in your settings.
When doing "save image as" I think it remembers last download location per website (possibly same when dowloading files when configured to ask for location each time).

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had my phone stolen by some nigger at a music festival last night, straight out of my pocket.

now in the market for a new phone. what should i get? price isn't really an issue.
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>music festival
Really makes you think!
>non-chad going to a music festival

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I kek every time.

Linux viable replacement OS when?
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Has been viable for years if you're not retarded
Windows 7 for ever and ever.
There is no viable linux on the desktop option.
OP is inbred though so mac would be best option so he doesn't hurt himself.

is buying this a good or bad idea? i have 2 1080p monitors now but they are both dying

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how are they dying. losing their pixels or what
fhe place you plug the power into is falling loose i have no way of knowing if they just dont turn on one day already takes fiddling
ultrawide is not good for gayming. it is good for video editing coding etc. or maybe good at strategy games like total war series and Age of Empires Series. but definitely not for fps

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what in the fuck happened to ublock origin? why am i seeing ads? why can i not access the dashboard on my mobile or my pc?

what in the fuck
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you on linux? welcome to the wonderful world of updates and out of date software that is not compatible.
android firefox and windows waterfox.

after i found they moved the dashboard on android ff to the main drop down menu. on waterfox the i click the extension on the list and the dashboard button is gone. i used their instructions to downgrade to 13.8, dashboard button is back.
on my Debian install I had a similar issue.

my Firefox was no longer compatible with the latest version of Ublock, had to manually download an older version that worked.

only noticed Firefox removed ublock because I saw my first ad in 3 years the other day.

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How long do we have to wait for GPUs to get cheaper again? I just want to buy a new computer man.
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The trend will eventually go down, but never again to the original price.

This, the only good time to buy is right now. Between shitcoiners and collusion between companies, the good times are over.

Your best hope is special deals or mail in rebates at this point.
Never it seems, just read an article on here yesterday that nvidia is going to hike their prices due to memory shortage bullshit. I guess they feel amd is no competition which without production capacity they aren't. Feels bad man. Been saving and waiting for what I feel is sufficient for gen 2 vr and figure it should be $500, now it's $700 which is basically as much as I ever budget for every other part of a pc

I know /g/ isn't /techsupport/ but the rest of the internet has been useless and I'm about to lose my shit.

Basically, whenever I try to upload files on 4chan, my browser loses its shit and everything hangs indefinitely and beeps at me whenever I press anything on the mouse until I shut down my computer. I'm having to post this thread from my phone for fuck's sake.

Thing is, It's ONLY 4chan that has this problem. I can browse my files and upload them just fine on other websites. I thought it might've been 4chan x causing this, so I disabled it and that did nothing. Then I thought it might be Firefox so I tried it on Chrome and I still had the same issue. I've heard that flash can sometimes cause these sorts of problems, so I updated, and it didn't do shit. I don't have a lot of add-ons and plugins installed, Just Greasemonkey, 4chan X, and uBlock Origin. I only started having this problem a couple weeks ago for seemingly no reason and I'm about to go apeshit because I haven't been able to make new threads or post images on 4chan through my computer. I can make text posts just fine, so both the quick reply and standard reply work in some capacity; it's only when I try to load any files that it just shits itself all over the place. I hav4 no idea what could possibly be causing this and the rest of the internet hasn't given me anything of use to go on.
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Can you open or copy the images you wanted to post otherwise?
Yes. I can browse through my files just fine outside of 4chan.
Do you have any other browsers to test on? IE, Edge?

What is the best way to convert a film with dolby atmos (mkv container) while keeping the video as is but transcoding the audio to AAC or something more widely supported than atmos is?
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ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vcodec copy -acodec aac -b:a 512k output.mkv

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Is there any way to set the colors to monochrome on Windows 7/8/10 like you could in Windows 95?
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find an old theme then turn off the colors on your monitor
640x480 is a covenant with God just like circumcision in the bible.

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Put the chiken egg yolk to give thermal vision. Will work with new iOs sept 2017. People with negative iq always do it.
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Uh oh. I meant to put it on the camera.
That have been possible on the cheapest digital cameras since the early 90s.

It is something that manufacturers purposely block. The cheaper the camera, the easier they are to get thermal vision signals on it by removing a flimsy filter.


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