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Is there a text file viewer that jumps from file to file, like picture viewers do?
Ubuntu/Mint compatible program preferred.
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less /home/user/textfiles/*
infranview does that



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a-at least it's pretty
He's right, unless they have an ace up their sleeve driver wise this will be a terrible architecture.
If it can't even consistently beat the 1070, they'll have to discount it, and because of the expensive to make die size, at that point they might as well stop making it like the Fury line


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I was thinking about buying one, but I'm not sure I know how to get one working. It seems pretty daunting. I'm new to old Apples(last time I touched one was 1985 or so) but I'm now hooked. Experiences with Z80 cards? Are they hard to find software for/get running?
I found a IIe MB with the 64K card and a CP/M with another 64K for about $200. Want...
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But it and you can find how how to get it working.

That's a rather stupid question with all the documentation being available on the internet.
It doesn't have any disks, and the only way I could make it run is with a serial/cassette connection using ADTPro. I don't have a serial card yet, and the cassette data transfer seems iffy.
The card I'm looking at is the PCPI Appli-Card Z80 Co-Processor CP/M
And don't be a dick. My God.
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Well, fuck it. I'm buying it.
But for some of us, $150 is a lot of money to spend on yet another new hobby. So we ask for help, rather than blindly throwing our money at something that may sit on a shelf for another decade or two.
If anybody would talk about MAX SPEED Apple IIe gear, I'd like that.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>61211816
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first for C++!
Don't use CMAKE you FOOL.
playing with C#, ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework, also Unity now
lots of fun, microsoft got it right this time

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My laptop fucked up after a windows 10 update so I rolled it back to windows 7.

Problem is now I can't connect to wifi, the laptop shows that no adapter is even there.

I downloaded a bunch of drivers but it's still missing, it's missing in the "Network Connections" as well.

Any ideas?
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call geeksquad
Useful as always

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there are too many macfags on this board, doing apple related thread and trying to defend apple
Why we don't see more dell thread? asus thread? because these compagnies doesn't brainwatch you by giving you the want to defend you for bying their product

srsly using a macbook is fine, but the fact is no one care
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do dell or Asus happen to own the best OS?
ThinkPad general?

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>doing apple related thread
>more dell thread? asus thread?
>compagnies doesn't brainwatch you

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What's a good alternative to code C++ on linux? Visual Studio is so bloated and big. I don't mind using commandline to compile etc.
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Shit there is too much info on the screen it makes me cringe

I use vim and compile with the use of makefiles
Use vim/emacs/micro (my personal favorite) if you're in to terminal editors.

Use sublime text (proprietary), VS Code, Atom, Gedit, or Kate if you want a GUI editor.

Use gcc to compile.

Use makefiles or cmake for a build system.
Do you feel like that's enough, not missing out on features? Looking at Visual Studio, it does look like it has a lot of settings and tools.

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hello /g/
I was wondering how internet speed works.
I have 50Mbits
how can guy next door have 20 ?
The things that flow in the cable are electrons.
You can't modify that by not modifying the cable first.
So is it in router ? If I buy faster internet will I get new router ?
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The ISP sets the speed limit to your modem mac address.
Quality thread retard.
Try google next time.
>So is it in router ? If I buy faster internet will I get new router ?
No, it will simply not receive any connection because it doesn't have the same mac address and parameters.
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>The ISP sets the speed limit to your modem
So it is the rou- ehm modem.
Thank you anon

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AirPrint appreciation thread?
AirPrint appreciation thread.

It just werks, Apple has released CUPS to the open source community, just download it, compile it and check the share button and you're good print on everything from an old iPhone 3g to a fresh install of GNU\Linux without installing one single driver. This is printing as it should be

Google's wireless printing solution is totally different. You have to sign into a botnet on your phone, you have to sign into a botnet on your printer, and then you can somehow print to your printer from anywhere in the word. Google does of course promise that they won't snoop.

Microsoft's solution is to install some drivers found on a CD rom and then an animated paper clip will guide you through a wizard and when you're done, it will probably not work to print out wirelessly anyway.
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Open sores software? Gimme.
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inb4 300 replies

Poojeet poo in loo virgins are too fucking easy.

I can laugh in your shit eating faces and tell you I'm trolling and you'll still virgin rage 300 replies at me.
I have a printer (canon pixma pro-100) for which no Linux drivers exist. How can I print to this from Linux? The printer has built in AirPrint support and works fine from Apple devices.

I've been moving around back in fourth between FLTK, freeglut, SDL, etc for days trying to find something that works with CodeBlocks to get started. I'm just looking to make a 2D game engine in OpenGL with C++. I'd use Java's LWJGL, but there transition to Version 3 seems like an underdeveloped nightmare.
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Yeah, definitely not an overnight process getting a game engine up and running. Just dabbling with OpenGL is enough to make your head spin.

I've used LWJGL version 2 in the past. I didn't use it for a game engine but for a rendering environment to load specific 3D models in. Took a fair amount of time getting it setup. I've wanted to dabble with LWJGL v3 but doing so would require a fucking rewrite of my v2 code since v3 does stuff differently. I just haven't cared enough to do so and it's a bit of a time sink at this point.

Why bother posting
I've been learning some OpenGL too and I have learned that FLTK doesnt let you get a core profile context and sofar I've been using GLFW to get a context and GLAD to load the functions. But I'm not doing it for a game and sofar I haven't figured out the best way to get GUI widgets.

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How accurate is the tv series "Mr Robot"?
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The writers did their research
So I see you're using Gnome
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Pick one.
The corporate megaculture exposes children to a hell of a lot more harm than piracy ever could
Children are traumatized and never have healthy sexual lives if exposed to such content when they are too young for understanding it.

Basically all pedos, rapists, nymphomaniac women etc. were abused or exposed to pornography when they were kids themselves.

If you have a child and let them browse anything online besides Youtube Kids, you deserve to be punished for putting them in a risky situation.

Post your worst experiences as a welder, I'll start with some of mine.
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That is a 3.2 mm stick in there, dangling like a micropenis in a post dogfart milf
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Just look at those fkn scales omg i shat bricks with this one.

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Functional programming goes here.

Do you have cute Poojeet girl teaching you FP?
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She is so cute<3
Haskell, and by extension all FP languages are memes and offer no benefits to imperitive programming

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I can't pick which laptop I should get. Pick for me please

Dell XPS 13
Surface Book
Macbook Pro
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X1 Carbon
XPS or previous MBP or X1C
HP Elitebook 8770w from eBay.

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