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Hall of the nostream king edition

Previous thread >>61677120

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.
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private hotdog general
shit thread
Well you could literally say that about the last one.

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Hi. I'm pretty good with tech. I'll answer your stupid questions for however long it brings me entertainment. Knock yourselves out. If I'm feeling real saucy I might even Google a thing or two for you.
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What are the must have specs before you buy a pc?
How do I avoid shit posting?
>Goof with tech

The fuck are offering here, a lot of cunts here are good with techs.
If i needed answers to my questions I would use Google and not ask some retarded on /g/.

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/g/, my goal is to build a proper server. However I'm starting to realize this is going to be insanely expensive.

For starters, I'm deciding between what HDD's I want when I came across this.


Basically, using SATA(consumer drives) for RAID is a terrible idea, since it'll have a 100% failure rate after rebuilding the array at 10TB. This means I'll have to buy expensive enterprise SAS drives. SAS drives cost around $200, and considering I need 30 drives, that's $6,000.

Next is the RAID controller. These are expensive too for SAS interface(3Ware, Areca, Intel etc)
Then I need to build an actual server.
32GB of ECC DDR4 ram will run me about $400
Intel Xeon around $300(Unsure of exact amount of cores/ghz needed)
Server Mobo which supports ECC $150~300
Rack cabinet(10U minimum)

Is this info right, or am I reading something wrong? Does a good site/guide exists that goes in depth about building servers?(I don't consider myself a consumer with the amount of data I have)
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that picture fucking top kek

A HP C7000 blade chassis weighs nearly 450lbs fully configured that fucking rack would sink through the floor
please lend me your server expertise
What do you need a proper server for?

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So I've been ordering some electronics and lately, all my sellers have been packaging them like shit AND the USPS delivery guy will shove it in the mailbox even though it doesn't really fit.

As a result everything I receive looks sorta like pic related, if not worse.

There's usually no super obvious damage on the raw parts itself, so does that mean all the damage is cosmetic and won't affect performance or life span at all? Or should I try to get items that come like this exchanged?
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Is there any damage on the box itself? Was there Styrofoam?

Are are you so neurotic, that you are getting upset that there are scuffs on the postage box? You sound kind of underaged, use common sense.

Can't make a decsion without asking /g/?
On sites like Alibaba, Amazon and Ebay poor packaging is grounds for a refund.
As long as the contents are safe the packaging did it's job.

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How do you read these bad boys?
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Sumatra PDF is the best for my use, no bloat, starts fast and UI is nice.
Zathura is not as shitty as the others, but it lacks many useful features. It's not really good, but it's just fine since decent keybindings and a non bloated interface are the most important things.

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How do I use my router to spy on roommate?
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Stop invading people's privacy asshole
ssh into your router
then type 'rm -rf /'
then watch all urls come up by his ip

Is someone still using Windows original ver (1507)?

how has it been for you all this time?
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Sure I have.
How do you stay safe and without worrying about virus? (seriously asking)
Common Sense 2017. And manually installing patches.

Does anyone else use an old or square monitor just for NES games, 80's music videos, and old cartoons?
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Yes, I'm pretty sure I have pic related too . It's 1600x1200 , great for 4:3 shows.
Golden ratio is best for everything
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I do

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I just had to deal with a several hour power outage due to heavy weather. Now my monitor won't stay on for more than a second before shutting itself off for several seconds. I assume Im fucked here, is there anything I can do? At the worst case can I ask for moderately cheap replacements?
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Go to local electronics recycler or craigslist, search for monitor/HDTV.
I live in the ass end of nowhere, most of the shit I bought was from amazon or other places online. The benefit of living in a town with 1k people ya'know?
Blown the fuck up capacitors maybe.

Try adjusting the screen brightness way down and see how it behaves.

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What do you think of beats headphones and people who use them in public?
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i laugh at how awful they look not mention why anyone even buy them
it's humorous that apple bought them, they're truly the last business to be eye to eye with their target market
I cry on the inside when I see them.

You can literally buy 30 dollar headphones that sound better than them.

And if for some reason you like the muddy dark bass booming sound of them, you can even buy cheaper headphones that do that

Would you have done the same anon?
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Fake news
here's the original
No, i'm not a disgusting weeb

Ok guys heres an easy way to hack one of these stupid things...

