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I wish i was a normie who can use all those beautiful google products without thinking about all that harm they do to your privacy
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be like me and dont care :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P xP xD XD 8D
This. Ignorance is bliss.
I don't want to he a faggot.

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>watching movie
>have to turn down the volume during action scenes because they're too loud
>have to turn up the volume during dialogue because it's too quiet

Same shit on every single TV I ever owned, even with 5.1 external speakers, regardless of setting.

How to fix this?
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You could use a compressor / limiter.
Have you tried killing yourself?
Shoot the directors that think it's a good idea to do that.
In the meantime, you need a dynamic range compressor in your signal chain.

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How do I save 4chan threads with a program?
I've used ychan to download threads but it seems to no longer download the html files and just the images. thanks
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I would really appreciate it if someone would share. I really want to save some threads
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I just screenshot the whole thread
I have a ff addon called "easy screenshot" which can screenshot whole sites in just one pic
You know firefox has built in function for screenshotting and every addon that does that is a literal botnet, right?

Are cloudflare /ourguys/?

GoDaddy kicked daily stormer off DNS
Google kicked daily stormer off DNS
Cloudflare don't give a fuck and still have them as a client

(this isn't about the website itself, its about freedom of information and speech)
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Cloudflare is cool in those regards

sometimes they can be dicks in other

I run a website that can serve up to 500TB a month on it. There is no limit of bandwidth usage on Cloudflare. However if you are over say 50-100TB per month, they want or force you to buy the Cloudflare Enterprise plan or they'll cut your domain account off

Warranted? sure. But it was never stated what is limited, what is the limit. Basically they will decide when they think you need to cough up thousands of dollars to continue their usage
Everyone with a bit of brain can see that these loads don't fit into $0/20/200 dollar plans. Your fault if you abuse a service like this and they cut you off.
>But it was never stated what is limited, what is the limit.
I can guarantee you that it is stated and you just clicked the yes button without reading.

I don't play videogames anymore
All I do is get old game consoles, clean them and install homebrew software on them. Install a bunch of games on them and then don't play them.

I like collecting games and consoles, but I never really play them, does anyone do the same?
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I like collecting music and video games and anime and I hardly watch or enjoy any of it.

Installing linux on game consoles is pretty stupid though.
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Remember the installing linux on things meme

I wonder why it ever died
I can't even afford food.

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Can someone explain to me example how DPI is relative to monitor size and size it would be when printed.

Say for example I scan a page of book in 300dpi, the image data tells me that the page is roughly 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Scan that same page at 600dpi and the image data still says it's roughly 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

The thing is, my monitor is 30 inches wide, and the image itself doesn't look stretched out or warped at all. So, by that logic, shouldn't I be able to print the originally 7 inch wide page out onto a 30 inch sheet of paper and have it look fine?

I've done basic google searches and read some info about this, and all I could really come up with is that it has something to do with the relative dpi of the monitor itself and that the computer calculates and fills in the "missing" pixels.
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dpi is the number of pixels per inch

In monitors, everyone uses dpi, but it should be ppi (pixels per inch).

In printers, dpi is meaningless, but should be important, but manufacturers fake the number.
Okay, I get that. But how does that explain why an image looks clear and clean on a 30 inch monitor when the original page is much smaller.

It has something to do with optical zoom, right? As in, it's kind of like looking at the image through a telescope.

But if that's the case, why can't optical zoom be reflected in printing size?

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I'm in a predicament, I have a new Ryzen 7 system but an old, and to an extent, unstable R7 260X

I'm an AMD fan who was waiting for Vega, I have a freesync monitor, but Vega 64 is way over powered literally and out of my price range anyways

I am kind of fed up, I only want to play TF2, Overwatch, CIV VI, and DOTA so I don't need something high end. I'm about to just blow $295 on a GTX 1060 now, but Vega 56 is 2 weeks away but $100 more

The entire RX line that has any performance is more expensive than the 1060

Should I shoot for a 1060 now, save $99, or wait for Vega 56, spend $99 more for more performance and freesync

additionally I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on the 1060 cause I really don't like nvidia as a company, but this 260X is not working out in both gaming and in just general day to day stability
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>I'm in a predicament,
No you're not. Just kys you dumb fucking gaymer retard.
Get the 1060.
The 56 is decent, but miners are buying them.
I'm kind of just thinking I could resell this 1060 later for an AIB Vega 56

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What do you say to a casual who just uses a phone and says they "don't need a computer."
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The average normie doesn't need a computer

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You can always hit skip on parachute/kite/canoe captchas
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You can hit skip on any and those are like the easiest ones. So why?
huh you actually can

Ok Ive been planning on getting a high performance laptop, but my savings for it are 1.5k or less.

Any recommendations g/?
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Install gentoo
get a high performance desktop instead.
I would but I need the portability of a laptop, unfortunately.

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Hi, are floens and ccd0 lurking?
Can you make a pic rotation button for Clover & 4chanX?
Many people post pictures from their phone and they appear sideways.
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who is the broad?

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Who do I contact for my idea?
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>Who do I contact for my idea?
[email protected]
I wouldn't mind selling it to Google. I just want creative control/admin over the program.

How would I actually contact Sundar?

This is a 100% serious post.
I'd need my own private cloud

I just moved to a new house and I've been fucking depressed because, due to my living situation, the router is out of wireless range and I can't wire an ethernet cable across the house because it would interfere with the other tenants. I've been leeching off of my neighbor's shitty internet trying to figure out a solution. I was considering getting my own internet plan for like $70 a month.

Doing my research, I JUST now learned that you can spread the internet through a house's power grid? What the fuck? I feel like I just discovered a fucking unicorn. How has nobody told me about something like this until now?
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You didn't ask?
1: why can't you just fucking get an extender and talk to your bunkmates like a normal fucking human so they don't just tear it out
2: yeah it's a thing but I think it can be costly
It has been quite popular on /g/ and in every network thread in at least 5 years now.
Lurk more

member when this was supposed to be "the next big thing" and how it was supposed to BTFO windows? kek
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Virtual Desktops?
Yeah, it took MS until Windows 10 to release it.
fat linux nerds have a different kind of logic.
here is how they "think":

Step 1: Linux has a technical fringe feature which is barely usable that nobody needs but it's superior to what Windows has
Step 2: No further steps required. People should all use Linux now
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remember when this was the real next big thing

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I have an alienware 17 and the graphics amp on the way. what would anon suggest for the card in the amp? the laptop has a gtx 1060
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a packing slip for the return back
Jesus, Alienware has really taken your wallet for a ride.
yea. I was about to buy a surface 4 but went with alien ware. the main reason i went with alien ware is the ability to replace parts. i realized i paid way to much even with the discounts and i realize i should have just built a tower. the bad thing is i actually purchased this to do collage work. i spend 3 hrs a day total for my commute to work so i wanted something i could take with me.

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