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What do I use to replace Ubuntu until they switch to Gnome? Using unity now feels like purgatory.

I want a popular, just werkz distro
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KDE Neon.
GTK is a stagnant POS thanks to incompetent devs.
...Ubuntu Gnome?
ubuntu gnome or ubuntu mate

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This is pretty troubling to me.

At a certain point it seems inevitable that humans will be rendered obsolete as artificial intelligence continues to increase.

What will life be like in 2040 when the singularity happens? Will nobody have to work?

I can't help but feeling like the world will be vastly different 100 years from now, maybe not in a good way.
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real artificial intelligence is a meme that will never happen no matter how many popsci articles you read
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>implying intelligence is complex
No, climate change will stall technological progress before then

Any reason I shouldn't get this?

>128GB SSD

I need a laptop for school which is why I'm falling for the gaming laptop meme.
Pic isn't the actual model either since all of the ones from HP's site have embedded files.
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That said, it's a good buy if you're dead set on a gay men laptop.
if you tried to build a similar PC you'd be spending around that sort of money so no, it's a good price to pay.

Also, there's nothing wrong with 'gaming laptops' because they perform at 90-95% the levels that a similar PC would perform. The people who demonize them are those who read stories of kids burning them up from playing games while in bed, etc.

There's no reason you shouldn't buy it.

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What are some good mice for a person with large hands? Prefer laser, wireless, and of course comfortable
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i have heard the G502 is pretty good for larger hands
The g502 is fucking small. I get rug burn on my wrist because I can't lay my whole palm on the mouse.
Still looking for a better option
back in my day we could go to these things called stores and they had display units set up so you could try them out before you bought them and find one that was comfy. then you kids came around with your neweggs and amazons and forced these places out of business.

get off my lawn ya freaking kids.

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lets do the desktop thread
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Today pre-ordered asus zenbook UX310UA. But i'm worried about the quality this zenbook. Because it's ASUS. What should i do? Buy or not? Asus - good company? This zenbook good?
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yeah dude it'll be good
good laptop last long time
seriously? ok

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Technically, every person with a computer has what could be considered child porn on it
An array of random bytes the same size as a picture can be decrypted into that picture using xor, if your key is correct
Outlaw all data
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Just ban encryption

>Send from my iPhone using Safari without https
thats like 1 in 1 billionth of a chance of that ever occurring tho
It's still illegal data arrest all computers

Hello /g/entoomen, I came in search of understanding what your board considers travel tech essentials. /trv/ likes to pack especially light and only take chargers/adapters/etc, so I was wondering what /g/ brings when the go abroad or on road trips. Currently riding through Ohio bumfuck nowhere on my way to UP, brought:
>big ass laptop
>autism pills
>small radio, hand crank
>flash drives
>mice, usb hub
>soldering iron/wire strippers
>universal charging tips
>just the top

What do you guys bring? Knives and guns don't count, unless they're powered by electricity. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to visit /trv/ once in a while, pls
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/g/ has EDC threads which may fit the kind of feedback you're looking for.

Also why the fuck would you need a radio
Phone, power bank and a Belkin travel surge protector/USB charger thing. Tablet for road trips, small notebook for longer travels. Cables as needed and a pair of earbuds. That's it.
I actually did bring a radio on my last trip but it was useless.

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There are literally no good reasons to use any other programming language other than C++.

All other languages are either:
Have a GC
Need an extra program to run the compiled program
In the process of dying out
Not standardized (if that matters to you)
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C is portable to everything
C++ is only portable if you limit yourself to C++98 at a maximum.

/thread visitors
>Inane bullshit
C++ is portable to everything that matters for 98% of software development. For embedded fine, use C, but even then you still benefit from using C++ everywhere else because of the interoperability between the two.

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what is the AMD equivalent of i3-6100?
oh wait I forgot AhMeD don't invest in dual core, mobile and in below 55W processors since 2011

And they need 95W to compete with superior 55W in 2016
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ryzen 1200
>They need 95W to compete with superior 55W in 2016
What is Ryzen 3
AMD's APU's are more expensive since the graphics are decent and you get a better stock cooler. Also you can overclock the AMD one, the i3 doesn't even have turbo boost.

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If Verizion(Fios) sold my debt to them, can I go back to them without paying it?
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1) Just want to make sure that you know whether the debt was sold outright, and not simply that an agency is still collecting on their behalf. You might still owe Verizon.

2) If your account was in shit standing over unpaid balance, they're unlikely to ever do business with you again.
I fucked up and let my moms boyfriend get Fios in my name.

He got a contract, stopped paying it, and it added up to 1800.

I know they've sold the debt off, this was years ago and saw it on my credit report.
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Ahahaha you did fuck up bad that has to be some kind of cellular cuckold shit.

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Does anyone use Linux in just pure command line as a daily driver?
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no anon. Only servers, some virtual machines maybe. Doesn't make any sense to not have a gui if you are doing regular stuff. Maybe a work terminal? but then again that wouldn't be a proper "daily driver".
don't think it is possible if i also use sites with js daily.
unless i'm wrong about terminal web browsers
>just linux.
I'm sure you'd need at least some form of init sytem to go with the kernel.

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Trying again with a worksafe pic. Assuming I don't have MacOS, what is the best (free) software for cataloguing and tagging epic images I downloaded from 4chan?
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pls delet any lewd pics u have of my gf illya
Give me a zip of all those folders and images in them, please
What if we assumed you had MacOS? What could you use for cataloguing pictures?

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I use qbittorrent just fine.
Torrent client or what
He was obviously asking for torrent magnets

Ffs summer end pls

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been using *nix for over 10 years now... only today have I decided to give a shell other than bash a go reeeeee
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let us know how it goes
I've been thinking about writing my own shell, but it always comes back to bash
you're welcome
bullshit liar.
is there any distro that wont break if you remove bash? its retarded that i would need to keep bash installed if i dont use it.

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