You tell the thing that you are buying yellow onions. You select "yellow onions" from the produce menu. It's going to be a dumbass and tell you:

"Please weigh your yellow onions"

You procede to move a bunch of steaks onto the scale. Then it's going to say:

"Please move your yellow onions to the belt"

Take your steaks and move them to the belt. Weight seems legit. 59 cents a pound for steaks. You're welcome.
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Whenever I have a huge jar of change, I take it to a self-checkout and jam the machine with my change and then force some minimum wage scrub to give me back my money in big bills.
Most of the time any sort of weight-based item triggers the alert for the standby cashier, even if it doesn't show the signal on your end. It's supposed to prompt the cashier to just make sure that you are weighing what generally looks like the correct item.

Much easier to get away with if you're getting fancy apples and want them at the cheap apple price.
If you can reach behind the Coinstar and remove the ethernet cable while it's counting your coins it will let you waive the fee for a cash voucher if you choose the gift card option, because it can't register a gift card.

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feelin dazy.png
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the only way to escape the botnet is to stop using computers

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Google knows more about me than I do and there's nothing I can do about it. There's a device capable of tracking my every move on me at all times.

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Alright, I've fucking had it.

Apple is apparently introducing a new form of biometric data mining, infra-red facial recognition. Taking us further down this rabbit hole of biometrics, these features aren't being added because they are cool or are a benefit to the end user. They're being added to benefit these shit companies and the government. There is a monopoly on smartphones. Some Anti-Trust shit needs to get started here. We want control of our hardware back don't we?

The idea of biometric security on a smart phone is not to the benefit of any end user, this is a benefit to corporations buying and selling our biometric data (finger print scan points, facial recognition etc)
Maybe that market isn't active yet, but it will be in the future.
regardless, it allows (((them))) to prove you were indeed the user of the phone at a given point in time. Literally, even if you aren't up to anything sketch, they can figure out without a shadow of a doubt its you using that phone.

Why accept this? Who came up to you and asked, "hey is it okay for me to scan your irises and fingerprints?"
because if you say no to that, the option as it stands currently is to use an ancient smartphone devoid of the hardware capable of doing this sort of data collection.

And quite honestly it wouldn't be such an issue, if it weren't for the fact that unrooted android doesn't allow granular hardware control over specific sensors like iris scanner and or finger print scanner. I'd be okay if my phone had the scanning device but i was able to say, uninstall the driver for that specific device so it wouldn't work anymore for any service executing on that device.
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Think about it, every late model smart phone on the market has this hardware now, and every device does not allow the end user access to assure that the biometric sensors are actually off. A nation state or hacking adversary could potentially exploit these sensors and the end user has no recourse except for standard security practices like don't install sketch apps etc.

So my question to you: What phone do the security concious use? What Smartphone ROM do we use if we can't find a phone that meets our needs?

Every time you pick up a smart phone you make a deal with that specific manufacturer, that you're going to fill their empty box with your information, and then you're going to trust them with it. This new "smart phone culture" basically makes it their device, and you're just using it-- even if you outright purchase the device, they're always there, and they always have control.

With PCs in the old days, you could tear them apart, upgrade components, remove components you didnt like, shit you could install your own OS on there, everything. With android and fruitphone, it isn't even the close to the same. I suppose cyanogenmod is a custom OS, but do you really need to go so far out of your way to get control of your hardware? REALLY? Void the warrenty and look like a fucking criminal just for control over your device?
Finally Jamal will give it back.

I don't see a problen with that.
>What phone do the security concious [sic] use?
They don't. Don't use a computer connected to the internet for anything you don't want potentially made public.

You need a threat model. If the government wants to kill you, ruin your life, see your porn habits, etc. They can and will get that information. Your ISP is backdoored, your hardware is backdoored, and even if you create foolproof encryption they will just lock you away in a jail cell until you agree to unlock it. Don't believe me? There's a cop in New England I believe, that's been in jail for 16 months now in such a situation. If your threat model is skids / street hood nigs / psycho malicious non-state agents, which is about all you can reasonably expect without ceasing to use the internet entirely - it's decent enough. If it deters lesser threats at the expense of empowering greater ones which are already privy to said information, I don't see the point of apocalyptic thinking.

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am i fucked?
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You need to take very fine tipped pliers or tweezers and try to bend those back to the exact same shape as the others very, very carefully.
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its 2 pins no problem dude. Use the tip of an empty mechanical pencil to bend them back.

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