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What's the worst thing you've ever found on the internet /g/? I don't mean gore or darknet drug markets or any of that gay shit.

>be me, 2015
>browsing normiebook
>out of the blue some weird ass dude with an obviously fake profile starts messaging me
>keeps asking me questions about teenagers having sex and shit
>links me to a few articles he wrote under the name "bovod"
>click one of the links, end up on his photobucket
>start going through his albums
>most of them are private
>the few public albums are full of pictures of underage girls (I'm talking 10 to 14) stolen from normiebook, organized and labeled by full name, location, date, age and whoever else was tagged in it
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seen a chick do a horse
This thread.
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Any other Texasfags experiencing internet issues?
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Everything's bigger in Texas, including your Internet issues
Yes, actually. Trying to play FFXIV was a giant pain in the ass today.
Yep, buy I'm using a hotel connection in Austin.

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Hahahaha I see all you little kiddo AIO kid's thinking you're all hot shit.
Get on a real level of PC Master Race you pleb's.
You will never be able to build a beautiful PC such as mine.
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>tfw OP is a rich retard who doesn't know how to build a loop
Is that really the best you can do AIO Pleb?
How does it feel you will never, EVER, be part of the REAL master race you scrub ?

Hey /g/, I got one of these at work for free today and I have no idea what to do with it. Who here's into microprocessors and what can I do with this thing? Also it didn't come with a breadboard or any jumpers or anything, just the unit itself and a USB cable, so any recommendations for a little starter kit?

If that's no fun, then let's just talk about cool microprocessor stuff you guys are working on. I need a little inspiration!
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Put it in a drawer and let it gather dust for 5 months.

You're are not going to do a single thing with it.
Don't buy a kit, it will just sit there and collect dust, first think of a project and buy the components you need.
I'm afraid this is going to happen, but I'm not above doing a couple little starter projects on the thing to train myself in arduino. Gotta start somewhere right?

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Here's your motherboard, bro.
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Dope, I didn't think think we were getting Threadripper ITX.
This is what happens when you don't know how to use a lever but your friend wants his cpu back.
Sorry bro it got a little messed up but it still works, promise.

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Hi guys I'm a genius at building computers, do you think I have the skills for programming ?
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You can do assembly work that korean kids and robots normally would do

You aren't even cut out to prep the bull for a rel programmer
Wow didn't realize programmers were such elitists.

Anyone have an actual answer?
Adult legos != coding

What is the fastest, most efficient way to master Python? pls no bully
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anyone? :/
neck yourself faggot
read the docs

program for 30 years

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Is it more pajeet to use Linux or more pajeet to use Windows?
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So I wonder if the CEO of Microsoft is white or not ... hmm, really hard
Windows is for pajeets anon. Don't use it.Only linux
Arch Linux is the whitest operating system known to man.

Anyone else get their check for the 970 lawsuit? Just got mine in today.
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I got mine yesterday. I didn't actually expect to get anything back.
>tfw too intelligent to fall for false advertising
>tfw no tard cheque
tfw eurocuck and wont get shit but still payed €70 extra for the 970.

"pay more, get less." t-thanks EU. they shuda gone after evga not google for the billion dollar fine.

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-camera flash won't turn back off after taking a picture unless you reboot
-phone app doesn't work
-sometimes when you open app drawer the phone bootloops (fixing this!!! stop PMing me about it!!)

-no bloat
-super fast!!!!1

-backup everything!!!!
-copy 2.4 GB ROM file onto internal memory
-flash 27 times
-wipe dalvik!!! super important!!!
-flash 11 more times
-wipe dalvik TWICE!!!
-first boot will take 48 minutes THIS IS NORMAL

If you run into issues remember to post the particular lines of code that cause them otherwise I won't be able to help you!

Lord Ganesha's blessings!
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How do I installing this, sirs?
reported for not using the search to answer your question
Off topic, moved

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is there any way to get a clean spacesaver ii at this point in time
I'm willing to go no more than $120.
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this one look decent to you guys?
That isn't a space saver 2, those have the back/forward keys like a thinkpad keyboard. A rt3200 is p nice though.
That one looks nice but it seems a bit too expensive. Mine was $40 last year.
If you do keep looking, make sure that it comes with a nub or the nub holder looks like that one. There is a piece that can come off.
Nevermind on the not a spacesaver part. Apparently they were marketed as such. Both arent mechanical by the way.

How do you deal with someone who is brought in or steps into a project you have been working on and they end up messing up a whole project and setting everything back a month?

Lets say this person is in "senior leadership" and they were brought in as to advise but later it turns out they had no idea what they were doing and they ended up causing many, many headaches for you and your project.
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accuse him of sexual assault
get him fired
git revert back 1 month
it helps if ur a gril btw :3
I listened and received "advice" to take my project in a direction by senior management and they didn't even understand what they were doing.

1. It is my fault for listening to management?
or a convincing trap

What do they mean by "good code"
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read john carmack, djb and alan cox
Thank you
they mean you shouldn't write code

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Disable AND delete: cortana, mixed reality shit (search for holo* packages), edge, store, store trash apps, msoft media apps

Disable: windows defender or any other real time antivirus meme

My installation went from 1.6gb of RAM used on a cold boot to 700mb
My boot times went from 3 horrible minutes to about 20 seconds on a 7200rpm drive

It literally feels like win7, with the only caveat been losing the search function. Win+R still works anyway, or you can use any other launcher

Cortana and defender REALLY fucks up your performance, along all those phone apps
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>How do you unfuck your win10?
The thread
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death by laughter.jpg
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>default windows uses 1.6GB of RAM
>stripped down version uses 700MB
>his kernel can't run on a 16mhz processor

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>The best setup EVER

Prove me wrong.
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>another egpu meme thead
Enjoy your microstutter and reduced performance
So I can get desktop gaming at only 4x the price?

Sign me up!
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>15-20% performance of a 1080Ti
>As if it matters

lmao KYS.

Also TB4 will take care of that bandwidth issue in a year or two.

>Not realizing you have the best of both worlds. You can have 1 system for everything.
>Try buying a laptop and a gaymen PC and see how much that gets you.
>Get a 1TB internal SSD and split half for macOS for daily use and half Wangblows for Gaymen

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