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What's the best GET script?
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Is this a curl vs wget thread?
function 4chnd() {
curl -s [email protected] | grep -oP 'i\.4cdn\.org\/[\w\d]+\/[\w\d]+(?<!s)\.(jpg|png|jpeg|webm|gif)' |\
xargs wget -q --progress=bar --show-progress -c --random-wait -P /home/max/downloads/4chnd/
Thank you.

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Whats a good prebuild rig for g/aming?
One that can play most of the modern AAA games at stable 60fps at mid-high settings
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Nice b8

Also sage
Look up iBuyPower
its more convenient for me if it works out of the box

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>AMD's $1000 1950X ThreadRipper outperformed by a year old 4 core Intel i7

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I hate this board so much
>10 year old single threaded pos designed to get 200fps on dual cores from 10 years ago doesnt make use of 30 billion threads
they dont even shitpost properly

>linux fags are envy looking at Iterm
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>implying Apple shit is good
>not tilix
Into the trash
Apple product :/

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>/g/ tells me that linux is the best OS
>Tells me to only use gentoo on desktops, arch on laptops and debian on servers
>Tells me to only buy thinkpads that respect my freedumbs
>All those laptops just happen to be over a decade old
>Have librerooted T400 running parabola
>Content with this setup for about 4 years now
>Suddenly pic fucking related shows up in my life
>Have to be running windick or homOSeX
>All windows laptops suck hot dick in terms of build and windows 10 doesn't like it when you dual boot
>Apple laptops are built nice and have nice screens but they nixed the fucking ports
>Can't even connect a proper mouse and keyboard without puling 16 dongles out of my ass
>The Air is nicely built and has ports but a fucking mid 2000s thinkpad tier screen
>For over 1000 fucking dollars
>system76 latops are cool but they're just as expensive as apple just with a fraction of the battery life
What the fuck do I do?
The air seems like the best compromise so far, I can rationalize the screen being kinda shit because it does help battery life, and according to the arch wiki it's fairly easy to get linux dual booted on it.
Anyone else had to deal with this piece of shit program in college/grad/professional school?
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>falling for the college jew
You could probably find a good deal on an old Mac book pro, what is your price range?

You should try killing yourself.

ASUS GL552VW-CN926D, 15.6", Intel Core i5 6300HQ, 2.3ГГц, 8Гб, 1000Гб, 128Гб SSD, nVidia GeForce GTX 960M - 4096 Mб, DVD-RW, Free DOS, grey [90nb09i3-m11930]
Is it worth the money in 2017? Or there are some variants for this amount of money?
Appointment: games, programming, anime/films etc.
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Just get a Dell XPS 15 or Asus Zenbook Pro, 90% of gaymen laptops skimp on the display
>/g/ is NOT your personal consumer review site.

Also 960M so no
>Dell XPS 15
>Asus Zenbook Pro

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Firefox no longer auto updates tabs in the background, anyone knows what needs to be changed in about:config?

pic unrelated
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How did you disable it? Do I have to update to the latest nightly or something?
??? it just doesn't countdown/refresh the page, no idea how to make it back to how it used to work
>auto updates tabs in the background
It never does such thing.

>Windows 10
>Leave computer alone
>Background "system" processes max out cpu usage 100% for 4 hours
>be back
>pc overheat beeping like crazy

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Yes, Microsoft has it out for you. Since this attempt failed, they're going to send a hit squad to take out your computer at any cost
What kind of system process would need 8 threads 100% for hours?
Are they mining bitcoins or something?
Why does it start when I leave the pc alone, it must not be necessary if the computer works fine without doing this process
Now he knows too much, it won't be just the computer they will take out

This is actually a thing.
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It must have a level to measure a slope of a machine.
It's for servers and shit, not for your laptop.
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Here, costs $5

Who says more than 64GB of RAM is a meme on a desktop?

Lookie here, I use all of it. I wish my board supported 128GB :^(
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>I wish my board supported 128GB :^(
what do you use it for?
virtualization obviously. just finished setting up hyper converged storage.

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Where the fuck is the clock going to be on this one? Wasn't center top its signature place?
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Now you know why the Apple Watch exists.
Can't you just fucking wait for the product to even be ANNOUNCED? Jesus Christ, take your ADHD meds.
Jumping into conclusions.
Take your meds and get out of /g/

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Why aren't you using Jetbrains products?
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I'm not a programmer.
I use Intellij cause I actually have a job and Java/JVM languages are pretty important.
>tfw Clion is botnet
I actually want to switch away from using a full IDE, cause my most used feature is intellisense/autocomplete and linting. What sucks is that every text editor plugin I've tried doesn't even come close to being as well done as a full blown IDE in those regards.
Too slow. When I'm programming any kind of lag slows down my thinking.

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Rust has the potential to be the successor of C

low-level control and safety together, for only these 2 reasons I think it is just matter of time and Rust will be a valid substitute of C.
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>sjw are retarded
wow what a surprise
nice blog post
Heard that for 4 years now

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>C is better than C++
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>[Language] is better than Haskell
Language wars are lowest form of technological discussion.
perfect for me since i'm the lowest for of human life

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What's the best android app for browsing 4chan? Or should i just stick to the browser? Or should I just not browse 4chan on mobile?
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Clover every time
[spoiler]dumb frog poster[/spoiler]

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