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File: v64 vs v56 shaders.jpg (198KB, 2549x1444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
v64 vs v56 shaders.jpg
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Vega 64 and Vega 56 are LITERALLY the same! The only difference is Vega 64 has a higher power limit and higher default clock state.

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>p-please buy our cards goy

Good job with Ryzen, Vega is a fucking failure

They are only the same at gaming right now because the primitive shaders aren't working for gaming workloads.

Vega for gaming is pretty much an overclocked Fury or an sup-up Polaris with more VRAM until AMD fixes it.

Vega 64 is faster at general compute and professional graphics though (a.k.a primitive shaders are working).
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>microphone record light starts blinking for no reason
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>be silent and walk over to my computer and turn the thing off
W10 turns on computer at 4am to "perform maintenance"
forgot the meme arrow

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rx vega.jpg
30KB, 620x293px
ordered an RX Vega 56 for 430 euros, i cant wait to beat the 1080 for a fraction of the price
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keks were had

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The wallpaper is the only thing that looks good about the phone. That phone is simply ugly.
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>The wallpaper is the only thing that looks good about the phone.
rly maeks u thnk...
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ho ho ho uhh

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I started learning C++ for fun, and also to expand my skillset, but I've heard that most people use Java or C# for stuff now, or Python (which is different entirely).

Was I memed? Is C++ not worth learning in this day and age?
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there are certain niches where C++ is useful
A lot of neets use c++
People with jobs use the other three.
C++ is useful in building vulkan game engines from scratch and then getting 6 figure starting jobs

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>Professor unironically uses MS Word for engineering notes
>Not superior LaTeX
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Nice blog
>professor uses a GNU/Linux distro
>all notes and presentations are made with LaTeX
Feels good.
all of my professors use latex for everything even some shitty half page handout

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Can anything beat the MacBook? It can last longer than any other crummy laptop.
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Xps13 dev edition 9360
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>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge
>loose near bottom edge
>overall flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to non-click touchpads
>still has no real buttons
>relies on pressure sensitive gimmick bullshit
>if you press too lightly or too hard it does something completely different than what you intended
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX is a steaming pile of shit with horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a massive heavy 95WHr battery to make up for it
>even XXXTREME GAMER cancer like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life in same tasks
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Yoga 2 in battery life in same tasks
>the battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>overheats constantly from abysmal crippled cooling system
>throttles to 800mhz due to chronic overheating problems
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>gloss mirror coating impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with glossy 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>same problems as above plus:
>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>memetouch emojibar
>no USB-A
>no escape
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life

>it's 2017 and moving folders around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

2009 MacBook owner; still runs good, but is showing its age. A new income has provided the opportunity to upgrade - do I go with the MacBook Air, or go with an HP for half the price and install OSX on a partition

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>his scripts run in userspace
enjoy """your""" OS
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scripts can run in userspace or in virtual terminals
they can run under users or under system processes
do you know what you're talking about?
also sage
>Being this retarded
>Having bill gates cock rammed this yard in your throat

In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon gets a sturdy tablet holder >>62381976 >>62382000 >>62382182 >>62382661
• Anon shows off a custom mug with the IBM logo on it and a pocket keyboard with a red switch and a blue switch, also a neat looking transparent usb hub from Orico >>62382058 >>62382107
• Le Eco has been blacklisted by the Chinese courts as an unreliable company >>62383112
• Anon reviews the Vphone S8 >>62384181
• Anon is actually impressed wit his Chinese violin >>62393719 posts a little vocaroo >>62394118
• Anon's news Arduino Nano V3 knockoff arrived >>62403956
• Anon shows his most recent purchases off Aliexpress >>62405309 >>62405383 >>62405405
• Anon displays "Hello, /csg/!" on his new display >>62405525
• Good deal on Convoy flashlights >>62405416
• Anon made a little display for his flight sim >>62407070
• Anon is happy with his new sunglasses >>62410275 >>62410454
• Anon gets a CoolMax item that's also sold in ALDI shops >>62411276 >>62411321
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What mechanical keyboard should i get for 50€?
No amazon

I have been thinking about these:
>JamesDonkey 619
>Ajazz AK33 RGB
>3LUE k751
JamesDonkey has Gateron switches Ajazz has Zorros, K751 has Outemu
SD625 is underpowered
I ordered a K751, still waiting on it.

