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What does this speedometer mean? Is it how much my internet speed is being reduced? How much of my regular speed internet I'll have? Server load? It doesn't say and I can't google it.
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It means your connection speed is faster than 28% of your country
Hey what site/program is this?

what site is this?

Should I use Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, or Xubuntu?
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i use mint kde
its alright
check out Fedora

I want Ryzen but I also want superb single thread performance and I also don't want to wait until Zen2
What do I do bros
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So buy a 7700k or sit on an R3 until Zen 2. Wow, so difficult.
Solder a 7700k and r7 1700 together.
Keep frogposting forever.

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Hi guys, what do you think about the Lenovo Y520 for 820€?
I am looking for a laptop that's pretty fast and durable, I won't use too much for gaming but I like the GPU with 4gb ram.
I study computer science so I will need to run some virtual machines, compile C,C++, OCaml etc

Here is the spec list:
> Intel® Core™ I5-7300HQ (2,5 GHz - 6 MB L3)
>8GB RAM DDR4 (16 GB max)
>1 TB 7mm 5400rpm HDD
>Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
> 15,6 '' Full HD IPS display
Price: 820€

One of the thing that I am not too sure about is the 5200rpm HDD and no SSD, do you think that it will be a bottleneck?
Also I am looking to spend 900 max, so suggest other options too if you have better alternatives
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The only models Lenovo makes are T, X, and W. The rest are knock offs.
>8GB RAM DDR4 (16 GB max)
Get 16GB or don't bother
>Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
>1 TB 7mm 5400rpm HDD
>do you think that it will be a bottleneck?
It will be so slow you want to chew your arms off, unless you are still a blissfully ignorant pleb that has never used a computer with an SSD before
I am a pleb and never used an SSD before desu

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Mineral Oil Thread?

Do any of you have a mineral oil pc build? Pictured is my raspberry pi awaiting its oil to arrive on Monday.
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So basically you submerge your whole computer in oil and risk leaking of the tank AND you can never EVER salvage parts from your build because it's all going to be covered in slimy shit that never goes away.
All to save 5C when playing manchild games.
What a great fucking deal!
Why would you mineral oil cool a RasPi?

Basically yes, also it's not even super good at cooling once the mineral oil is heat saturated
Needs more fish.

should i buy a gtx 750ti LOW PROFILE or gtx 1050 LOW PROFILE???????
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/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
fuck off back to /v/ you retarded manchild.
ps: your family thinks you're a loser.

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LG 34UM68.jpg
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Ordered this bad boy as a replacement for my old 22 inch display (LG Flatron W2242P).
First wanted to go with 4k but my laptop is only supporting 2560x1600 max resolution for external display.
My daily tasks are: programming, surfing the web, media consumption (movies) and occasional gaming.

Did I just waste 370 euro or did I do good?

Also, /GDT/ General Display Thread!
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> 370€
Top lel
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Such is life in Eurocco, Belgistan

You could have done better.

will removing the plastic casing gives me better temps? what's the purpose of it other than brand the card?
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ummm .....
Yes, you solved the secret. Remove the plastic.
its for the airflow. If you power it without the air will have no direction to go and its going to get hotter

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With iOS 11 coming out this Fall, I figured it were time for 4chan to troll iPhone users into destorying their phones for the third time, so I came up with pic related. Don't spam it on social media yet, or it won't have as big of an impact when iOS 11 is released. I'm still open to adjustments for the image or idea. What does /g/ think?
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No need for the heat iron shit. Just let them put it in the sun for an hour, display up and the thing's as good as dead.
You came up with stale copypasta that's already been cycled through the internet as many times as your mom has been cycled through men
Putting it in a hot place will cause it to shut down, but won't break it.

>ancient tech

Why are firewire cards so expensive?
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Well they still cost a bit to make, and the people who do want them will pay that much for them.
Also a lot of the people who do want them actually require them, those working with older hardware may need those ports and will pay for firewire ports on modern hardware.
Low volume.
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>mfw I am willing to pay for it

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>SSD takes up to 4-5 seconds to boot in win 8.1
>SSD takes like 10-15 seconds to boot in win7
What the HELL is this?
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Windows 7 = SysV - stable and secure but slow
Windows 8, 10 = systemd - fast and efficient but backdoored
since win8 it's not cold boot anymore, ms change it to make tards think the new oses are quicker than win7
This here. You never really shut down 8, just put it to bed.

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Three whole clicks!!! Is this the price we pay for diversity!?
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Why can't you just click the bookmarks button?
>Page Shot

It's bait
The bookmarks button and the ability to place separators are the only features why I still use Firefox. If that's gone, I will be too.

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The iPhone SE is the best phone of this decade.
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if it had 3D touch it would be perfect but if they dont do a second one with 3D touch then 6s plus best
6 plus is the best
I honestly should've gotten the SE instead of the 7+, you're right anon.

>the creator of Linux is now a tech blogger on g+
Linuxfags on suicide watch.

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Gods are free to do what they want
I find it heartening that he is still giving life to G+.
diving is a divine art

leave Torvalds alone

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you're installing gentoo in the club and this guy comes up and throttles your DL.

wat do?
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Add "-pajeet" to my make.conf
Why hasn't trump sacked this useless, pajeet, affirmative action hire yet?
Because he's carrying out Conservative policy to the letter?

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