Which do you guys prefer? I've been running Manjaro KDE for a while, and I love it. But, I've been thinking about switching to KDE Neon. Anyone have experience with both?

What I like about Manjaro is that I get the latest KDE and access to the AUR. Does KDE Neon have any pracitcal advantages? I see the reliance of external PPAs as a downside.
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KDE Neon is unstable af
openSUSE KDE. It's the only distro featuring thumbnail preview in Firefox's file picker.
Neon is a hundred times better than Kubuntu ever was, Arch/Manj/Ant runs everything fine if you're not a pleb.

openSUSE is the better ubuntu with the better KDE.

I have worked with web development for years and now I'm starting to wake up.

I have learnt a couple of languages, frameworks, CMSes, CI/deploy automatization techniques and security, architechture, accessibility etc. I can do both backend and frontend. A jack of all trades web dev I guess.

After working with shitty CRUD sites for years, where the only ways to not die of boredom was to overengineer or test drive shiny frameworks, I now feel empty.

It's the same shit over and over, and it's hard to produce anything revolutionary with these skills. Trying out {new shiny tech stack} creating basic crap doesn't do much to me anymore.

At my new job I'm surrounded by devs who really know their shit. People with solid math , physics and CS skills which enables them to create cool projects using AR and VR. All my web skills suddenly feel so useless.

I've forgotten most of my maths and physics after all these years. My CS skills are so so. But.. I want to give it a try at least. A part of me is scared that I'm too stupid and doomed to be a web monkey for life. But fuck it, I used to be quite good at maths back in the days at least.

How do you think I should get started?
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VR is a fucking meme
Is it more bored or or more happy
File: Comp Sci Mastering.jpg (1MB, 1134x2268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Comp Sci Mastering.jpg
1MB, 1134x2268px
I feel you bro, web monkey here trying to get out. I'm good with microcontrollers and pretty fond of low level stuff, so embedded might be my way out.

You asked about maths, here's a pic of a book plan I'm trying to follow since years ago but never had time (and probs never will)

Hello everyone,
Back in highs school i made a joke "future careers" powerpoint presentation that my teacher at the time has and still has uploaded on her website. My legal name is one of a kind so you'll find it right away by googling it. It appears quite a few sites have scraped it off my teacher's website and has it hosted on their own. These websites are myslide.es, slideplayer.com, documents.tips and a few others.
I'd like the slide removed from these sites as it is not professional at all and can look bad for employment. How do i go about contacting these websites to get my content removed? I probably have the wrong phrase but can i submit a DMCA complaint? How do i go about doing this?
I think I'd have to lie somehow and say my life is in danger or something like that to get the webmasters to comply with my request. Any advice or tips from other privacy conscious people? I would very much appreciate it!
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Why would an employer care about obvious high school bullshit?
Realistically they wouldn't but every little bit counts for me (autism). If i could do it with relative ease I want to. If i can't then it's no big deal.
Don't worry about it.

File: No_linux.png (44KB, 334x393px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is the method computer repair shops use to access unbootable hard drives?

I'm asking because I was told my hard drive was so damaged it needed to be reformatted, and the repairman HATES Linux to the max so I know he didn't use a live CD to find that out.
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File: 1504987182597.jpg (95KB, 960x717px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whatever they feel like.
Mom and pop shops don't know what the fuck they're doing 90% of the time and just stumble to the answer with google or reinstall to fix it.
I just LOVE these threads with a picture of a Tux, the Programming Penguin, with a giant red crossed red circle across it. It really fires up those neurons.
We've had this thread in many different forms recently. Kindly fuck off you shitposting fag

File: Capture.png (245KB, 1116x737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>t. apple
>this damage control

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What do you guys have against Fedora?
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I love it. I wish I not literally on the red hat cock because I hate systemD but I'd be lying if I didn't think my setup is comfy.
I don't even know why it is a meme...
Nothing, I used Fedora for 5 years when I started with Linux until I switched to Arch. I still recommend Fedora as a beginner distro

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